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Ladies, I present to you, your Wednesday night warm-up.


The first night kicks off tonight April 22nd. Im actually paying homage to one of the best parties in Toronto also called Shuffle. The music covers all spectrums except for death metal, classical and country. But hip hop, funk, soul, 80’s, reggae, house and electro are all covered.

If you don’t know about copa, it absolutely, has the coolest secret entrance to a bar ever. The bar is under Famous Larry’s pizza store in the Zhongxiao/Dunhua area, and you have to push the Fanta button on the coke machine to open the door to the bar. Yeah, thats what i just said, you push the Fanta button, the coke machine swings open and then you walk downstairs into the bar. Its really effin cool.

There are going to be open decks, meaning you can bring down your ipod, some cds or some records to play and you can be the DJ for a couple minutes. All in all, it should be a really fun time. This first party will also be the last for Billy Miller. He’s the owner of copa and he’s gonna be taking off for an extended period of time, so if you are in the area, come say bye to the coolest bar owner ever.

Some joints you might hear tonight

Shuffle b*tch Shuffle

Im gonna do my best Diddy impression now…’I thought I told that we don’t stop…I thought I told you that we dont stop, eheh, its badboy baby!’
Anyways, as far as your weekend goes, its looking pretty good. Tonight Friday December 12th, you can catch me(CAP) and vDub playing ‘The Last 80’s Party of 08’ at copa.

Say word, if you wanna hear some Madonna, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, Cure, Duran Duran, Police, RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, Lisa Lisa, Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson and holy shit I could go on all day. Your best bet is to REACH because 1. ITS FREE! 2. It’s a guaranteed sureshot!


Now if you haven’t been to copa. They have the coolest secret entrance in Taiwan. Just walk to the Coke machine in the back, hit the Fanta button and TADA!! Yeah say word, walk down the stairs and enjoy that madness that will ensue.

Copa is located@

Yan Ji St. Lane 137, #2 (Taipei, Taiwan) 台北市大安區延吉街 137巷 2號

Facebookers check the event here

That takes care of your Friday night. Now on Saturday, Taipei’s Big Poppa aka Moisty aka Caesars youngest aka Cous Cous aka ‘the elder statesman of the crew’ and HHHT alumni is about to be inducted into the Black Reign family. Im talking about Marcus Aurelius y’all. You can catch him Saturday December 13th at The Wall for ‘The Kings and Queens Ball’. Black Reign are the champion reggae sound in Taiwan and Marcus is about to join the fam and wreck shop with the wickedness.


This is another guaranteed sureshot. Make sure your face is in the place.

The Wall is located at

B1 200 Roosevelt Rd. Section 4, Taipei -台北市文山區羅斯福路四段200號地下ㄧ樓
Its 350NT cover with a free drink. Dress code is look good!
Facebookers click here for more info.

Its the weekend, time for freakin……


P.S. Shout out to JR & Megan for showing Taiwan an awesome time while they were here. They will definitely be missed!


Taipei City, they said we didn’t know how to party like rockstars, but on Saturday we showed them…


They said the rain would keep us away and try to dampen our spirits, but again we showed them…


They said the people wont wear high heels and high tops, but ladies and gentlemen we showed them all once again with a resounding bass thump, that….




First off. Thank You. Thank you all for checking back with the blog daily, for spreading the word to all your friends and for helping us kick off the first High Heels and Hi Tops with a bang. There nothing I like more than a packed party with a good vibe of everybody enjoying themselves. And on Saturday we definitely had that. The ladies definitely represented in some fine footwear, and the fellas came out and repped too.

Big fat shouts to our homey Joe Russo, who was taking pics all night.

Shout out to the HHHT squad, we held it down lovely on the music and microphone tip.

We will be doing the next one at a bigger venue so that we can get everybody in next. Apologies if you didn’t get in.  We got you next time.

Here’s some kick love to start off the pics.

And just for your enjoyment….Soulja Boy tries to get the mid-shin deep foot out of his mouth…

This is why stars need PR people.


After shouting out slave masters during an interview with BET journalist Touré, Soulja Boy tries to explain his statement, sayin the comment was “blown out of proportion.”

