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HHHThird Coasters,

Some content from the most dominant coast of the past decade.


The unmastered version of this tune by the Southern Girl leaked a few weeks ago and well, I wasn’t really feelin it so I didn’t put it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Erykah and Bilal and generally, I’m also into Wayne‘s features more than his actual tracks.  But with that said, this is easily one of the most phoned in, useless verses he’s ever pressed record on and for that I passed on it.  However, now with the release of the mastered version and giving it more time, the track itself is pretty good.  Wayne still sounds like ass to me though – and don’t give me that ‘he’s trying something different’ shit,  there’s a thin line between exploring genius and creating doo doo garbage and on this one, he’s chosen the latter.  Either way, take a listen and lemme know what you think.




This might be the first time Devin’s ever made an appearance on HHHT.  Welcome.

The Snoop Dogg of the south, singlehandedly responsible for a genre in hip-hop that is completely his own, has a new record coming out called (surprise surprise) the 4:20 Suite and well, the blogosphere has been blessed with a new joint.  If you’re a Devin fan, it ain’t nuttin new.  But if you aren’t, get some Dude in your life.



You missed Luda?  Me too.

Don’t get me wrong, his last album had some joints.  And trust me, I appreciate when artists expand and grow.  In fact, if he hadn’t done some of the more thoughtful, mature records he did on the last two albums I would’ve written him off as a one trick pony and left it at that.  However, there’s one thing Luda has always excelled at and that’s stripper/fight music.  And with his upcoming record, Battle of the Sexes set to drop ASAP, everything I’ve heard off it is definitely club worthy and for that I’m grateful.  Not cause I wanted him to revert back to sell records, but cause dammit, the mainstream’s missing some serious spitters and Luda’s presence would be a welcome one.

With a little help from an NY vet and a DTP rep:


Those’re my Southern goodies for the day.

Go get it folk.


HHHTurn it UP,

A little something for the soul today.


She’s baaaack.

The outspoken and lovely Mrs. Electronica is gearing up for her follow up to New Amerykah Pt. 1 (which was a truly fantastic album btw) and has just dropped the first official single entitled Window Seat.  My hope is that this album will be as fire as the last and knowing Ms. Badu, those hopes are pretty reasonable.  What you think?



As it was just the anniversary of Dilla‘s passing, and seeing as how tomorrow is his birthday, I thought it’d be fitting to post at least one more thing before Dilla week wraps up for another year.

I give you easily one of the best mixtapes I’ve ever heard.  Dilla’s friend and long time collaborator, Busta Rhymes put this out shortly after his passing and it is just wall to wall bangers.  Stuff for the soul.  Stuff for the clubs.  And everything else in between.  Soak it in cause it’s gonna get taken down soon.


Enjoy it folk.




As of late I’ve mostly been offering you goodies from established artists and people you’re generally familiar with.  Cats who’ve already put in their work and now have the luxury of having fans who actually pay attention whenever their name pops up.

Well, with ’09 on its death bed and the genesis of a new year upon us, I figured, let’s hang with some newer cats today.   And even though these guys aren’t technically the newest, most unheard of bunch, they’re still working hard to have their cult followings blow up to the masses.


No, the above title heading isn’t my prediction but in fact the name of the new record from Detroit’s torchbearer of production since the late great Dilla‘s passing, Black Milk.

As this is his 4th official drop (and like nth if you count mixtapes and what not) it’s odd for me to call Milk a new schooler just because he’s still relatively unknown to the masses.  Everyone in the scene knows him and is quite familiar with his hard edged boom bap and pocket cadences, and homie’s been doing his thing for quite some time now.  However, because of where he’s at and what he’s accomplished, general media still consider him part of this class and well, I guess it’s better than going the route of has-been.  Anyway, from what I’m told, Milk’s swinging for the fences this year and I’ll be the first to admit I have a personal stake in seeing Detroit cats win.  So, here’s my nudge for Milk to get his this year.



It seems like if you throw Jay (or J-)in your name, success is inevitable.

