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Peace fam, quick hit coming at ya. Im about to take in this new Reflection Eternal LP which dropped today. I got a hold of a new track this weekend. This one is called ‘Ends’ featuring Bilal. Click here for download.

The Megatron Don Just Blaze is finishing his European ‘SoundClash’ Tour with The Alchemist. I’ve seen some footage and its a dope show. Blaze and the Chemist going back and forth, beat for beat. JB is playing Fortune Sound in Vancouver this weekend. Should be quite a dope show.

Here’s some vid of Justin speaking about Blogs and Labels.

Here Just Blaze speaks about the death of the Remix.

Thats all for now.


Not many more sleeps left.

Whatcha think?



Out of 365 days, the 359th has earned a rep similar to that of Kanye West in that you generally either love it or hate it.  The combination of family gatherings, old friends coming home, turkey dinners, caroling, decorating trees, snow and capitalism working at full capacity tends to make you choose sides.  Myself, much like my opinion on Kanye West (and this completely dumps on my first sentence), I’m on a fence-sitting tip.  Where as I’m more than enamored with the thought of an unrelenting amount of food, my bank account barely survives my week to week gig let alone a day where I’m supposed to buy more than a dozen people heartfelt gifts.

So with that being said, J-Smooth just released his own Holiday Vlog taking my thoughts and well, relaying it way better than I ever could.

And of course, what would the holidays be without a few gifts.


If the first single didn’t already get you absolutely buckwild excited for this, here’s a little help.

Off the upcoming Reflection Eternal record, Kwe and Hi-Tek drop this extra dope posse cut just in time for the holidays.  Enlisting the help of Jigga approved J. Cole, Badu’s new baby daddy Jay Electronica, and as always, the Mighty Mos Def here’s somethin to keep you warm as the Weather gets Lil’ Jon.



A double dose from the dynamic duo.  I’m lookin forward to the new record.

Here’s the record: J*DAVEY – BOUDOIR SYNEMA

That’s the day.

Go out and get whatever you need.  It’s Yours.



I’ve been away.

Well actually…I still am.

And unfortunately, because of this, I haven’t been able to offer the crew the support they so readily deserve with their hectic schedules (see: Waakao,  Soul Food Fridays @ PS Underground, Shuffle Wednesdays @ Copa and anything that has HHHT on it).

So, as of today, after a 2 month hiatus, I’m back like Demond Wilson and ready to get it in.

First up how bout Jigga doin Diddy (ayo/no homo/pause/whatever they’re sayin nowadays).

As you all know, Diddy has a thing for wanting to make hit records.  And him being the intelligent business man that he is, knows that he can’t write a rap for shit.  Soooo….why not just spend that business man money and get a business….maaan!  A Jay-Z & Diddy tune that apparently is ghostwritten for Diddy, but the scratch vocals have Jay referencing Jay, so I’m confused.  Anyway, check it…

JAY-Z (or Diddy?) – MAYBE (snippet)

Next up, Camp Lo.

I love’em.  Absolutely.

I hate the word Swagger.  I really do.

Sure there are a few dope tunes fashioned around this word, but as an overall, its been misappropriated and as a result…teabag.   HOWEVER, if anyone completely and wholeheartedly embodies the word swagger, it’s the Geechie Gracious and Sonny Cheeba. No question.

New ish.


And finally (for MPFrees), the official return of Reflection Eternal. (YAAAAAAY!!!) I know this vid was released last month but I just got my hands on the CDQ MPFree so for you, I give you a double sided goodie like Motown 45’s.

Reflection Eternal – Back Again

Quick question.  Like Wax?  Got an iPod touch? (this is ridiculous…hit up the video — sorry don’t know how to embed Vimeo yet.  Cap? Marcus?)

Soul Food Friday’s tonight folk.  Get’em Cappy.

Word up Taiwan.
Be well world.
See you soon.


I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with Talib Kweli.

It all began when I heard his contributions to the first 2 parts of Rawkus’ Soundbombing series (Chaos, 2000 Seasons, etc.)  Wow.   A content-heavy, cause-driven lyricist who picked soulful beats and spoke of injustice and equality while still managing some  ‘Wack Emcee’ slags in the process?  Beauty.

**sidenote, I was 5 during the Chuck D’s, X-Clan’s and NWA’s so don’t look at me like that.  I’ve diligently done my history since.**

So I followed him to Black Star.

Now, to go along with his classic songs, a classic album.  K.O.S. (Determination) and Thieves in the Night were my motivational, ‘Real Hip-Hop’ songs of ’98 and should probably be exposed to all teenagers trying to find themselves.  I bled those songs.  Every last syllable.

After a year or so of absorption, I find out him and Mos were going solo.  Worried, I still copped the solo joint on release –  Reflection Eternal: Train of Thought changed my life (Actually…all of the year 2000 did, but that’s another post). One of the most complete and holistic expressions of art to come out in the past 20 years.  Not to mention, classic appearances from Mos, De La, Kool G Rap and Hi-Tek absolutely molesting a Nina Simone sample at the end…it’s just so nutty.

Anyway…longer story less long,  next came, Quality which was dope, but not life changing (although Get By and Won’t You Stay will always and forever be classic songs).  And then we got Beautiful Struggle, which was like Quality but with cheaper production and less poignant writing and that Sucka Free Mixtape, which was worth all of 3 songs.  At that point, I was off Kweli.

In ’07 he came back with Eardrum.  And although resistant, die hard fans were telling me he was BACK!  So after a few months of holding off, I gave in.  It’s decent.  Sure the album’s about 10 songs too long, but the other 10 are Dope.  And that along with guesting on tracks with Hi-Tek, Sa-Ra, Dilla, UGK and others, it seemed like Kwe was workin on a return to his old form.

The point I’m tryin to make is this, if you were like me, and haven’t listened to any Kweli lately, check it out…you might be surprised.

Here’s some new new.

For the backpacks – Reflection Eternal feat. Bootsy Collins – Internet Connection

For the clubsIdle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res & Graph Nobel) – Girls on the Dance Floor (Remix)

Have a dope weekend folks.


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