He cited the mock interview the journalist did with Bow Wow and Omarion for the response given.

“Man basically what happened that day, I was at BET filming the last episode of Rap City and then the Touré dude asked me if I wanted to do an interview with him and I said no. I had seen the interview with Bow Wow and Omarion and he was like roasting them or whatever and it turned out to be bad. I was like, I’m straight, I don’t want to do an interview with you. Then, my management was like if he’s good we can do an interview with him…for promotion or whatever…I was just joking. Most of the questions he was asking me wasn’t making no sense. Like, he was asking me how I wanted to die and asking me all these questions so I thought he was joking with me. I didn’t really take it seriously. Basically it was sarcasm that got blown out of proportion.”

The controversial comment came when Touré asked Soulja Boy which historical figure he hated most. The rapper was informed that other artists named Hitler and Osama bin Laden, he chimed in, saying, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa. We wouldn’t be here to get this ice and tattoos.”


No matter if you are red or blue or green or yellow, you know that today has been a fantastic day. Come out to Copa (YanJi St Lane 137 #2) and celebrate something new in the world. Have a drink to the new president-elect Obama. 

DJs-Please bring anything you want to play. We will have open turntables with serato and CDJs, so anyone can come and play songs for CHANGE.

Let’s do it.

“In the unlikely story of America there’s never been anything false about hope.” B. Obama

My camera picked the perfect weekend to stop working. The city was awash with women dressed in minimal clothing all in the name of sexy….And I have no pics to show for it.

Damn, on another note, Triples last post about Solja Boy is a perfect example of why we are in the midst of one of the most important American elections in history. The country is in a state of shambles from education right on down. Its in need of an overhaul and I hope the vast majority of the population realizes just how important it is to be apathetic on November 4th and stay home and make sure NOT TO VOTE!!!

I caught wind of this one on the weekend. The content is funny/scary, especially in a time when we have access to so much information, its sad that some people are still so misinformed.

On a much better note, we are 5 days away from the ceiling beating madness that will go down at the copa on Saturday November 8th. It is free but if you dont have your name on the list, you wont be getting in. Send all names you want on the list to

I got some new music for y’all tomorrow, make sure you check back. Tell a friend.

So here we have yet another Blog to add to the huge blog-o-sphere out there.

This one specifically caters to a new event that we will be holding once a month in and around Taipei City. As you can see from the title of the blog, the parties are about high heels and high tops. Its as simple as it sounds, ladies rock high heels, fellas rock a pair of high tops. Come out, hear some good tunes, party, have a good time and then come check the blog for pics.

The first one kicks off on November 8th at Copa with musical duties being taken care of by Marcus Aurelius, CAP and The Sofa Kings.

If you were at Copa for the ‘Secret Handshake’ then you know what to expect. However, this time there will be bottled beer, plastic cups and some more staff behind the bar. And did we mention that ITS FREE!!!

Musically we have a rotating roster of 5 DJ’s. Taipei’s finest Marcus Aurelius(3XChamp), CAP of Stereo:types(Prince of Darkness), The Sofa Kings(the NKOTB of Taipei), Digit(Digit Music Group) and the dirty south’s turntable don, Dan 2Hands(RapNerds). We’ll be switching the line up every month, so be prepared to enjoy yo’ self!

We’ll also have some special treats for those who come out in high heels and high tops and of course come check the blog for updates on upcoming parties and pics.

So here’s what you can expect from us weekly:

Manic Mondays – Random posts from the internetland
New release Tuesdays – much like in the record stores, new music
Strictly for the ladies Wednesdays – posts with our female readers in mind. We’re sensitive internet thugs.
No Country for Old Heads Thursdays – We’ll hit you with something interesting from the old school for you new schoolers
All Access Fridays – music videos and info about where to party for the weekend, if its not our party.
Shuffle Saturdays – whatever the hell we feel like posting
Heaven or Hell Sundays – possibly a day of rest or mayhem…

We hope you enjoy it. Check in hourly, daily or weekly and feel free to leave comments and tell a friend.

‘Allow me to re-introduce myself….my name is….’

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