Jay Dee (Dilla not Dupri), Jay-Z, J-Rocc, J.J. Fad, J-Kwon…okay, so maybe not everyone who throws it in there, but there seem to be enough.  Now to add to the list, the South’s first internationally known true-blue lyricist since ’93’s inauguration of a young Antwan Patton and Andre Benjamin, Jay Electronica.

Nas approved, Mos Def affiliated and Erykah Badu loved, in his short time in the business, the new Jay on the block has accomplished an incredible amount and shows absolutely no signs of slowing for the new year.  If you’ve never heard him, just imagine Mos Def and DOOM‘s lovechild.  Or better yet, why don’t you just take a listen for yourself.   Courtesy of Jay and another blockbuster of a close affiliate in Just Blaze, I give you that new new.



Truck North.

This Roots affiliate, like many of the others (Malik B., Dice Raw, etc.), gets under appreciated for his work.  I’m not trying to claim that he’s the hottest thing out, but he’s quite good at what he does and if you’re ever searchin for  some good ol’ fashioned gettin it in type raps, he’s always worth checking.

Cut from the Roots ‘Sandwiches EP’, Truck brings you a minute of that raw ish.  I like it beaucoup.


And that’s the news.

Tomorrow’s NYE!  Get it in.




Out of 365 days, the 359th has earned a rep similar to that of Kanye West in that you generally either love it or hate it.  The combination of family gatherings, old friends coming home, turkey dinners, caroling, decorating trees, snow and capitalism working at full capacity tends to make you choose sides.  Myself, much like my opinion on Kanye West (and this completely dumps on my first sentence), I’m on a fence-sitting tip.  Where as I’m more than enamored with the thought of an unrelenting amount of food, my bank account barely survives my week to week gig let alone a day where I’m supposed to buy more than a dozen people heartfelt gifts.

So with that being said, J-Smooth just released his own Holiday Vlog taking my thoughts and well, relaying it way better than I ever could.

And of course, what would the holidays be without a few gifts.


If the first single didn’t already get you absolutely buckwild excited for this, here’s a little help.

Off the upcoming Reflection Eternal record, Kwe and Hi-Tek drop this extra dope posse cut just in time for the holidays.  Enlisting the help of Jigga approved J. Cole, Badu’s new baby daddy Jay Electronica, and as always, the Mighty Mos Def here’s somethin to keep you warm as the Weather gets Lil’ Jon.



A double dose from the dynamic duo.  I’m lookin forward to the new record.

Here’s the record: J*DAVEY – BOUDOIR SYNEMA

That’s the day.

Go out and get whatever you need.  It’s Yours.


HHHThree in the mornin’,

Apologies for the lack of updates.  I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of promo for my upcoming TOUR (15 cities cross Canada! Come see us!!!) and haven’t really had time to keep you up with all the happenings of recent.

Well, in the past little bit, I’ve seen such an incredible slew of videos (good, bad and WTF?!) that I thought I’d just post a few of’em each day for the next little while until I get some time to really pump some ish out.  Those who’re regular on the blog circuit might notice that some of these are a few weeks old but for those who haven’t, enjoy.

The Good

The Roots – How I Got Over (sorry wasn’t able to embed.  Twitvid is being a b.i.  Click pic)

The Bad (as in M.J. Bad)

Jay-Z  – D.O.A.


Hurricane Chris – Halle Berry (Live for the Louisiana House of Representatives)

And as a BONUS MPFREE, some new Sa-Ra featuring the lovely miss Erykah Badu. – click pic.

Be well world.



Undoubtedly you’ve been bombarded by a touch too much M.J. news for the past week and I know for some of you, it’s become far too overwhelming.

I can sympathize.  I really can.

So, because of that, I kindly ask you to please bare with me as I get this last little bit of M.J. off my chest before I return to being the self-righteous blowhard of a blogger I’ve slowly come to be.

In commemoration of M.J., I’ve compiled the best remixes, tributes and covers that have surfaced this past week, all into one convenient post.  These all helped me to smile, appreciate and move on and I hope they provide you these same sentiments.

