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Today I present to you a true Shuffle Saturday.

Santana.(Not Carlos)

The Skull Gang General has never been my favorite.  My favorite Dipset member?  Yes.  But that’s really not saying much.  No one can deny that these guys have made hits and on occasion surprise the world with some cleverness and good songwriting (Santana’s Town is ill.) But their track record leaves plenty to be desired.

Anyway…Juelz just dropped the first official single for his upcoming ‘Born to Lose, Built to Win’ album and well……I’ll let you decide.

Juelz Santana – Days of Our Lives


After half a decade of being shut down, it looks like the Ruff Ryders are ready to open up shop again and apparently everyone’s on board.  According to a recent interview with Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz, this year promises new albums from the LOX, Drag-On, the first Double R compilation since ’03/’04 as well as a brand new opus from their general, fresh outta Arizona State, DMX. And well, although the Double R roster could stand to lose some dead weight, it’s kinda nice (It’s like everytime the WWE bring back Degeneration X or the NWO for like a week.  It’s fun to reminisce.).   So with that being said, Kiss gives the world their first glimpse into where everyone’s been.

Once again I’m refraining from opinion on this and I’ll let you guys pick it apart.

Jadakiss – Who’s Real Feat. Swizz Beatz, Eve, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Drag-On and DMX.


DMX the day he was released from prison speaking to Pastor (Murda) Mason Betha on the radio.  Entertainment.

Good Grief.

Charles, Charles, Charles.  *shakes head*

A while ago on this very page, I wrote a long winded endorsement for Charles Hamilton.  I spoke about how he was bringing back a nice element to the Hip-Hop community that had been missing and that he really had the potential to do something special.  Shortly after that post, I stopped writing about Charles Hamilton because he started to make me look like a fool as he began to put out an insane amount of sub-par to borderline garbage music on a weekly basis.  Yet, I still stood by the fact that he’s good a rapper…just misguided.

After a brief hiatus, he gave me something to write about and be proud of again when he reached out to legendary NY emcee, MC Lyte to collab on an apparent EP.    Hope.

Well…he’s gone ahead and ruined that again.

I’ll let House Shoes and J-Smooth break it down for you.

Oh Charles.  What you could’ve been.

It’s Saturday folk.  Get creative.
Be well world.




Last week I started on the topic of cats who were over saturating blogs and the market with just a little too much low-effort face time and well, when talking about that type of dude one definitely has to reference Charles Hamilton.

Now I know months back I gave this guy my endorsement, and as an emcee, I still do.  However, that being said, homie releases a lot of motionless tunes that just start and end nowhere.  And I don’t care how much material you record and how much time you spend sharpening your skills…practicing in public is lame and due to this fact, I haven’t posted anything C-Ham related in quite some time…until now.

MC LYTE! Need I say more??  Word on the street is these 2 NY reps’ll be putting out an EP together, tentatively titled ‘Fluorescent’ and if that’s true…hats off to Sonic for havin some taste and respect.  Now if 50 will only give Milk the cheque he deserves for ‘I Got Money’, we’ll be one step closer to goodness. Anyway, check the chunage.

Charles Hamilton & MC Lyte – New York City Girl

Also involved with that rant last week was the almighty Wu chef, Raekwon.

Yes, I still stand by my statement, and yes, I’m not as excited as I once was about OB4CL2, but gosh darn if this doesn’t get me a little amped.  3 dudes that you just don’t wanna beef with…check the gravy.

Jadakiss – Cartel Gathering feat. Ghostface & Raekwon

And finally, in commemoration of the day.  Some throwback footage of Dilla talkin about how Jaylib came to be.  Turn it up.

Salute homie.

Be easy world


As New Year’s Part 2 prepares for its grand entrance into the world (a.k.a. The Ox Strikes Back) and I watch the island formerly known as Formosa scramble around frantically throwing up good fortune banners, tossing out a years worth of whose-it’s and whatchamacallits and loading up Red Envelopes for the future Ah-Bien’s of the world, I realized that perhaps this is my opportunity to provide the loyal HHHT readers with their very own Red Envelope (also, the majority of the crew will be out of commission for the next few days, and this is in case the remainees want a break).

