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M. O’Realious

Top O the morning to ya.

When you’re the rowdy white guy in the crew, then you like House of Pain because they are those rowdy white guys. Of course, everyone knows Jump Around (and remember them dissing Kriss Kross for having a song with the same name out at the time), but I’m going to hit you with a few lesser-know House of Pain/Everlast videos because they were dope and a bit underrated.

On Point (Groove Merchant Mix)

Everlast-What it’s Like

For a guy who’s lyrics were God-awful at times (see below), Everlast comes with it on the middle of this song. Still my jam and I play it frequently if I’m playing an early slot

And a few MPFrees:

House and the Rising Sun (Big shout out to Sun Doobie, but maybe that will get his own post)

Boom ShaLock Lock Boom (Shamrocks and Shenanigans) Butch Vig Mix–When this came out, I was kicking headlights out to that beat all the time. The beat switches in it rock

And as a bonus:

Top 5 Too White things House of Pain says on Fine Malt Lyrics

5. If you try to take it/I’ve got a big shalale/I don’t have dreads cause I shave my head daily (Top O the Morning to Ya)

4. I’m a wood peckin peckerwood/take me out you never could/act up in my neighborhood?/better not my name is good (House of Pain Anthem)

3. I kicks the flavor/like Steven King writes horror/If I was a Jew/then I’d light a menorah (Shamrocks and Shenanigans)

2. You see I’m Irish/but I’m not a leprechaun/You wanna fight/Then step and we’ll get it on/You get a right to the grill/I’m white and I’m ill/descendant of Dublin with Titanic skill (Top of the Mornin to Ya)

1. Peckerwood peckerwood/tell me a tale/please do explain why your skin’s so pale/and your so funky/how can that be?/like  a bird in the tree/on the t-o-p (Danny Boy Danny Boy)

Copa Tonight. Kiss them they are Krunk. Do it


HHHT weekend coming up. Dirty South look out

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