In no particular order:

Michael Jackson – HIStory (J Dilla Remix)

Erykah Badu & The Roots – I Wanna Be Where You Are

Erykah Badu & The Roots (Feat. ?uestlove on Vocals) – Billie Jean

Peanut Butter Wolf – Michael Jackson VJ Tribute – Part 1

Stevie Wonder – Michael Jackson Tribute

DJ Premier – Michael Jackson Tribute Mix

We’ll be back to the regular next post.  But for now, bask one more time in the glory known as Michael Jackson.

Be well world.


As New Year’s Part 2 prepares for its grand entrance into the world (a.k.a. The Ox Strikes Back) and I watch the island formerly known as Formosa scramble around frantically throwing up good fortune banners, tossing out a years worth of whose-it’s and whatchamacallits and loading up Red Envelopes for the future Ah-Bien’s of the world, I realized that perhaps this is my opportunity to provide the loyal HHHT readers with their very own Red Envelope (also, the majority of the crew will be out of commission for the next few days, and this is in case the remainees want a break).

For the Funky:

The minds behind my favorite album of ’05 and hopefully one of my favorite albums of ’09, I give you: The Platinum Pied Pipers – Abundance: Official Mixtape

This is the pre-cursor to their  just-released Sophomore set, (also named) Abundance.  And if you’re like me and waiting on your next cheque to clear before you get that record, here’s some dope to tide you over.

Click flick for DL

For the New Heads:

As I had proclaimed weeks ago, I’m a fan of Charles Hamilton.  And well, while he doesn’t knock everything out of the park, it’s nice to see a kid who actually knows his ledge and respects his craft back in the public eye.  So for those who still aren’t on Interscope’s next golden boy (yes it’s been confirmed, he HAS recorded a new song with Marshall Mathers) The Best of the Hamiltonization Process

Click flick for DL

For the Old Heads:

X-Man/X-Ecutioner Rob Swift is back with a new sampler from his homage to the B-Boy Movement of the ’70’s:  Dust to Dust.  I’m just glad to see the man still kickin it.

Click flick for DL

And Finally…

For the Sexy:

Devil’s Pie: Erykah vs. Jill – need I say more?

Click flick for DL

Happy New Year everyone.

Be well this weekend.


p.s. – Marcus is in Kaohsiung at the Pig & Whistle tonight…9:30-11:30 free drinks for all Facebook members!!!!

As in 2 days left!! Im gonna take a bite out of Triple’s steez here for the ladies. Seeing as how we have 2 days left ’til HHHT Vol.2 Backroom madness @ Deep Passion this Friday, just in case you don’t know. Its only fitting that you get blessed with a couple (times 2) great duets.

First off we’re going back to the classics, Marvin Gaye featuring Tammi Terrell. With ‘Your all I need to get by’

Now if your digging the song, I got it for your ipod or iphone right here

As a bonus, Im sure most of you are more familiar with the Method Man & Mary J version of this song. When this came out a bunch of dudes starting calling their girls ‘Shorty’ and ‘Boo’. Meth’s swag is pretty mean in this video too. I’m sure it inspired some thug ambitions in many a young rider at the time.

Need it for the ipod. Here ya go

On to other inspirational things. When D’angelo (pronounced Dee-Angelo, for those who don’t know) first dropped. His album definitely inspired the R&B thug in most of us. A dude with corn rows singing all pretty and shit?!! Yeah word. His first album Brown Sugar is great and his 2nd LP ‘Voodoo’ produced by the Soulquarians has glimpses of genius on it. It was also the last album he released before getting fat and going a little crazy.

Anyways D’ang tapped DJ Premier for a remix for his ode to the fairer sex. Here’s the vid featuring AZ on the mic and a few beautiful ladies for eye candy. Joi (Big Gipp from Goodie Mob’s wife), Faith Evans (Biggie’s ex) and Erykah Badu when she had just jumped on the scene and was with Andre 3000, before moving on to Common and now she’s with Jay Electronica. She definitely got some magic between her thighs!!!

Track here

Its hard to only post 2 duets, but while on the topic of D’angelo duets, here is one that he did on the classic Lauryn Hill album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’


Nothing Even Matters

2 days left til the party. Tell a friend!!



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