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HHHTo the Left, to the Left,

As I previously posted on the East Coast and the excellent year they’ve been having, let us not forget about their tanned and funky counterparts over on the Left.

Now, although perhaps they haven’t had as successful a run this past little while, don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re not loaded with game changers.


Slaughterhouse representative.  Dr. Dre approved.  And one of the torchbearers for the New West.  If you’ve never heard Crooked I spit, then you probably don’t listen to much rap.

Likened to a West Coast Pharoahe Monch, Crook’s versatile cadences and cutthroat wordplay made him an obvious candidate to join supergroup, Slaughterhouse.  But even more importantly, he’s one of only a handful of west coast spitters that have managed to stay relevant even when the Hip-Hop spotlight has been buried deep in the south.  Now, set to release a brand new mixtape as well as the launch of his new label, Dynasty Entertainment, Crook’s poised to keep his position and keep the West up.

Here’s a double dose for your listening pleasure:




When the Souls of Mischief recorded 93 ’til infinity, I doubt there was any way they could’ve anticipated that in fact this prophetic song would actually live up to it’s  over ambitious claims.

Now, 16 years later, I still manage to hear this song damn near every hip-hop event I go to and can’t help but love it.  And well, them, as well as the entire Hieroglyphics crew are still going strong and making music strictly for the heads.  Sure their popularity has died off a bit and most kids nowadays think they’re, at best, a one-hit wonder, but at the end of the day, skills is skills and they’ve got skills like a muh’.

Prepping to release their first official group album since 2000’s Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution, the Souls have enlisted the help of hip-hop innovator, 1/7 of Stetsasonic, and the man honorably known as Plug Four, Prince Paul. If you don’t know either him or Hiero, I suggest you get familiar. Now.

Off the upcoming Montezuma’s Revenge:


And as an added bonus, a brand new ode to A Tribe Called Quest from the Hiero General, Del.



And finally, what would a post about the West be without an appearance by the Doggfather.

Off his upcoming 10th studio album, Malice n Wonderland:

West West Y’all.

Enjoy the Sun.


Hello famalam.
We just got confirmation that the dirty south is about to catch some wreck in a few weeks. HHHT 7&8 will be returning to the dirty south to do the damn thing. More details coming soon.

On to new music, seeing as its Tuesday here are the goods

First up, yard man Trevor aka Busta Bus. He got new shit called Anthrax.


We haven’t heard from 50 Cent since he got bodied by Kanye on their release week battle. Well since then in typical Curtis fashion he’s been beefing with Rick Ross and even took Ross’ wife  fur coat shopping. Curtis your relentless and fucking hilarious. Anyways brand new 50 produced by Dr. Dre

Get It In produced by Dr. Dre

This guy is going to jail soon

tiand he’s been ghostwriting for this guy

dr-dre-picture-1Leaked tracks usually mean a release is coming soon. Here are a couple new ones from Dre featuring T.I. spitting his rhymes for him. Production is definitely on point.


Shit Popped Off

And a little bonus video Chelsea Lately interviewing T.I.

Happy Tuesday mofo’s
HHHT 7&8 coming sooner than later

Peoples. Taichung is in for some serious treats tomorrow night. Apparently there are going to be seranades and stripteases along with the usual HHHT madness. Joey Crack will be in the building also so expect it all to be documented. Taipeiers I would advise you to reach!!!


One of the people on that poster is leaving the island for good to go back to Toronto to run a record label with the other guys cousin. You’ll have to come down to Taichung to find out who that is. Its gonna be Sofa King special.

Light Lounge is the place

HHHT is the crew

Your presence is required

No your computer isn’t slow, Kanye is just a creative ass motherfucker!

See y’all tomorrow

**LEo37 BONUS**

Mos Def – Boogie Man (Unreleased track from Tru3 Magic) click flick.

Harmonic 313 (a.k.a. Mark Pritchard) Feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi – Battlestar (click flick.)

This one’s for Marcus.

