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It seems as though Robert Carnes Jr has given the greatest producer of all time an early birthday present. But fear not, February 18th is Dr. Dre’s birthday and everyone will be celebrating by the end of this post. 

First off, I don’t throw around the GOAT label very much. Jay-Z GOAT MC. Outkast/Run DMC GOAT groups. The Roots GOAT band. Taipei City GOAT place to get stinky tofu. And there seems to be a consensus among my other HHHT crewmates that J. Dilla is some kind of GOAT. Now, I ain’t got nothin’ but love for Dilla…I loved his Pharcyde beats and a man that is in the hospital smackin out beats on the MPC is amazing. But my vote is the mighty mighty D.R. Here’s why:

Any man that can become a legend after wearing this shirt is doing something right. 

But seriously, Timbo is good…he’s got some jams, no doubt. Primo was amazing and still got it. Plus he rocks a mean live show. But as far as consistency, Dre takes it. The only blemish on his record is Aftermath presents and he did try to lie about it (my last album was the Chronic…no, it was the one where you were ballroom dancing in the video).

As a skaterat, I was all about F’ing the Police, especially because they used to chase us around (maybe it was because there was a nice spot to skate about a block from the police station). Even though I grooved to Straight Outta Compton, it wasn’t until 100 miles and runnin’ that I really started getting into NWA.

Still amazing. But since I was nearly East Coast (Warren, Ohio represent), I took Ice Cube’s side at the break up. Plus I love(d) that Bomb Squad sound. But when Efil4zaggiN came out, damn damn damn. That tape didn’t leave the deck of my buddies car for a long long time. A lot of what I know about girls (hotel rooms, head, how to get rid of dead hookers) comes from that. But what took that album to the next level was the production. Exhibit A:

Alwayz into Something

I’m still hearing things in that record that I’m just getting. But I do have a thing for that squelchy bassline. 

Then The Chronic


I remember getting that album around Christmas time my freshman year of college (92) and everyone playing it. I mean, I would walk around the dorms at Ohio State and at least one room per floor was jamming to that thing. What other album made hip-hop switch coasts? Brought a whole new style of hip-hop? And introduced a whole slew of new stars?

Dre Day Extended Remix

Did what’s his name get at you? Who?

_____________ (with mixable intro)

Just to continue with what I was saying earlier…The Chronic GOAT. There’s more than one GOAT, but it’s one of them.

Later on, Dre starts hanging with Cube again and releases natural born killer. I hit him with a brick and I’m dancin’. This video kills

Keep Your Heads Ringin’

And then you know this one but make sure you fast forward it to about 2.15. I promise you its worth it

The for a few years, Dre was gone. It seemed like he might never make it back. But in 2001, you know the deal

XXXplosive (8 bar intro for DJs)

Of course, everyone says he’s lost it again. All his songs are piano stabs and stale rappers. What I liked about Dre is that not only did he pick the superstars that everyone knew would be stars (S.N double O P, Em, 50), but he also brought in those cats that were real good but no one knew like DOC, MC Ren (with CL Smooth as two of the criminally underrated voices ever in hip-hop), Devin the Dude, the Game, Nate Dogg. This list could go on and on.

What I’m saying is that to be a legend. To be the GOAT, you have to have longevity. I don’t like the comparison of Dre and Quincy Jones because I think Dre will be much more relevant at 70 than Q is right now. Dre’s been involved in hip-hop for nearly as long as its been around. 30+ years and he’s still at the head of his class. Who else has that? Uncle L? C’mon now. Cube? Amerikka’s Most Leastfunnymovies.

It’s Dre Day. Doc, happy Birthday, my man. You’ve made years of my life much better. Thanks.

And until Detox comes around (whenever he’s ready cause who gets in the studio and rushes Dre?), I will be there ready to put down my hard earned coin for the man who is, and will always be the GOAT producer, Dr. Dre.

Until then, some freaky Still DRE crack hop mix that I dig

Don’t forget Taichung. You’re about to get it hard this Saturday at the light lounge

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