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-Marcus Garvey Aurelius

I don’t know much, but I do know that Japan is crazy. Junko is even crazier:


I wish I could have made it to the 80s night last night, just to request the best commercial of all time. I mean for real…what f’s with that? But that’s not why I’m here today. Instead, it’s the dancehall weekend special. If you work in an office like the rest of those white collar clowns, it’s hard to stay away occasionally. I think that is why they invented BBC Radio. Like ‘Ye and Wayne say, “Amazing..just amazing.” Big ups to Robbo Ranx and Chris Goldfiger as I get into dancehall moods, mostly in the spring, and then I’m just on what is going on. Right now, the big thing is Vybz Kartel going against Mr. Anywaaaaaay, Movado. This is an ill quote from a website about the feud:

“a new feud erupted when Mavado referenced about Vybz Kartel’s belief in God, his preference, and criticizes his tattoos. He also bring back the argument about his skin-bleaching. Vybz Kartel responded by saying Mavado’s skin-bleaching argument is lame, claiming to have sexual activies with Mavado’s mother and says that Mavado is not a gangster but a ‘community barber’.

Don’t go callin me a community barber man. The great this about lyrical wars is that it brings out the beasts within that may have been dormant for the multi-millionaire (see Jay vs Nas). Therefore I bring to you the download of the day, The Advocate Riddim.

So make sure and make it down to the wall tonight. It’s gonna be amazzzzzing with the full force of Black Reign International Sound System and me MASHIN up the dance. I’ve got so much new music that if I started practicing right now, I might not be done till my set starts at 1am. And dress up. The King and the Queen get a prize



Also, the reason I haven’t been as blogging as much as I’d like is that I’ve been in meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting this week. But the plan has worked and Boooooom New Years is OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED! The name and theme is GOLD so watch this space for a MAJOR announcement within the next couple of days. 

That’s almost all. But check out these amazing album re-creations using Legos.

My favorites:

run-dmcthis one goes out to Triple:

de-la-soul-1 and my apologies to Hannity and Colmes and Hall and Oats, but this is the greatest duo of all time. Hands down.


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