Dr. Dre – Topless feat. Nas (T.I. spitting Dre’s vocals.) click flick.

This one’s for Cap.

Suite For Ma Dukes: Jam Session.

And this one’s for everyone.

MTV Cribs – Wu-Tang Clan (Circa ’98)



It seems as though Robert Carnes Jr has given the greatest producer of all time an early birthday present. But fear not, February 18th is Dr. Dre’s birthday and everyone will be celebrating by the end of this post. 

First off, I don’t throw around the GOAT label very much. Jay-Z GOAT MC. Outkast/Run DMC GOAT groups. The Roots GOAT band. Taipei City GOAT place to get stinky tofu. And there seems to be a consensus among my other HHHT crewmates that J. Dilla is some kind of GOAT. Now, I ain’t got nothin’ but love for Dilla…I loved his Pharcyde beats and a man that is in the hospital smackin out beats on the MPC is amazing. But my vote is the mighty mighty D.R. Here’s why:

Any man that can become a legend after wearing this shirt is doing something right. 

But seriously, Timbo is good…he’s got some jams, no doubt. Primo was amazing and still got it. Plus he rocks a mean live show. But as far as consistency, Dre takes it. The only blemish on his record is Aftermath presents and he did try to lie about it (my last album was the Chronic…no, it was the one where you were ballroom dancing in the video).

As a skaterat, I was all about F’ing the Police, especially because they used to chase us around (maybe it was because there was a nice spot to skate about a block from the police station). Even though I grooved to Straight Outta Compton, it wasn’t until 100 miles and runnin’ that I really started getting into NWA.

Still amazing. But since I was nearly East Coast (Warren, Ohio represent), I took Ice Cube’s side at the break up. Plus I love(d) that Bomb Squad sound. But when Efil4zaggiN came out, damn damn damn. That tape didn’t leave the deck of my buddies car for a long long time. A lot of what I know about girls (hotel rooms, head, how to get rid of dead hookers) comes from that. But what took that album to the next level was the production. Exhibit A:

Alwayz into Something

I’m still hearing things in that record that I’m just getting. But I do have a thing for that squelchy bassline. 

Then The Chronic


I remember getting that album around Christmas time my freshman year of college (92) and everyone playing it. I mean, I would walk around the dorms at Ohio State and at least one room per floor was jamming to that thing. What other album made hip-hop switch coasts? Brought a whole new style of hip-hop? And introduced a whole slew of new stars?

Dre Day Extended Remix

Did what’s his name get at you? Who?

_____________ (with mixable intro)

Just to continue with what I was saying earlier…The Chronic GOAT. There’s more than one GOAT, but it’s one of them.

Later on, Dre starts hanging with Cube again and releases natural born killer. I hit him with a brick and I’m dancin’. This video kills

Keep Your Heads Ringin’

And then you know this one but make sure you fast forward it to about 2.15. I promise you its worth it

The for a few years, Dre was gone. It seemed like he might never make it back. But in 2001, you know the deal

XXXplosive (8 bar intro for DJs)

Of course, everyone says he’s lost it again. All his songs are piano stabs and stale rappers. What I liked about Dre is that not only did he pick the superstars that everyone knew would be stars (S.N double O P, Em, 50), but he also brought in those cats that were real good but no one knew like DOC, MC Ren (with CL Smooth as two of the criminally underrated voices ever in hip-hop), Devin the Dude, the Game, Nate Dogg. This list could go on and on.

What I’m saying is that to be a legend. To be the GOAT, you have to have longevity. I don’t like the comparison of Dre and Quincy Jones because I think Dre will be much more relevant at 70 than Q is right now. Dre’s been involved in hip-hop for nearly as long as its been around. 30+ years and he’s still at the head of his class. Who else has that? Uncle L? C’mon now. Cube? Amerikka’s Most Leastfunnymovies.

It’s Dre Day. Doc, happy Birthday, my man. You’ve made years of my life much better. Thanks.

