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Cause it’s Friday mo-fos and im about to bless your eyes with some visual crack (flyer courtesy of Rob Jabbaz)

tainanThats right, the HHHT squad did a cycle of anabolic steroids and we’re invading the dirty south for a weekend of ruckus. Tainan gets its cherry popped with High Heels and Hi Tops Volume 7 (ouch) on Friday March 20th at The Red Wolf Tavern.

khhKhaosiung gets hit on Saturday March 21st with HHHT8 at the Pig and Whistle.

Now I don’t know who Big City is, but he just became my favorite new rapper. He takes a page out of 50 Cent’s ‘How to Rob an Industry Ni**a’ and flips it into ‘How to Rob an Industry Hipster’

This shit is hilarious, i love the shots he uses for ‘so my kids can eat dinner’. Its funny that everyone he names are the new up and comers.

In fact here’s Kid Cudi’s new video for ‘Day and Nite’

Get Buff!
HHHT is coming!

My spidey sense is tingling……somethings going down.

Act like you know. 

On to other things. Shouts to everyone who came out this weekend to rock with us. The rep grows bigger with each party and I can’t wait til were rocking in the summer. It was a lovely weekend starting things off in Taipei, representing lovely as usual. The crackatologist named Joey blessed us with the Friday visuals. Here ya go…

We gotta THANK everyone who came out and made HHHT5 in Khaosiung as wild as it was. Furry booted dancers, young and old wilin out(some very old!). Pics soon come. Look out for Volume 6 soon. And those out of town in Taichung and Khaosiung we’re coming back!!! 


Wow. Guess who’s bizack. Not that you care really. But i’ll tell you anyways. I travelled to the tundra, aka T.O. several moons ago and came back wiser, well fed and with some new drawz(real talk). HHHTers I will let you know this, our squad is IN THERE.
Musically y’all are dancing and wilin’ out to the same tunes people are wilin’ out to back in the tundra. Of course we’re doing it with more style.

Other than that, I just got back online and am about to put you on to some weekend goodness.

1st. TaipeiTimes Vinyl Word


Awwwwww yeah.

2nd. Tell a friend that HHHT4 is going down TONIGHT@1981, 1, Alley 2, Ln 70, Yanji St, Taipei City. FREE.

Facebook details here


And then on Saturday for the Dirty South peoples. HHHT5 at Pig & Whistle 199 Sewei 4th Road



This one is also a going away party for Dan 2 Hands lady. She sailing away to South America. She likes to party. So do her homegirls. KHH is gonna be wild.
Big Tings!

I leave you with brand new K-os.



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