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My life for the past month has been completely and unrelentingly submerged in music.  Blogging, writing, recording, release dates, tour dates, etc.  And as much delight as this would generally bring me, with all the happenings in the world right now, I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who don’t do what I do and keep me in the loop.

Well, today…I’m gonna go watch a news program/read a newspaper/visit a news site and gather the information directly.  And if you haven’t in awhile, you should too.

Anyways…that’s my P.S.A. for the day.

One more for Chris Brown…

…and on with the music.

J. Period – Tribute to Q-Tip: The [Abstract] Best

I’ve been hearing little clips from this for awhile now, but it’s finally out and I like it plenty.  J.Period has compiled into this one little mixtape not only some of Q-Tip‘s most classic verses and tracks but he also includes a gangload of surprises like De La redoing Tribe’s Excursions, as well as Consequence and Kid Cudi doin their own Buggin’ Out.  This is goodness right here.

(49 TRACKS! – click flick)

And since we’re at 49…how bout 1 more track to bring it to a nice round 50.

El Da Sensei (REMEMBER HIM!!???) gettin his Golden Age posse cut on with Mike Zoot and one of the most underrated, style breaking groups of all-time…Organized Konfusion (Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch).

El Da Sensei feat. Organized Konfusion & Mike Zoot – Frontline (click flick)

CAP’s at Copa tomorrow.

Marcus’ in Kaohsiung (Roof Park) Saturday.

HHHT….we got you covered.


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