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Those 3 letters have been the utter joy to kids everywhere for years and years. However the 3 letters now have a new meaning. Peter, Bjorn and John. The 3 names that just might be your favorite band this year. They already came out with the infectious ‘Young Folks’. A catchy tune, that was really easy to whistle along to. In case you need a refresher or have never heard the song or seen the video, here ya go.

PB&J – Young Folks

This is their new song and video. I came across this on the weekend. The song and video are both pretty awesome. Nippon!

PB&J – Nothing to worry about

This is an older song from the Trio. Sticking to the same formula. Catchy beat, easy to hum at work.
PB&J – Lets Call It Off

For those who haven’t downloaded the Drake ‘So Far Gone’ Mixtape yet (stop fucking around, click this shit), here’s a little taste of what he’s cooking, he took the PB&J beat and added something special to it.
Drake feat. PB&J – Lets Call It Off

Their album drops worldwide on March 30th, March 31st in the US.
Check up on it

HHHT6 pics coming sooner than later. Im not gonna tell you how ill it was, just check the pics for evidence.

Peoples. Taichung is in for some serious treats tomorrow night. Apparently there are going to be seranades and stripteases along with the usual HHHT madness. Joey Crack will be in the building also so expect it all to be documented. Taipeiers I would advise you to reach!!!


One of the people on that poster is leaving the island for good to go back to Toronto to run a record label with the other guys cousin. You’ll have to come down to Taichung to find out who that is. Its gonna be Sofa King special.

Light Lounge is the place

HHHT is the crew

Your presence is required

No your computer isn’t slow, Kanye is just a creative ass motherfucker!

See y’all tomorrow

**LEo37 BONUS**

Mos Def – Boogie Man (Unreleased track from Tru3 Magic) click flick.

Harmonic 313 (a.k.a. Mark Pritchard) Feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi – Battlestar (click flick.)

This one’s for Marcus.

Dr. Dre – Topless feat. Nas (T.I. spitting Dre’s vocals.) click flick.

This one’s for Cap.

Suite For Ma Dukes: Jam Session.

And this one’s for everyone.

MTV Cribs – Wu-Tang Clan (Circa ’98)

Because its Monday and your alive and kicking, living on an island in the Pacific Ocean or a cold city in a burgeoning metropolis, either way, just smile. I miss Dilla, like how you miss a good friend that can always make you smile, like how you miss your moms home cooking, like how you miss being a kid and the freedom that came with that time in your life. If you dont know about J-Dilla, he’s your favorite rappers, favorite producer. Anyways, Dilla dawg RIP. I’ll be holding a personal tribute in my ipod all week.

On to the things that make Mondays Manic.

McNasty Filth – Jaylib feat Frank N Dank
I had the pleasure of kicking it with Frank in Taiwan. He came out here shortly after Dilla died with DJ Dopey to play Spring Scream and a couple dates in Taipei. Frank grew up with Dilla and shared some great Dilla moments with us on the 6 hour bus ride down to Kenting. That ride never went by so fast. Wow. Shouts to Frank N Dank.

I remember reading an article with Just Blaze where he was talking about how Dilla did things in the studio that amazed him. When you can make a producer as ill as Just Blaze go ‘how did you make THAT sound??!!’ I think your doing something right.Blaze was talking about this song, its like Radiohead meets Rap.

Nothing Like This

This one I just like, im a bit of a headphone nerd. For all my ipod kids. Turn this one up, it will rattle your brain a little bit and sounds good loud.

MED feat Dilla – Push

This one came out just after he died. His brother Illa J is spitting Jay’s raps in this video. Brotherly love. Its a pretty beat too.

Wont Do

We do it all for the love.

HHHT 6 February 21st Taichung.



…and because my landlady woke me up with a smile to allow some men into my bathroom with a jackhammer….im smiling to keep myself from committing some vicious crimes.


I know we go on about Weezy here sometimes, but this interview is good. Just for that quote alone. Peep your mans Lil Wayne getting intimate with Katie Couric about Katrina, his childhood, music, role models and bowling.
Just re-upped the link, better quality & full interview.

HHHT6 February 21.
Dilla Massive Tomorrow.
More Treats soon come.

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