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HHHTrack Terrorists,


In the past 6 years, there have been few other producers/DJ’s who’ve accomplished more than Florida (or Philadelphia, depending on who you ask) native, Diplo.

From hit singles with ex-muse M.I.A. to the success of his own record label, Mad Decent all the way down to becoming the remix darling of damn near every major label and their subsidiaries, Diplo‘s ruining faces and doin it with an almost unparalleled consistency.  Combining his love of Baile Funk with damn near every other genre out, like him or not, Diplo has somehow managed to carve out a place for himself that is both unique and exciting and for that, I have nothing but respect.

Now, thanks to HHHT general Marcus Aurelius, Diplo will be finding his way to Taipei for a one night extravaganza and I sincerely insist your attendance.  It’s rare that Taiwan gets someone of this caliber, and the chances of a return may be slim unless we ram the place.  So Taiwan, book off your Friday, shine up your shoes, and let’s do this. And just to get you excited….some brand new free dope from the man himself.



Madlib and Guilty are back with some new ish.  I can’t wait for this shit to finally drop.




And finally, the homeboy RJD2 is gearing up the promo for his brand new record, The Colossus, and I can only imagine you’ll be catching a lot more of his ish here on HHHT.

The first official single off the new record….enjoy.


It’s a good day, let’s get grimy.

Be well world.



Like Arnold promised in T2

And as an added bonus, if you don’t know who Flying Lotus is, get familiar.   This guy is the ISH!



To say its been a minute would be an understatement. I’ve been selfish these last few weeks, not sharing any goodies with the HHHT squad. To tell you the truth, I’ve been SERIOUSLY uninspired by music that is coming out and music that is being played out in clubs. If you want to know what I’ve been listening to, its been Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ Mixtape/LP and soul music. That’s been my inspiration. So Far Gone is a couple months old but it still hits like the freshest shit my ears have been blessed with. Great rhymes spit with style and the right touch of swag. And Soul music is just timeless and makes me smile. Nothing better than listening to some good soul tunes on a chill day.

I know I haven’t been up on the blog for a bit. My homey Triple has been holding it down like Bundy with the 5 count. Good looks and salutes from across the pond thun. PPF I see you. HHHT’ers lets inject some anarchy into a lifeless system. I’m open to suggestions.

On to joints.

I love this pic because Michael looks like the one with the most swagger, next to the Big Dog Joe in the back of course. A leg up and a little attitude. Who knew then, that kid would turn into a fucking weirdo??


Its Great To Be Here – Jackson 5 (click pic)

Next up my homey, the Reverend Al Green. This guy had amazing hair and an amazing voice to go with it. Fans of hiphop should recognize the opening drums.


Al Green – Im So Glad Your Mine (click pic)

This one is dedicated to Triple for all his hard work these past couple weeks. Tim Hortons thun! (Inside joke for my Canadians)

This last one is for the ladies. There’s a big surprise in the middle of this one. (I bet you thought it was all Alicia.wink)

Enjoy your Sunday.
More Treats to Come

Cause it’s Friday mo-fos and im about to bless your eyes with some visual crack (flyer courtesy of Rob Jabbaz)

tainanThats right, the HHHT squad did a cycle of anabolic steroids and we’re invading the dirty south for a weekend of ruckus. Tainan gets its cherry popped with High Heels and Hi Tops Volume 7 (ouch) on Friday March 20th at The Red Wolf Tavern.

khhKhaosiung gets hit on Saturday March 21st with HHHT8 at the Pig and Whistle.

Now I don’t know who Big City is, but he just became my favorite new rapper. He takes a page out of 50 Cent’s ‘How to Rob an Industry Ni**a’ and flips it into ‘How to Rob an Industry Hipster’

This shit is hilarious, i love the shots he uses for ‘so my kids can eat dinner’. Its funny that everyone he names are the new up and comers.

In fact here’s Kid Cudi’s new video for ‘Day and Nite’

Get Buff!
HHHT is coming!

Now that the love has gone, lets get back to business like EPMD. I know Marcus A, got something sick he’s cooking up for release sometime this week or next. The crew, 3H’s followed by a T,(thats us for those who dont know…High Heels and High Tops. HHHT) got Taichung on alert for Saturday February 21st. Its going down again at Light Lounge. Taipei City dont worry, although we’re still recovering from the Tittsworth X HHHT collab that went down during CNY. Evidence is located here and here. We are getting ready to hit you up once again with that good ish. Stay Tuned

Here’s a little something for you to enjoy on your Monday. I know there are a few sneakerheads out here, here’s a little something CBS Sunday Morning did on SneakerHeads. Listen out for the Taipei shoutout at around 6 minutes.

Apparently CBS Sunday Morning has someone cool working there, here’s a little something they did on street artist KAWS.

HHHT6:Light Lounge:Taichung:February 21st




My life for the past month has been completely and unrelentingly submerged in music.  Blogging, writing, recording, release dates, tour dates, etc.  And as much delight as this would generally bring me, with all the happenings in the world right now, I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who don’t do what I do and keep me in the loop.

Well, today…I’m gonna go watch a news program/read a newspaper/visit a news site and gather the information directly.  And if you haven’t in awhile, you should too.

Anyways…that’s my P.S.A. for the day.

One more for Chris Brown…

…and on with the music.

