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Because its Monday and your alive and kicking, living on an island in the Pacific Ocean or a cold city in a burgeoning metropolis, either way, just smile. I miss Dilla, like how you miss a good friend that can always make you smile, like how you miss your moms home cooking, like how you miss being a kid and the freedom that came with that time in your life. If you dont know about J-Dilla, he’s your favorite rappers, favorite producer. Anyways, Dilla dawg RIP. I’ll be holding a personal tribute in my ipod all week.

On to the things that make Mondays Manic.

McNasty Filth – Jaylib feat Frank N Dank
I had the pleasure of kicking it with Frank in Taiwan. He came out here shortly after Dilla died with DJ Dopey to play Spring Scream and a couple dates in Taipei. Frank grew up with Dilla and shared some great Dilla moments with us on the 6 hour bus ride down to Kenting. That ride never went by so fast. Wow. Shouts to Frank N Dank.

I remember reading an article with Just Blaze where he was talking about how Dilla did things in the studio that amazed him. When you can make a producer as ill as Just Blaze go ‘how did you make THAT sound??!!’ I think your doing something right.Blaze was talking about this song, its like Radiohead meets Rap.

Nothing Like This

This one I just like, im a bit of a headphone nerd. For all my ipod kids. Turn this one up, it will rattle your brain a little bit and sounds good loud.

MED feat Dilla – Push

This one came out just after he died. His brother Illa J is spitting Jay’s raps in this video. Brotherly love. Its a pretty beat too.

Wont Do

We do it all for the love.

HHHT 6 February 21st Taichung.



…and because my landlady woke me up with a smile to allow some men into my bathroom with a jackhammer….im smiling to keep myself from committing some vicious crimes.


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