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Drake’s New Video for ‘Find Your Love, Filmed in Yard (Jamaica).

New Busta too

Stop the Party produced by Swizz Beats



HHHTurn it UP,

A little something for the soul today.


She’s baaaack.

The outspoken and lovely Mrs. Electronica is gearing up for her follow up to New Amerykah Pt. 1 (which was a truly fantastic album btw) and has just dropped the first official single entitled Window Seat.  My hope is that this album will be as fire as the last and knowing Ms. Badu, those hopes are pretty reasonable.  What you think?



As it was just the anniversary of Dilla‘s passing, and seeing as how tomorrow is his birthday, I thought it’d be fitting to post at least one more thing before Dilla week wraps up for another year.

I give you easily one of the best mixtapes I’ve ever heard.  Dilla’s friend and long time collaborator, Busta Rhymes put this out shortly after his passing and it is just wall to wall bangers.  Stuff for the soul.  Stuff for the clubs.  And everything else in between.  Soak it in cause it’s gonna get taken down soon.


Enjoy it folk.



HHHTwice Again,

We continue the Pair Up legacy today with heavy hitters from East to South, West to Midwest.


Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes have been at it for a loooong time.

And while still relevant to the culture, Doggystyle and the Coming would definitely be considered Old School to today’s youth.  That being said, it really is a testament to the grind and pedigree of these two that they’ve been able to stay atop the food chain without completely losing that character we’ve all come to know and love.

Coming together once again for a remix of Snoop’s new badass banger, I Wanna Rock, Busta comes and shows some East Coast love to the West Coast Don.


And check the new vid too…


Royce and Cee-Lo.

Not a collab I would’ve ever thought of, but a dope one nonetheless.  Royce is obviously heavy with his pen game and Cee-Lo, well, I’d go so far as to say he’s one of hip-hop’s most under appreciated lyricists and spitters ever.  Not to mention versatile.  I do love his singing voice plenty, but much like Andre 3000, I think their singing stuff is dope, but I really want them to get back to some good ol’ spitting, if only for just one album.

Luckily for us, Goodie Mob seems to be reunited and working together again, meanwhile we’re still waiting on that Slaughterhouse/Aftermath deal to be confirmed.

Anyway, on with the show…


And a special Pair Up bonus, that RAW ish:



Nope I ain’t talkin Noel and Liam.

Making their 2nd appearance on Pair Up, off the upcoming The Oasis, I give you some more of that grown man ish.


******SUPER BONUS*******

I don’t need to say ish bout this.

All salute the fathers of that ‘Do your own ish’ mentality.

20 years and rising…


It’s Saturday folk.  Get it in.


HHHTowards the Right (Geographically, not politically),

In the last decade, the once dominant East Coast (Home of everyone from De La Soul to the Notorious B.I.G., the Juice Crew to the Wu-Tang Clan) have struggled to stay on top of the rap food chain as their necessity for cadence and concept has been dwarfed by the Souths ever infectious ‘Bounce’ and ‘Hook’ approach.  And well, while living legends Jay-Z and Nas still continue to dominate whenever they appear, the notion of a new East Coast dynasty remains myth like Lebron’s Championship ring.

However, as an over obsessive rap Stan, I’ve noticed something this year that has somehow slipped under the mainstream media’s radar…THE EAST IS BACK! Now I won’t go so far as to say a new Dynasty is on the horizon because quite frankly, outside of a handful of artists, the East is still selling less than the South.  But for those who just love themselves some East Coast ish, 2009’s been good to you!

Lemme break it down:

  • Jadakiss pushed 100,000 his first week.
  • Mos Def had in my opinion (and Diddy’s apparently), the best album of the year – PRETTY DANCER’S MY SHIT!
  • Fabolous, although coming with less than stellar singles, actually had his best album yet (check Pachanga).
  • Wu-Tang CAME (and left again).
  • De La Soul celebrated their 20th anniversary with an incredible tour (yes I was there and yes it was the best I’ve ever seen them).
  • Busta stayed relevant.
  • Q-Tip released (and re-released) 2 ridiculous records!
  • Drake is hotter than fresh caca outta Dumbo.
  • Slaughterhouse‘s Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz continue to spit crazy bars.
  • KRS-One and Buckshot proved they can still punch with the best of’em.
  • Meth & Red stayed INTERNATIONAL!
  • Raekwon & Ghost both released excellent albums as well as confirmed an upcoming trio record with Meth.
  • And finally, Jay came back and made up for that black eye known as Kingdom Come.