J. Period – Tribute to Q-Tip: The [Abstract] Best

I’ve been hearing little clips from this for awhile now, but it’s finally out and I like it plenty.  J.Period has compiled into this one little mixtape not only some of Q-Tip‘s most classic verses and tracks but he also includes a gangload of surprises like De La redoing Tribe’s Excursions, as well as Consequence and Kid Cudi doin their own Buggin’ Out.  This is goodness right here.

(49 TRACKS! – click flick)

And since we’re at 49…how bout 1 more track to bring it to a nice round 50.

El Da Sensei (REMEMBER HIM!!???) gettin his Golden Age posse cut on with Mike Zoot and one of the most underrated, style breaking groups of all-time…Organized Konfusion (Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch).

El Da Sensei feat. Organized Konfusion & Mike Zoot – Frontline (click flick)

CAP’s at Copa tomorrow.

Marcus’ in Kaohsiung (Roof Park) Saturday.

HHHT….we got you covered.


On some Canadian shit. The crew was on some Can-con bizniz last weekend, and having been freshly returned from the T-dot, its only fitting that for this Thursday I re-acquaint you with the elder statesman of Canadian Hip hop. Maestro Fresh Wes.


First album. A classic. Let your backbone slide is still the top selling Canadian hip hop single, and the album Symphony In Effect is the still the top selling hip hop album with 190,000 copies sold. Almost double platinum. Maestro aint no joke. He had solid beats and he could rhyme. He had the dancers and the charisma. Some might say he was Canada’s equilvalent Big Daddy Kane.

Check the videos:

Let Your Backbone Slide. The DOPE STATE jackets were pretty dope.

The 2nd single from that album was ‘Drop The Needle. Maestro came strong.

His 2nd Album was the Black Tie Affair.


Not nearly as good as the first album, but it did have this awesome cut. ‘Conductin Thangs’. I still play this one. Its gets people jumping.

He kinda fell off after this album. He worked with Showbiz & AG (to be discussed on another Thursday) on his next album called ‘Nah dis kid can’t be from Canada’. Wack title. Wack album. I prefer to remember the Maestro of old in all his tuxedo suited glory. Please enjoy.

Now on to whats good.




Plush is located on the 12th floor at the Living Mall
八德路4段138號12樓(京華城12樓)/ 12 F #138 Sec.4 Ba-da Rd
Cover is 500NT. All you can drink.
The High Heels and Hi Tops crew will be in the building.
Aint no work tomorrow.
Dont miss it!
Say Word!

A word that has many meanings, two of them being: eurphoric or intoxicated on drugs. ‘High’ is the word I often hear club owners and managers in Taipei use to describe how the people should be feeling.
‘Make the people feel high’.
‘Well….give them some weed n-word!’ is often my response.

But I digress, tomorrow (Thursday, January 29) night the HHHT crew will be rocking alongside one of the greats in the party scene, Tittsworth. Hit that link to get to all his pages, myspace, facebook, twitter, press, mixes and naked pics.
Tittsworth mixes fast and plays hard. He will definitely keep yo ass shaking, all night long. The last time he was here in Taipei, he played Roxy Vibe. Yes that Vibe, and the night was teetering on madness the entire time he was on the decks. Its one of the only nights where i’ve seen everyone inside dancing. Musically his sets run from booty to electro, to 80’s, to floor stomping b-more, hip hop, rock and beyond. You will smile. You will dance. You will want more.
He’s just finished an 8 city tour of Australia and Taipei is the first stop on the asian leg of this tour which will see him also stopping in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore.
Tomorrow night @ Plush its the first stop of the BROKE THESE DAYS TOUR.

You can download the exclusive BROKE THESE DAYS MIX

Check out the article from last weeks VInyl Word.

and the flyer for the event.


Ladies i didnt forget about you. Come out tomorrow night and i’ll give you a Happy New Year hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Real talk.


rihanna-mobo-awards-2007I got a brand new track from Rihanna. Taiwans favorite Umbrella rocking R&B songstress.

This one is called How I like it

Let us know how you like it.
Vodka and Raging Bull

My spidey sense is tingling……somethings going down.

Act like you know. 

On to other things. Shouts to everyone who came out this weekend to rock with us. The rep grows bigger with each party and I can’t wait til were rocking in the summer. It was a lovely weekend starting things off in Taipei, representing lovely as usual. The crackatologist named Joey blessed us with the Friday visuals. Here ya go…

We gotta THANK everyone who came out and made HHHT5 in Khaosiung as wild as it was. Furry booted dancers, young and old wilin out(some very old!). Pics soon come. Look out for Volume 6 soon. And those out of town in Taichung and Khaosiung we’re coming back!!! 


Wow. Guess who’s bizack. Not that you care really. But i’ll tell you anyways. I travelled to the tundra, aka T.O. several moons ago and came back wiser, well fed and with some new drawz(real talk). HHHTers I will let you know this, our squad is IN THERE.
Musically y’all are dancing and wilin’ out to the same tunes people are wilin’ out to back in the tundra. Of course we’re doing it with more style.

Other than that, I just got back online and am about to put you on to some weekend goodness.

1st. TaipeiTimes Vinyl Word


Awwwwww yeah.

2nd. Tell a friend that HHHT4 is going down TONIGHT@1981, 1, Alley 2, Ln 70, Yanji St, Taipei City. FREE.

Facebook details here


And then on Saturday for the Dirty South peoples. HHHT5 at Pig & Whistle 199 Sewei 4th Road



This one is also a going away party for Dan 2 Hands lady. She sailing away to South America. She likes to party. So do her homegirls. KHH is gonna be wild.
Big Tings!

I leave you with brand new K-os.



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