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As of late I’ve mostly been offering you goodies from established artists and people you’re generally familiar with.  Cats who’ve already put in their work and now have the luxury of having fans who actually pay attention whenever their name pops up.

Well, with ’09 on its death bed and the genesis of a new year upon us, I figured, let’s hang with some newer cats today.   And even though these guys aren’t technically the newest, most unheard of bunch, they’re still working hard to have their cult followings blow up to the masses.


No, the above title heading isn’t my prediction but in fact the name of the new record from Detroit’s torchbearer of production since the late great Dilla‘s passing, Black Milk.

As this is his 4th official drop (and like nth if you count mixtapes and what not) it’s odd for me to call Milk a new schooler just because he’s still relatively unknown to the masses.  Everyone in the scene knows him and is quite familiar with his hard edged boom bap and pocket cadences, and homie’s been doing his thing for quite some time now.  However, because of where he’s at and what he’s accomplished, general media still consider him part of this class and well, I guess it’s better than going the route of has-been.  Anyway, from what I’m told, Milk’s swinging for the fences this year and I’ll be the first to admit I have a personal stake in seeing Detroit cats win.  So, here’s my nudge for Milk to get his this year.



It seems like if you throw Jay (or J-)in your name, success is inevitable.

Jay Dee (Dilla not Dupri), Jay-Z, J-Rocc, J.J. Fad, J-Kwon…okay, so maybe not everyone who throws it in there, but there seem to be enough.  Now to add to the list, the South’s first internationally known true-blue lyricist since ’93’s inauguration of a young Antwan Patton and Andre Benjamin, Jay Electronica.

Nas approved, Mos Def affiliated and Erykah Badu loved, in his short time in the business, the new Jay on the block has accomplished an incredible amount and shows absolutely no signs of slowing for the new year.  If you’ve never heard him, just imagine Mos Def and DOOM‘s lovechild.  Or better yet, why don’t you just take a listen for yourself.   Courtesy of Jay and another blockbuster of a close affiliate in Just Blaze, I give you that new new.



Truck North.

This Roots affiliate, like many of the others (Malik B., Dice Raw, etc.), gets under appreciated for his work.  I’m not trying to claim that he’s the hottest thing out, but he’s quite good at what he does and if you’re ever searchin for  some good ol’ fashioned gettin it in type raps, he’s always worth checking.

Cut from the Roots ‘Sandwiches EP’, Truck brings you a minute of that raw ish.  I like it beaucoup.


And that’s the news.

Tomorrow’s NYE!  Get it in.


HHHTurn it UP!

It’s been a long time coming, but I present to you part 2 of the Give the Drummer Some series.


I don’t know that I really have anymore to say about this guy that isn’t already known.  Through his unorthodox lyrics, unrelenting cadences and undying love for sampling your favorite Saturday morning cartoon theme songs, he’s managed to stay in peoples ears and mouths for so long and so consistently that he is to hip-hop what the hum of the refrigerator is to your daily white noise intake — I hope that makes sense.  In other words, hip-hop without DOOM would just be down right weird.

Now DOOMposter scandal aside, he’s managed to consistently release quality records at a feverish pace and even when some fans (myself included) were starting to get sick of the formula, he came and hit back with ‘Born Like This’ which on the surface seemed like standard DOOM, but somehow managed to be far meatier than anything he’d released in quite some time — at least that’s how I felt.  Now, with another brand new release entitled ‘Unexpected Guests’, DOOM’s back and DOOM’ish as ever.  Check the album teaser above, and check the MPFree below.  Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, there’s bound to be one DOOM song somewhere out there that you love.  I know it.

DOOM – BELLS OF DOOM (Direct Link)


I am, and have always been a huge fan of RJ.

From the time I heard Final Frontier w/ Blueprint back in ’02 (off Deadringer) to getting my heart broken by ‘Making Days Longer’ in ’04 (off Since We Last Spoke) to the jarring direction he took with the entire ‘The Third Hand’ album in ’07, I’ve been happy with what RJ has provided me as a fan.

