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biggie-pic3Honestly, is there some hair stuck in the pipes of the Innanet today? Cause since about 9:00 AM I’ve been trying to download this biggie mixtape to no avail. Also, a 10 minute YouTube Video only took an hour to load. Fun. Fun. Fun. So, BIG. You are the man and you will always be one of the faces on Mount Rapmore no matter else who comes along. RIP.

Let me start off by saying I’m sorry for the lack of posts. Recently, as the Roots say, things have been falling apart. My scooter has been acting like I only paid $7,000 for her six months ago. My computer decided to die right before I had to go to KHH so I had to cancel a show down there (sorry Max), and buy a whole new computer. This takes a lot of time and money. But I should be back up and running by this weekend.

But the sun was shining this morning. The rain had finally stopped. and I got to hear some new/old Nas. A remake of If I ruled the world. I was worried because a lot of times the Smirnoff Signature Series has been bastardizing some classics like the 2008 remix of Com Sense’s The Light, but this…yeah…this is what I want to hear. And you will, too.


If you remember a couple week’s back, I was talking about Twitter and it’s usefullness. Now, I’ve gotten the hang of it a bit and I’ll give you my opinion. It’s interesting to know things first. Like real first. A couple of weeks ago, there was a car chase in LA with a guy with a Bently and everyone on twitter was saying it was DJ Kalid. The dude then suicided right on TV. Finally, people realized it wasn’t him, but I checked all the local news channels and nothing. The next day, it was mentioned a tiny bit. That’s all. So it’s interesting in that way. If you have a lot of friends and a blackberry or iPhone then it’s free text messaging. Anyway, some of the crew are on ther. It’s gonna be real popular in about six months. So get in now at the ground floor.

Follow the high tops crew:


Cap One

and our fellas on the other side of the water, PFP House

There aren’t that many people in Taiwan on so join now. Cause you need more reason to kill time on the computer each day!

And finally, because of Twitter, I got to see Kayne West’s Storytellers concert. Anyone who doesn’t like Kayne (J-Dog, I’m talking to you) or the 808s album, just give him an hour of your time. So Amazin It’s Amazing. And big up to Cap playing Robocop somewhere the other night. Yeah.

I couldn’t figure out the way to embed the new video players, so just go to miss info and watch it here

and one more. who knew that when I was searching for Coogi sweaters, they would be updating that shiiiiiieeeee like this>>>>>>>>>Whoa!

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