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Drake’s New Video for ‘Find Your Love, Filmed in Yard (Jamaica).

New Busta too

Stop the Party produced by Swizz Beats



Thanks to the inter-web for new music leaks. A couple came through this morning from what are highly anticipated summer releases. New Em (produced by Boi-1da) and new Drake (produced by Kanye West).

Judge for yourselves.

Download Drake here

Download Em here.

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HHHTwin Bliss,

Today it’s about quantity as much as it is about quality (I think).

Double the artists with double the tunes?  Get live.


The debut of God’s Son and Bob’s Son on HHHT.  The first song I heard from these two left me really unexcited.   However this one?  Much more excited now.

Off the upcoming ‘Distant Relatives’:



The man who revolutionized the instrumental game teams up with the man who redefined what an online relationship could be to bring you this smoothed out ditty.

The Colossus is shaping up to be nicety nice.



Slaughterhouse is dope.  That’s my word.  From rivals to teammates, 1/2 of the Neo-Horsemen are back and they absolutely mangle this.

Do you have a rocket launcher?

JOE BUDDEN Feat. ROYCE DA 5’9″ – 40/40


Strictly from a Hip-Hop perspective, 9th Wonder might have the most diverse clientele list in the game.  With a catalogue that ranges from Murs to Jay-Z, Ludacris to Little Brother, De La to M.O.P., there’s no question 9th has accomplished a lot in his short time in the game.

Now, with a new team up with Mississippi General, David Banner, he continues his quest to produce for everyone in hip-hop.



Not much to say other than Kanye with his British muse.  I’m still undecided about Mr. Hudson but this tune’s alright.



Finally, I don’t know who Sene is but he sounds good, and Von Pea‘s a damn beast.   Enjoy.


Get ta downloadin folk!

3 Days to Taipei.

Be ease.


HHHTake U To Da Movies,

After an absolutely amazing night out in Taipei with these fellas, I’m spent.  Like, I’m talkin ‘2 notches away from braindead’ spent.  So, in lieu of said circumstances, I bring you Movie Day here at HHHT.




And finally, some G.O.O.D. music treats for your lazy Sunday.



I’m gonna go watch the Tyson documentary again.

Enjoy the day.


HHHThat’s my homie,

No matter what anyone tells you, we live in a world based almost entirely on co-signs.

Whether you’re looking for a job at a grocery store, shopping for a record deal, or getting into the mob, someone needs to vouch for you.  Someone always needs to be there co-signing you as you try and claw your way up the elevator shaft to the Penthouse.  And although it’s unfortunate, it’s life as we know it and it’s something we have to learn to work like any other tool or utensil.

So today, I’d like to demonstrate the power of the co-sign.


Toronto-based vocalist Ayah has come up quick in her time.   At the eager age of 22, she has already started to create waves through Canada with a string of mixtapes and guestspots that have garnered her a budding and loyal following.  However, despite her smooth voice and well intentioned collaborations, nothing has been more important to her growth in Canada than her success in the Southern half of North America.

Having caught the ear of Touch of Jazz founder, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, her brand new album, 4:15 is now not only completely executive produced by the Hip-Hop Icon, but also the launching pad from which she is poised to do some serious damage for the home team.

Here’s the first single entitled ‘In my Lifetime’.



Okay, so truthfully, neither of these dudes need co-signs.  Both are supremely talented, have cred and co-signs coming out the A, and are arguably in the all-time TOP 5.  That being said, it’s always cool to get your hip-hop nerd on and see a genuine co-signing moment.

Brought to you by the same people who gave you the Def & DOOM footage, I give you the Mighty Mos Def and the incomparable Black Thought.


This last example of co-signage is one I hold close to my heart.

As some of you may or may not know, I’m the head of the Music Division over at PPF House as well as an artist on the Toronto-based independent label.  We’ve technically been around for 10 years but I didn’t really start contributing until about the Winter of 2004 and our Music Division was only recently launched this past February.  Before then, it was held together by the work of two brothers, Tim and Howie Shia. Both established artists in their own fields (Audio and Visual respectively), if one were to compile a list of (what would be considered MAJOR) accolades from these two, they would have something comparable to one of those new compact phone books they’ve been sending out.

Well now, to add to that phonebook (you can check out more from that list by clicking the image above) Howie, who just recently finished doing a video for Mush Recording Artist, Deru (of Avatar fame — the cartoon not the James Cameron film) recently caught the eye of none other than the Louis Vutton Don himself, Kanye West. And although it was just a blog, I appreciate the love cause based off recent events, it would seem that Mr. West is quite passionate about his videos.