And until Detox comes around (whenever he’s ready cause who gets in the studio and rushes Dre?), I will be there ready to put down my hard earned coin for the man who is, and will always be the GOAT producer, Dr. Dre.

Until then, some freaky Still DRE crack hop mix that I dig

Don’t forget Taichung. You’re about to get it hard this Saturday at the light lounge

As album sales increasingly decline, it seems that official CD releases are following the trend as the next few weeks look barren at best.  All the while, online mixtape downloads seem to be doubling and tripling.  So, as not to combat the grain of the market, I give you a bunch of new DL’s for your listening pleasure.

First up, Jim Jones.

The Dipset Capo definitely knows how to market himself.  Every time he drops a ‘Ballin‘ or a ‘Pop Champagne’, he has the good sense to jump on a Ghostface or Kid Cudi joint and actually hold his own (yes…I said it).  And well, I still can’t tell you why I like him, or why anyone does….perhaps it’s one of those ‘Je ne sais quoi’s (or what Jim lovingly refers to as his[the most overused word in the world right now] swagger) or maybe it’s just time for Pigpen to succeed.  Anyways…here he is once more, this time with Hip-Hop’s Zach Morris, Asher Roth doing a remix of ‘I Love College’.

Asher Roth ft. Jim Jones – I Love College (Harlem Mix)

…Taipei’s Newest Imports

Haha…I still have NO idea how or why DJ Paul and Juicy J were in Taipei on NYE, but I heard they scared the bejeezus out of the crowd and rocked them pretty senseless.  So, hopefully that means more Three6Mafia in the clubs and less Flo Rida. YAAAAY!!!!

Here’re are a couple new tunes from the brains behind Crunk Music….

Three 6 Mafia – DAMN Feat. Project Pat
Three 6 Mafia – They Don’t Like That (Club)

New mixtape ish from Blacksmith Music.

This time Blacksmith CEO, Talib Kweli, long time collaborator, Res, and Toronto indie darling, Graph Nobel have combined to create Idle Worship. No word as to whether there will be an album or if this is just for fun, but here they are debuting over Busta’s ‘How we do it over here’ beat by Dr. Dre.

Idle Worship – Try It On (howwedoitoverhere)

Finally, if you’re like me, you were bombarded by on your myspace and facebook a few months back talking about a competition to be the next Loud signee.

Well, aside from my general reservations of online contests, I also figured there’d be no way I could be among the finalists strictly based on my lack of gangsterific content.  Well, I was wrong….they picked dope lyricists….only problem is that you had to be a semi-celebrity FIRST, to even be considered a finalist (or so it would seem).

Loud has released their contest mixtape featuring the likes of:

  • Jake One : Underground uber producer.  Has worked with everyone from Posdnuous to 50 Cent and had one of the best hip-hop albums of ’08.
  • Brother Ali : Atmosphere labelmate and underground champion
  • Eyedea : Another underground darling, although I think his DJ, DJ Abilities, outshines him like a sun to a candle.
  • Royce Da 5’9″:  You already know about him.

So yeah….check it out…it’s still a good collection of artists, just lacking in the contest department.


That’s it from me.

The crew will be centralized back in Taipei very soon, so expect more posts from the fellas in the next few weeks.


Well Folk,

I don’t know bout you…but from what I can tell, there are OODLES of people (including 80% of my entourage) just gettin outta bed from Wednesday night. So if you’re lucky/unlucky enough to fall into that category, here’s a bunch of music to veg out too.

First up we have the entire compiled Month of Madness by Roc-A-Fella’s version of Ghostface, Freeway.

If you’re not sure what this is, Freeway set out to write and record a track for everyday during the month of December (Kind of like a compressed version of Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weekly series that he did last year).  Anyways, as tedious as it may seem to go through 32 tracks (no matter WHO the artist is), there are definitely some dope verses and nasty beats on this.  Is it too much….perhaps….but a fun project nonetheless.  It’s like actually getting to see a rapper PRACTICE.  Hopefully this means his next album’ll be Bananas.