He’s somehow managed the extremely difficult task of taking himself out of the box that he was so quickly thrown in after Deadringer’s unexpected success and, although may not be as popular as he was when he first dropped, has continued to work very hard at reinventing himself every time he resurfaces, even if that means pissing off the same people that pay his mortgage.

Now, after a 3 year hiatus, the ex-Def Jukie and ex-XL recording artist is back with his own label and preparing the release of his 4th full-length studio album entitled ‘The Colossus’. HHHT is proud to bring you the first leak off the record and I must say, I enjoy it quite a bit.  Whaddyou think?



Sunclef is one of the best producers you’ve never heard of.

Beginning with Cello lessons at 3, chamber groups at 11, then bass at 13, Sunclef is not your average hip-hop producer.  A man who is generally light with words, but extremely heavy with mood and vibe, the bio on his website says it all: ‘A wise man once said “Less bunk, more funk.”‘ And really, that’s him in a nutshell.  But even beyond that, what he brings to the table that most other hip-hop producers don’t (but really should) is musicianship.  An understanding of music spanning genres and eras that only lend to his ability of being able to adapt, adjust and create something original while still being familiar.   That, coupled with an almost detrimental necessity for improvement and you have PPF House‘s resident monster.

Having had the opportunity to work with him first hand, I can tell you that few people hear the way he does or has as good a natural instinct.  On top of being a dope producer, he’s also a talented studio engineer, graphic designer and just a generally dope guy to be around.  He’s currently working on several projects with several different artists from all genres and 2010 promises to be an eventful year for this studio rat.

Combining elements of DJ Quik’s funk, Dilla’s mid 90’s jazz sensibilities and a love of all things that bounce, ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Sunclef.

Check out his most recent release from earlier this year as well as his MySpace that has a small collection of old and new.



It’s Friday people…..go get it.


Well HHHTwitters,

As I sit here still in sub zero weather (It’s the effin end of March — What the hell!?), I can only dream about the beauty that is Taiwanese Spring:  Hot, but not too hot.  Shorts for the boys, panty sized denim for the girls.  Xue Hua Bing and 7-11 crawls.  It truly is Waakao!

And while I have to unfortunately miss out on all the goodness my oral and ocular cavities would be exposed too (not to mention HHHT’s 7 AND 8 AND Soul Food Fridays — Damn Homie) I take comfort in the fact that the crew continues to demolish your calves and shins with the very best.

So, to ensure everyone’s getting their daily dose of goodies, here’s another small stockpile to tide you over.

Peter, Bjorn & John – Nothing to Worry About (Troublemaker Remix)

Ghostface & Doom (f.k.a. MF Doom f.k.a. Zev Love X) – Chinatown Wars



And simply….dopeness from Mos — I was waitin for this.

Mos Def – Brooklyn (Go Hard)

Finally, some potential for dopeness (and even bigger potential for garbage), N.W.A. might be getting silver screen love.  Check it:

“Rap is finally getting the Ray treatment. New Line is developing Straight Outta Compton, an urban drama about N.W.A. (a.k.a. N-ggaz With Attitude), the hip hop group that helped pioneer the gangsta rap movement in the ’80s and early ’90s. The project will chronicle the rise and fall of the rap quartet, founded by Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and MC Ren, whose songs were so incendiary (i.e. “F— tha Police”) they were banned from radio playlists but still sold millions of albums. Then came the inevitable fiery breakup, a grudge match between the former bandmates, and Eazy-E’s tragic death due to AIDS. The film’s producers, which include Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Tomica Wright (Eazy-E’s widow), and Circle of Confusion entertainment, are now actively searching for a director along the lines of Curtis Hanson (8 Mile).”

I dunnooooo……

Rest people. We get it in.


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