Anyway, here’s the flick:


I’m losing my mind.  This is gonna be RIDICULOUS!

Be well world.


HHHTap your feet and clap your hands,

**Before I begin this blog, please note that the ‘Drummer’ I’m referring to in the title of this blog will hereby be known as the ‘Producer’ and that the man known as the ‘Producer’, definitely deserves ‘some’ as the title suggests.**

Back in the day (let’s say early-mid ’80’s and before), to know a producer’s name either meant you: a) were in the industry, or b) were a huge music geek.  To get that coveted information you’d actually have to spend time sitting down with the album liner notes and research the music you liked. “F’REALS?” Yep, f’reals.  And even then, there was no method of looking up homie’s discography to see what else he/she had done cause well, the interweb was still some ways away and libraries just didn’t generally carry that info.

Well since then, things’ve changed.  We have the internet, which has spawned numerous cult followings (and a million other things).  We have filmmakers dedicating their time to exposing the underbelly of the music creation process and allowing us to really see who’s in charge, but most importantly we have overblown ego’s and insecure men in Hip-hop who generally take their name, turn it into some obnoxious sample and run it at the beginning and end of all their tracks so we know exactly who they are and so they don’t feel inadequate at the end of the day (that being said, I’m a fan of some of those obnoxious samples…JUST BLAAAAZE!)

So, in honor of the Producers of today who’re still secure enough to not throw their name over every ounce of their beat and let their work speak for themselves, I present to you a new HHHT SERIES entitled (you guessed it) Give the Drummer some.


That’s right!  That’s who I’m starting with.  The one, the only, Ski-Beatz.  If you know who he is, we might be friends.  If you don’t know who he is, that’s exactly why I’m writing this.

Ski is a legend.  Period.  Ever since he started up with the Bizzie Boyz in the ’80’s as Will-Ski (that’s for the SERIOUS heads) he’s been making that real Hip-Hop.  Discovered early on by the equally as legendary DJ Clark Kent (who just ran a train on Taipeezy — Shouts to M.A. and the fam.) Ski was always able to get a quality out of his beats that, whether people realize it or not, helped to shape that mid ’90’s East Coast sound.

Now, the homie has put out a bunch of sub-par material.  There’s no denying that.  But, dammit when he hit, he HIT.  Camp Lo‘s: Luchini (This is it), Swing, Coolie High — Jay-Z‘s: Dead Presidents, 22 Two’s, Politics as Usual and Feelin’ It! Dammit….even if those’re the only 7 songs he’ll ever be known for.  Those are 7 incredible songs.

Well, he’s back.  Still rockin with the Lo.  And we got a couple for you.  Check it.

Camp Lo – Black Connect 3

Camp Lo – Boogie Nights


If you don’t live in Southern Ontario or the American East Coast, you’ve probably never heard of GIGZ.  But that’s not to say you shouldn’t.

Someone who I’ve seen first hand grow from a relatively decent producer to someone who has truly mastered the art of the headnod and fist pump.  GIGZ is a problem.  Winner of countless beat battles all over North America including the coveted Battle of the Beatmakers in New York (Grimy Beat Champion @ BOTB IV) he is slowly but surely expanding outward like his Hulk’ish physique and poised to do big things in the coming years.  Having just released a brand new collaborative album entitled ‘Top Rankin’ with long-time friend and PPF House member, The Abyss, ’09 and ’10 are looking rather prosperous for the new Gang Starr of the Toronto scene.

Check the chunes:


And finally, word leaked about this months ago and it sounded interesting.

Well, it’s interesting and quite dope (plus a little creepy) imo.

We’re bout that GOOD good.

The squad is thick.  Understand that.



Today is all about clapping.  Whether it be AK’s or appendages is up to you, just make sure it’s out of joy.


After finally releasing the super duper illness known as Kamaal the Abstract.  The man Kamaal Fareed, better known as Q-Tip, has just released a new single (and arguably my favorite tune off his previous album this year the Renaissance) entitled Life is Better.  Although on paper the content may seem a bit ‘been there, done that’ish, Q-Tip, accompanied by one of the most soothing vocal qualities of the past quarter-century, Norah Jones, somehow still manage to make it feel fresh.  Or maybe that’s just my opinion.

Either way, this tune is bomb.


Following along  the same content lines are 2 underground legends: Del the Funky Homosapien and Tame One (who are also Ice Cube’s and Redman’s cousins respectively) who are gearing up for their upcoming duo album, Parallel Uni-Verses .  The song isn’t near as compelling as it could be, but Del is still a monster.

Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One – Flashback


First you heard it.  Now you get to see it.

The ‘Swagga Like Us‘ of 2009.  I give you Drizzy Drake, Lil Weezy Wee, Kanyeezy and Em.  Fresh off the More Than A Game Soundtrack, Forever.


For those paying close attention to the last verse,  aside from Eminem sounding like he might be back to his old form, you may’ve also noticed 4 characters that’ve been frequenting the HHHT blog for the past little while standing behind him.  Yes, that was Slaughterhouse and yes, rumor has it they’re slated to be the next artists on Shady Records.  Now I have no idea whether or not this is actually going to go through, but with a machine like Shady/Aftermath behind these four extremely talented spitters, it may mark the beginning of a new era in the mainstream game.  A ‘return to form’ so to speak.  Anyway, here’s a brand new tune from former Aftermath signee, and the best Latino role model since Big Pun

Joell Ortiz feat. Novel – Call Me


Toronto-based artists LEO37 + Sunclef have been busy boys.  First separately touring Canada and the States as a part of the WPBE and Zaki Ibrahim‘s crew respectively, then uniting to conquer a 15-date Canadian tour with fellow PPF Housemates, MAGNOLIUS.   All self-booked and self-produced, their inaugural run has been so great that, to show their appreciation for the love they’ve received, PPF House has decided to officially release their new single for FREE.

Click below to see the promo vid and click under that for preview and DL.

That’s the word people.

Get it poppin.


HHHTiny and Large,

Goodies?  And I ain’t talkin Ciara.

Let’s start with the Large.

Kinda Like a Big Deal

Lemme pre-cursor this with, I’m a big Clipse fan.  Or at least I was.

From Lord Willin’ to the We Got It For Cheap mixtapes to Hell Hath No Fury, I was an avid Clipse supporter.  When I heard that Rick Rubin’s first order of business after joining the Columbia staff was signing the Clipse, god believes me that I was Ecstatic like Mos Def and anticipating more great things from the Virginia duo.

Following HHFN they decided to switch out of their comfortable position with Pharrell and Star Trak and start collaborating with new producers.  Cool. I’m always down for experimentation, especially after you’ve presumably done all you can in a certain lane.  Well, they got a bunch of new cats on deck and released a Re-Up Gang album (which was lead by the doo-doo Scott Storch produced Fast Life) followed by another mixtape with all new production.

They were underwhelming to say the least.

Not only did their pocket and groove fall short of what it had been, but it felt like (especially in Pusha T’s case) that they just got, for lack of a better term, dumber.  Simple words, with unclever metaphores and similes and generally uninspired rap.  Well, since then I’ve heard a couple tunes that got me goin and have shown glimmers of the group I once coveted as the leaders of the new school.

A few months back I posted up one of these tunes featuring Mr. West by the name of ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’. And well, looks like the feedback was strong cause luckily, someone on the team had the good sense to make this the lead single and avoid another catastrophe like Fast Life.

Anyway, here’s the video.  I’m still hopin for a miracle.

Make You Sweat

So I know Clifford Harris is in prison, but dammit you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell by the blogs.  Every week there seems to be new T.I. songs and videos popping up, and I’m starting to think that he’s on an island somewhere and this is some marketing ploy to up his rep.  Anyway, regardless, homie is or was getting his 2Pac on and living in  the studio cause there seems to be no stop in sight for this cat.

Here’s a brand newbie.  One of the few mainstream cats who can really rap when he feels like it.

T.I. – Make You Sweat


And finally, a dope track from 2 people I’ve never heard of, Embee and Nina Ramsby.

From what I can gather, they’re both from Sweden, Embee’s a prominent hip-hop DJ and Producer (according to Wikipedia) and Nina’s an electronica vocalist with Jazz sensibilities (according to her myspace).  There’s a video and album art for this song, but I won’t be posting either because unfortunately they’re horrendous and I really wouldn’t want those to take away from the dopeness of the track.

So just listen and enjoy.

Embee – Desire to be Free Feat. Nina Ramsby

It’s Wednesday folk.



To all the Dope Mothers and Grandmothers of the world,

Some songs that make us think of you and give thanks to all the goodness you’ve provided us.

To all HHHT readers, supporters and co-bloggers, feel free to add your favorite tunes bout Ma.

Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands

2Pac – Dear Mama

Kanye West – Hey Mama (Grammys 2008) sorry bout the Quality.  The Grammy’s took’em all down.

School House Rock – Mother Necessity

Thanks Mama.

Be well world.

New Kanye Video directed by Hype Williams.

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More coming soon.

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