Well, to add to this nice list of 2009 accomplishments, how bout a few more goodies that slid across my desktop this past week (and a few that came out during the HHHT hiatus).




Styles P. feat. Jadakiss & Junior Reid – Invasion

Jadakiss & Rakim – Euphoria (w/ Tags unfortunately)


I’m feelin good people.  Get to my level.



I know it’s Sunday.

And I know this is generally your day of rest….but I just couldn’t wait another day to give you this sneak peek.

You know how as a kid you used to make up fantasy posse cuts?   Like I know in my circle we’d come up with combinations like Pharoahe Monch, Del and Big Boi, or Black Thought, Aesop Rock and Kurupt.  Y’know, ish like that.  Hell, N.E.R.D. actually did one of mine when they put together De La, Q-Tip, Mos and Common for their She Wants to Move remix.  Well….how bout this one.

Raekwon – Ill Figures Feat. M.O.P. and Kool G Rap (sorry it’s the Clean version.  I’m working on gettin the DIRTY!)

And as a bonus, the Ante Up (Remix) roster returns with another offering.

M.O.P. – Blow the Horns feat. Busta Rhymes (Dirty)

And to continue with the theme, Raekwon just released video version #2 of the New Wu track featuring Meth and Ghost.  I’m not sure why he did another version cause Ghost isn’t even in it, plus the RZA cameo (as well as a ton of others) isn’t there.  Instead they grabbed cameos from cats like Teyana Taylor?   Oh well….the tune’s still heavy.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note…..courtesy the homie Rewind from The Intelligentlemen….

So pitted.

Enjoy the day people.  Soak it up.



I think I’m a touch late on the New Release Tuesday, but at very least it’s still Tuesday where I’m at so enjoy the goodies.

I’m in a bit of a rush though so this’ll be another Post Up and Pop Out.

TWO FULL MIXTAPES for your listening pleasure.

First up, Mr. Bus-a-Bus with his B.O.M.B. prequel ‘I Bullshit You Not’.

Full of the 12 albums worth of leaks he’s been dropping this past little while.  It promises to have half WOO-HOO and half DOO-DOO….at least that’s my guess.  You tell me.

Next we have something that I’m very excited for….the Cheech & Chong of rap, Meth & Red‘s Lights Out!  A compilation of old and new and well, from what I’ve heard thus far 🙂 …..well, I’ll let you decide.  Shouts to Saukrates for holdin down T.O. on the first single.  I enjoy it muchly.

Finally, a guy who hasn’t consistantly rocked my neck but yet I consistantly support (and still made one of my top 20 albums of all time) Dizzee Rascal returns with the help of Armand Van Helden to bring you some visual and aural rocks!

It’s Tuesday (or Wednesday) folk, save a cat.

Word up.


Im about to take up some of your time if your at work or give you some things to keep you busy if your not at work.

First up, since I missed Manic Mondays, here’s something a little manic to hold you up. Hipsters in Space. ‘Captains Blog…..’
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Hipsters in Space: Judgementotron // …“, posted with vodpod

Since im a little late to catch you for New Release Tuesdays, here’s a little something for ya.
I’ve been hearing alot about this new kid Asher Roth. He’s apparently the frat boys version of Eminem. Sounds a bit like him, but he’s been all over the net and he’s been co-signed by a lot of big names in the scene. He’s got a new album dropping next week on 4/20(haha), called ‘Asleep in the Bread Aisle’. There are more than a couple songs floating around the net. Here are a couple to sink your teeth into.

First one is called Perfectionist featuring Beenie Sigel. Click pic to download.


On this next one he goes right at all the people comparing him to Eminem. ‘As I Em’ featuring Chester French. Click pic.


