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As we crawl ever closer to that fateful Friday night with forecasts predicting smashed faces and torn calf muscles (I know I know, sounds amazing right?), I give you ladies some goodies from some well known ladies men (is that supposed to be one word?).

First the father of 5, the Newest of Dangers and the Tru3st of Magic, the Mighty Mos Def.

I know since 2000’s Black On Both Sides, many people have hoped for Mos to return to his glory days and once again pair up with the Premiers, Hi-Teks and Ron Carters of the world in hopes of producing another classic soul/hip-hop record.  However, since 2000, he’s decided instead to go progressively left with every release (yes he had a Rock album beFORE Lil Wayne, and yes it was wicked.  And yes, he got some of the best to ever do it on the record – including Doug Wimbish who’s not only a member of the legendary Living Color, but probably best known for his bass work on Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’), and although some may not like where he’s headed, you gotta respect a man for stickin to his guns.

Anyways, this is apparently his 2nd single off the (yet to receive a release date) Ecstatic – and me likes…lots. – courtesy of the good people at IllRoots.

Mos Def – Quiet Dog

Next you have another man who’s also known for going left (but not only for his music).

Michael Eugene Archer, a.k.a. D’Angelo has had a rough few years.  From his much publicized arrests to his sudden ‘change’ in appearance, it seemed as though he was well on his way to Axl Rose’dom and that there would be no more of this Yoda (a term used by the Soulquarians for the ‘Chosen Ones’).  However, recent reports from the Roots’ ?uestlove says that D’Angelo has not only pulled himself back off the ground, but is back in shape, in good spirits and has been recording with Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, Pino Palladino, Roy Hargrove, James Poyser and pretty much everyone else that helped to make the Musical Bible we know as Voodoo. Anyways…there’s always a chance that D’ will fall back into his Sly Stone routine again, but with the release of a new single (available on iTunes), new websites and a new deal with Clive Davis on J Records, I feel optimistic.

So to tide you over until then…a goodie ?uestlove leaked awhile ago.  You may have heard it, but just in case….here it is.

D’Angelo – Really Love

The show’s in 2 days people.

Capone 10.
King Charles.
And myself (Triple).
It WILL be brought.

HHHT4 – see ya there.

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