From the fine people at OnSmash & IllRoots….Click flick to DL.

  • 01. Month Of Madness (Produced by Phoenotes)
    02. Everlast (Produced by Blunt)
    03. Count On Free (Produced by Jake One)
    04. Look Around (Produced by Tryfe)
    05. Gonna Get Mines (Produced by Blunt)
    06. I’m Great (Produced by Tryfe)
    07. MindState Takeover (Produced by Cardiak)
    08. Blauh (Produced by Jake One)
    09. Together (Produced by Dilemma)
    10. Tell You Something (Produced by Erick Sermon)
    11. Movin’ Out (Produced by Phoenotes)
    12. Straight Madness (Produced by Cardiak)
    13. I Can Deal With It (Produced by Blunt)
    14. Really Rough Out Here (Produced by Blunt)
    15. Street Music (Produced by Blunt)
    16. Start Wildin’ (Produced by Erick Sermon)
    17. Doing Anthing (Produced by Dominic McFadden)
    18. Get It Started (Produced by The Alchemist)
    19. Rap Spitters (Produced by Don Cannon)
    20. Diesel (Produced by Needlz)
    21. Long Money (Produced by Sapp)
    22. Do It To Death (Produced by Tryfe)
    23. There You Go (Produced by Don Cannon)
    24. For The Better (feat. Neesh) (Produced by Blunt)
    25. As I Ever Been (feat. Hezekiah) (Produced by Oddisee)
    26. When I Die (feat. James Blunt) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz)
    27. I Wanna Be Free (Produced by Blunt)
    28. NP Finest (Produced by Cardiak)
    29. Bank Rollz (Produced by Don Cannon)
    30. Back For More (Produced by Cardiak)
    31. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over (Produced by Blunt)
    32. So Cold (feat. Klass) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz) (Bonus)

…And speaking of Crooked I and practicing….

For the past however many years (especially the past 2 or 3) there’s been a LOT of talk surrounding Dr. Dre’s version of Chinese Democracy, Detox.

Word is that the album features 50, Bishop Lamont, Em, a reunion with Snoop (the last one being Imagine off Snoop’s Blue Carpet Treatment with D’Angelo) and even collabs with DJ Quik (which excites me very much.) And well, as many of us wait to see if the good Dr. can return to the strength of Chronic 2001 (because, yes, no matter what’s happened since I am STILL a fan), here are some unofficial leaks from the album.

*Note none of these songs have Dr. Dre rapping on them, but they have his Verses (a.k.a. the Ghostwriter spitting).

Crack A Bottle Feat. Eminem – The 1st and 3rd verses are ‘Dr. Dre’ verses.

Say Dr. Dre (written by Crooked I) – This is a solo joint (sorry but I don’t have the mpfree for this one).

DJ Quik spillin his guts about Detox.

And finally, a 20 min interview with Dre’s current muse (outside of Em and Snoop of course) Bishop Lamont talking about the record, as well as dissing Game and all that other stuff you gossip folk love.

Click here for interview

Be well people. ’09 is lookin FAAAAANtastic.

Well sirs and madams,

As you digest your turkey, sleep off your egg nog and relax from that mistletoe, I have a few more goodies for your virtual stocking.

Courtesy of the boys over at illRoots, I have a very cool mixtape download by DJ Osk that combines West Coast funk with East Coast spit.

I give you….(click pic to Download)

As many of you know, the Lox are dope lyricists. This has been a constant for many years and with the recent barrage of Jadakiss mixtapes and Holiday Styles (P.) guest features (SEE HUMDRUM by The Roots feat. Mos & Styles) this statement has never been more accurate. However, the fact of the matter is, their ear for beats have left many of their lyrical gems inaudible because dammit….they pick some stinkers.