A man from Staten Island named Raekwon the Chef dropped an album in 1995 called Only Built for Cuban Linx that took walkmans(remember those), CD players, clubs, cars and corners by storm. Heralded as one of the best solo efforts from the Wu camp. That album still gets heavy rotation and is in my top 5 hiphop LP’s of all time. Rae has been working hard on ‘Only Built for Cuban Linx 2’. Word is it might see the light of day this year. Here’s a new track from Rae featuring Busta Rhymes.

Death Wish. Click pic to download.

Guns and weed. Damn. I like that sticky green shit.

And for the ladies, I just saw got a hold of this new Cassie track, she’s sporting a new ‘do’, and looks like she’s getting ready for some summer madness. I can’t wait.

Must be Love featuring Diddy. Click pic to download.



Shouts my homey BAWSS in TO. I see u homey.Boogie

Who knows what the word means. Its a combo of Splendid, Terrific and Fabulous. Sounds like something you’d hear on ‘Sex and the City’, I almost regret writing it now. Shiiieeeeet. Anyways, a couple Tuesday treats for the HHHT massive.

Has Busta leaked his whole album yet??? Seems like a new track is on the net every week. Without further ado, Busta Rhymes featuring T.Pain – Hustler.Click pic for download.


My homey Q-tip joins forces with the Kanye for the remix of ‘We Fight/We Love’. Go buy/download Tip’s new album ‘The Renaissance’ if you haven’t yet. It’s a good listener. Truss it.Click pic to get it.

Q-Tip featuring Kanye West – We Fight We Love – remix


I’ve been going in on the movie trailers a little bit. The summer is gonna be crazy for action movies. You may have seen these, if not, checka check it out.

G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra (act like you know, the Baroness looks pretty smoking hot too.)

Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen

Terminator Salvation. The first and second Terminator movies were awesome, third one, not so much. Im hoping they bring back the fear factor for this fourth one.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Tomorrow we get buck.



HHHTiny Dancers….

During my tenure as a Boy/Man, I’ve had the privilege (not always) of spending time with several different types of Ladies.  You have your slim, thick, short, tall, feisty, diva, cool, reserved, crackhead, etc.

But I’ve also found that within each category, they break into similar sub-categories.  So…being Ladies Night ‘n all, I figured I’d post some tunes for all the ladies in the club.

For that regular Club female who doesn’t like to over do it, but likes it bouncy…

T.I. – Get That Money click flick

For the Female who likes to get slammed but still manages to get home safely…

Cam’ron – I used to get in Ohio click flick

For the female who doesn’t give a FUDGE about life!

Raekwon feat. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda – Stick Up Muzik click flick

And for the female who just wants to go home…

Amanda Diva – Heart Strings

Finally, a bonus for the females who love Biggie.

Busta Rhymes feat. Maino, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Lil Cease & M.O.P. – March 9th (Biggie Tribute) click flick

Enjoy folks.

HHHT 7&8 in all immediacy.  Scrub’em up cause it’s about to go down.

Be well world


Hello famalam.
We just got confirmation that the dirty south is about to catch some wreck in a few weeks. HHHT 7&8 will be returning to the dirty south to do the damn thing. More details coming soon.

On to new music, seeing as its Tuesday here are the goods

First up, yard man Trevor aka Busta Bus. He got new shit called Anthrax.


We haven’t heard from 50 Cent since he got bodied by Kanye on their release week battle. Well since then in typical Curtis fashion he’s been beefing with Rick Ross and even took Ross’ wife  fur coat shopping. Curtis your relentless and fucking hilarious. Anyways brand new 50 produced by Dr. Dre

Get It In produced by Dr. Dre

This guy is going to jail soon

tiand he’s been ghostwriting for this guy

dr-dre-picture-1Leaked tracks usually mean a release is coming soon. Here are a couple new ones from Dre featuring T.I. spitting his rhymes for him. Production is definitely on point.


Shit Popped Off

And a little bonus video Chelsea Lately interviewing T.I.

Happy Tuesday mofo’s
HHHT 7&8 coming sooner than later

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