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With only one day left until the Canadian Government stops matching private donations in the Haiti Earthquake Relief  Effort, I ask you, loyal HHHT readers and lovers to please head on over to the PPF Neighborhood and donate now.  This project, in conjunction with MSF (a.k.a. Doctors without Borders) and support from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a 14-track album featuring artists from around the world playing everything from Underground Hip-Hop to Latin Jazz, Ambient Electronica to Folk.  Accompanying the audio is also a 13-page PDF booklet featuring art from award winning painters, illustrators, animators and designers.

You’re not just helping a country in distress…please watch.

For more information on the project: THE PPF NEIGHBORHOOD


This past week we honored the passing of 2 of Hip-Hop’s greats and in commemoration, Cookin Soul and 2 Dope Boyz put together this mixtape celebrating their absolute awesomeness:



As a follow-up to their hugely entertaining 10-pages of Jay-Z disses, Complex Mag, also responsible for those awesome soundboards as well as getting Keri Hilson to take those wonderful pics brings you 7 pages of emcees dissing Jay-Z back.  Everyone from Nas to Prodigy, Fat Joe to Jim Jones, it’s allll there.  Click the image below for the whole shebangabang.


And finally, as an added bonus, a treat from one of the illest to ever do it.


Be well world.



I’m sorry, but this past week has just been too good for me to not keep posting.


Sandwiches.  Mirriam-Webster defines a Sandwich as: 1 a : two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between b : one slice of bread covered with food.

However, RapRadar defines a sandwich as: When The Roots enter and leave a commercial break on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, they perform small sets called “sandwiches”. And since joining the show in March, the crew have composed 1,000 of ‘em. This past weekend, drummer ?uestlove compiled 22 of them into a free EP. Can’t beat that.

Similar to a live band take on Dilla’s Donuts, I give you, Sandwiches.


And as an added bonus, another track that’s surfaced from Black Thought‘s unreleased Masterpiece Theatre album, I give you:

BLACK THOUGHT – MONA LISA – Shout out to Slick Rick!


No not the astronaut, the DJ.  Founding member of the legendary turntablist crew the 5th Platoon (which also includes highly decorated vets likes Vinroc, Roli Rho, I. Emerg and others)  has been tearin shows and pumpin out mixtapes for years now.  And although well known amongst DJ’s and Turntablists, Armstrong’s maintained a relatively low profile (whether intentionally or unintentionally, I’m not sure) outside the walls of his genre.  Well, this past year, he was given the opportunity to be Mr. Shawn Carter‘s touring DJ for the Blueprint 3 and well, that’s just something you don’t pass up.

Anyway, he’s just released this short little clip detailing a day in the life of DJ Neil Armstrong. If you don’t know…..


Part 2 of the Mos Def interview with DJ Semtex.  Click Clack.

That’s Wednesday folk.

Get it.



It’s Sunday, and surprise surprise, I’m not feelin so chatty today.  Had a late night, early morning and now my fingers just wanna chill out.  Luckily, I got me a good amount of viewing material to get up a worthwhile post so lemme get my baby boy Bangs on and take u to da movies again….


As they reminisce…..

Talkin bout Fantastic Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Elzhi‘s entrance.





The newest single off the Ecstatic:


Mos interview with DJ Semtex.


Agree or not, it’s always interesting to hear this discussion amongst some of the dopest to ever do it.

That’s me.

Relax day.




Generally on Sundays, the crew and I give you the option of Heaven or Hell (or neither, depending on the preceding night).  And well, normally I’m cool with those guidelines…however, where I’m at, we’re gettin Monday off so Sunday will continue BANGIN (more on that in a minute) so I’m leanin towards the hellish side of this post.  Nonetheless, I can’t be insensitive to my overseas counterparts who are currently dealing with a serious dose of Adventure from the Grandmaster himself.

So, here we go….somethin for column A and somethin for column B.

Heaven: For those that need to just chill the eff out with some cool ish.

As many of you know, Pete Rock and Ma Dukes have gotten together to release Dilla‘s first official (I don’t count the Illa J ish) Posthumous record.  With enough in his vault to battle 2Pac, I really hope that this isn’t the beginning of a long watering down process.  Already on the record, titled JAY STAY PAID, there are features that I’m just not comfortable with (Havoc of Mobb Deep?!?  I say NO DICE good sir.), but that being said, there are some features on here that just look amazing (Blu, Lil Fame, Black Thought).  So with that, I give you a preview of the record courtesy the World Famous Beat Junkies & Okayplayer.

Beat Junkies & J Dilla – Jay Stay Paid Album Sampler

And as a little bonus, here’s some newer ish from J Dilla’s fam and Aftermath’s newest songstress.

Slum Village – Cloud 9 (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

HELL: For those who feel like using Red matter tonight.

As we’ve been reporting for awhile, Freebass 808 is the ridiculous union of producer Apple Juice kid and Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede.  They’re dope.  Now, with what they’re calling an ‘Interactive Player’, these boys along with Tishaun Dawson of Battalion Armour are here to take things one step further.   5 New Freebass 808 tunes accompanied by full conceptual visuals…this is the future and I’m excited.


And as an added bonus, like I said in the last post, Kurupt‘s a beast.  And if you know me, you know I love myself some DJ Quik.  So to put the 2 together…..well, gosh darn if it isn’t just OBSCENE!

The first single off the upcoming BLAKQOUT album.  Some of the most inventive song structuring ever…not to mention the cadences….oh LORD!

For the homies in T.O. — It’s tonight.  Invite only.  PPF gettin their VIP on.   Let’s get it.


Be well world. Check Waakao for your daily dose of Waa’s Hap’nin.


Because its Monday and your alive and kicking, living on an island in the Pacific Ocean or a cold city in a burgeoning metropolis, either way, just smile. I miss Dilla, like how you miss a good friend that can always make you smile, like how you miss your moms home cooking, like how you miss being a kid and the freedom that came with that time in your life. If you dont know about J-Dilla, he’s your favorite rappers, favorite producer. Anyways, Dilla dawg RIP. I’ll be holding a personal tribute in my ipod all week.

On to the things that make Mondays Manic.

McNasty Filth – Jaylib feat Frank N Dank
I had the pleasure of kicking it with Frank in Taiwan. He came out here shortly after Dilla died with DJ Dopey to play Spring Scream and a couple dates in Taipei. Frank grew up with Dilla and shared some great Dilla moments with us on the 6 hour bus ride down to Kenting. That ride never went by so fast. Wow. Shouts to Frank N Dank.

I remember reading an article with Just Blaze where he was talking about how Dilla did things in the studio that amazed him. When you can make a producer as ill as Just Blaze go ‘how did you make THAT sound??!!’ I think your doing something right.Blaze was talking about this song, its like Radiohead meets Rap.

Nothing Like This

This one I just like, im a bit of a headphone nerd. For all my ipod kids. Turn this one up, it will rattle your brain a little bit and sounds good loud.

MED feat Dilla – Push

This one came out just after he died. His brother Illa J is spitting Jay’s raps in this video. Brotherly love. Its a pretty beat too.

Wont Do

We do it all for the love.

HHHT 6 February 21st Taichung.



…and because my landlady woke me up with a smile to allow some men into my bathroom with a jackhammer….im smiling to keep myself from committing some vicious crimes.


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