For the Funky:

The minds behind my favorite album of ’05 and hopefully one of my favorite albums of ’09, I give you: The Platinum Pied Pipers – Abundance: Official Mixtape

This is the pre-cursor to their  just-released Sophomore set, (also named) Abundance.  And if you’re like me and waiting on your next cheque to clear before you get that record, here’s some dope to tide you over.

Click flick for DL

For the New Heads:

As I had proclaimed weeks ago, I’m a fan of Charles Hamilton.  And well, while he doesn’t knock everything out of the park, it’s nice to see a kid who actually knows his ledge and respects his craft back in the public eye.  So for those who still aren’t on Interscope’s next golden boy (yes it’s been confirmed, he HAS recorded a new song with Marshall Mathers) The Best of the Hamiltonization Process

Click flick for DL

For the Old Heads:

X-Man/X-Ecutioner Rob Swift is back with a new sampler from his homage to the B-Boy Movement of the ’70’s:  Dust to Dust.  I’m just glad to see the man still kickin it.

Click flick for DL

And Finally…

For the Sexy:

Devil’s Pie: Erykah vs. Jill – need I say more?

Click flick for DL

Happy New Year everyone.

Be well this weekend.


p.s. – Marcus is in Kaohsiung at the Pig & Whistle tonight…9:30-11:30 free drinks for all Facebook members!!!!

Gangstas and Gangsterettes,

I bring you news of G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) sightings.

First off….something from the most recent person to claim the title of G.O.A.T., Li’l Weezy Wee gettin his Don LaFontaine on for Gatorade’s new ad campaign.  Maybe instead of Sprite, Wayne’ll start mixing his codeine with Gatorade now.

Second…something from Weezy Goldberg’s on-again/off-again Idol (depending on Sizzurp intake) paired with the G.O.A.T. from another world.

I’m a huge fan of both these guys, but this idea is starting to get tired for me.  However, I’ve yet to listen to this so there’s always a chance for dopeness.

Jay-Z vs. Radiohead = Jaydiohead (Click Flick for DL)

…And lastly, the G.O.A.T. argument.

No, it’s not Marcus and I jousting over Dre vs. Dilla, or D’Angelo’s greatness….nono….some pure entertainment as Charles Hamilton, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, DJ Enuff and a slew of entourage go at it over who the G.O.A.T. is.

I always loved these arguments.



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Have a great Saturday people.


Charles Hamilton, (a.k.a. Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a. Jimmy Iovine’s newest muse) has been EVERYWHERE this past year.  From radio, to mixtapes, to every hip hop sites ‘artist of the month’ …this kid is grinding.

But it’s not his grind that impresses me, (cause let’s face it, even Plies has a pretty decent grind game but if you ever catch me playing a Plies track , it’ll either be the greatest song of all time, or John Starks and Patrick Ewing came out of retirement to resurrect my heart ache known as the New York Knicks.) no it’s his RAPPING!  He’s an actual emcee!  A 19 year old, major label signee that ACTUALLY cares (remember that?  Remember when majors used to sign Emcees??).  HE ACTUALLY FREESTYLES (I don’t mean Lil Flip Freestyle, I mean Hieroglyphics freestyle) And luckily (imo), in his own words “[Soulja Boy]’s goal is to make you dance, mine is to make you think.”

Now, truthfully, I wasn’t a big fan of his at first.  I saw him freestyling on Green Lantern’s show and was hugely excited by the fact he was as phenomenal as he was, especially at that age, his content was as thick as his flow which was as nice as his endurance. But let’s be fair, Supernatural’s a phenomenal freestyler too but I have yet to support any of his records.  And up until that point, I had yet to hear a record from him that I actually cared about.

Well, fast forward to now and that’s all changed. I recognize they’re not the most mindblowing tracks ever, but they’re refreshing to me. And that makes’em spin-worthy.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

Charles Hamilton – November 10th

And like any good hype, this wouldn’t be complete without a little beef. And boy do I like this beef….

Charles Hamilton vs. Soulja Boy
Charles strikes First.

Soulja Boy replies.

Charles clowns.

To be continued…


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