So although I’m not the biggest perpetuator of Dr. Andre Young M.D., I’m a strong supporter of this concept and hope they can aim for this same quality on their official releases (I really hope Jadakiss’ new album is good. I really really do.).


Once you’ve processed your way through that….some dope.

As my colleagues and loyal readers have come to know, I’m a Native Tongues, Soulquarian and Ummah head (as many North American Asians are for some reason…go figure…I guess we identify with the plight????!! **shrugs shoulders** ). And as I’ve been on my De La rampage for the last few months I thought I might ease up for a second and start giving you another side of my O.C.D. mental.

D’Angelo. Namely…Voodoo. (Yes, the album with the video with the nakedness) But more importantly, the album heralded by musicians worldwide (Specifically session cats and jazzers) as being one of the last great examples of a strong, brave, patient, soulful, highly musical, heavy, etc. etc. etc. record that Popular American Culture has allowed through it’s filter to the Masses blah blah blah (I’ll get off my milk crate now…)

Anyways….point is that it’s good, whether you want to approach it from an academic angle or not…and since 2000, I’ve dedicated (a minimum of) 3 months of every year to this record. And well, it’s begun…again. So stay tuned for the next few weeks for some little D’Nuggets for all my D’Heads. In the meantime…like I said…some dope.

D’Angelo channeling his inner James Brown/Prince.

GOLD is in 5 DAYS!
Get the word out NOW!
Happy Punching Day.

In case you’ve been living in Liberia for the past two days, the news reported the Disgraced Warlord/Failed Cowboy/Emperor Wanna-Be-in-Chief, George ‘G-Dub’ Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq to sign some fake documents and take pictures with the troops he sent for a senseless war. Calling this his Victory Tour is almost the same as when the Jacksons had their own Victory Tour, but without the really cool Pepsi cans that I know I have in some box somewhere. This is all blah blah blah news except for the fact that when giving a press conference with the Iraqi Prime Minister, a reporter sitting down, ripped his shoe off, screamed something about a good-bye kiss from the Iraqi people and then proceeded to throw one shoe after at Bush. To give credit where credit is due, your boy Dubya was pretty fast with it and ducked the shoe with the quickness. Afterwards Bush made some jokes about the dude loving Bobby Bland-I-know-you-got-sole type of things. It’s looking like some of Bush’s Secret Service guys are in trouble because they kind of got caught (*cough*) flatfooted.

I normally wouldn’t post this political BS on here, but it does have to do with shoes. There have been protests all over Iraq demanding they release their hero for doing what they couldn’t do. (In Iraq, throwing a shoe or showing someone the bottom of your foot is considered the ultimate insult.) Now, there is even a campaign trying to get one million people to protest Bush by mailing an old pair of shoes to the White House. I have to say, I love it. People are quick and creative.

And of course, the Innanet is going nuts. Check out all the gifs that have been poppin’ up in the last day.

I never knew Bush liked volleyball:


and saddam’s head:saddamthrowand of course since you are doing Bush, you’ve got to add the Stooges:


(Update) This just in, the shoes had writing on the bottom.

In Taiwan news, he didn’t throw a shoe, but a legislator, Chou Yi, who has been investigating the former president got his wig peeled back. For real. Hip-hop motherfunker. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if he didn’t go on TV last week and curse at a guy for accusing him of wearing a wig.

Imagine if world leaders decided to use hip-hop as their way to settle beef. Hell, with RUN DC soon in office, this may soon happen. Obama vs Raul Castro live televised freestyle cypher discussing the Cuban embargo. Winner gets to end it. The Israelis and the Palestinians will settle their land disputes with a free for all B-Boy Battle of the Year. Hell, you know I had to do it. Give Kim Jong-il and Hu Jing-Tao a month with Serato and see who can rock the party the best.


Isn’t it new music Tuesday?

How about some Dre and Kardi over the Set if Off beat that 50 is going nowhere with?

Number One–Jamie Foxx w/ Wayne (and a Beastie sample)-when this drops I’m like dammmmnnnnnnn

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