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HHHTurn it UP!

It’s been a long time coming, but I present to you part 2 of the Give the Drummer Some series.


I don’t know that I really have anymore to say about this guy that isn’t already known.  Through his unorthodox lyrics, unrelenting cadences and undying love for sampling your favorite Saturday morning cartoon theme songs, he’s managed to stay in peoples ears and mouths for so long and so consistently that he is to hip-hop what the hum of the refrigerator is to your daily white noise intake — I hope that makes sense.  In other words, hip-hop without DOOM would just be down right weird.

Now DOOMposter scandal aside, he’s managed to consistently release quality records at a feverish pace and even when some fans (myself included) were starting to get sick of the formula, he came and hit back with ‘Born Like This’ which on the surface seemed like standard DOOM, but somehow managed to be far meatier than anything he’d released in quite some time — at least that’s how I felt.  Now, with another brand new release entitled ‘Unexpected Guests’, DOOM’s back and DOOM’ish as ever.  Check the album teaser above, and check the MPFree below.  Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, there’s bound to be one DOOM song somewhere out there that you love.  I know it.

DOOM – BELLS OF DOOM (Direct Link)


I am, and have always been a huge fan of RJ.

From the time I heard Final Frontier w/ Blueprint back in ’02 (off Deadringer) to getting my heart broken by ‘Making Days Longer’ in ’04 (off Since We Last Spoke) to the jarring direction he took with the entire ‘The Third Hand’ album in ’07, I’ve been happy with what RJ has provided me as a fan.

He’s somehow managed the extremely difficult task of taking himself out of the box that he was so quickly thrown in after Deadringer’s unexpected success and, although may not be as popular as he was when he first dropped, has continued to work very hard at reinventing himself every time he resurfaces, even if that means pissing off the same people that pay his mortgage.

Now, after a 3 year hiatus, the ex-Def Jukie and ex-XL recording artist is back with his own label and preparing the release of his 4th full-length studio album entitled ‘The Colossus’. HHHT is proud to bring you the first leak off the record and I must say, I enjoy it quite a bit.  Whaddyou think?



Sunclef is one of the best producers you’ve never heard of.

Beginning with Cello lessons at 3, chamber groups at 11, then bass at 13, Sunclef is not your average hip-hop producer.  A man who is generally light with words, but extremely heavy with mood and vibe, the bio on his website says it all: ‘A wise man once said “Less bunk, more funk.”‘ And really, that’s him in a nutshell.  But even beyond that, what he brings to the table that most other hip-hop producers don’t (but really should) is musicianship.  An understanding of music spanning genres and eras that only lend to his ability of being able to adapt, adjust and create something original while still being familiar.   That, coupled with an almost detrimental necessity for improvement and you have PPF House‘s resident monster.

Having had the opportunity to work with him first hand, I can tell you that few people hear the way he does or has as good a natural instinct.  On top of being a dope producer, he’s also a talented studio engineer, graphic designer and just a generally dope guy to be around.  He’s currently working on several projects with several different artists from all genres and 2010 promises to be an eventful year for this studio rat.

Combining elements of DJ Quik’s funk, Dilla’s mid 90’s jazz sensibilities and a love of all things that bounce, ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Sunclef.

Check out his most recent release from earlier this year as well as his MySpace that has a small collection of old and new.



It’s Friday people…..go get it.


HHHTime for some akshun,

Today’s post is for people who like Rap.  Period.  That’s it.  You like bars?  You like flows?  You like lyrics that make you go ooooh?  Then this is for you.  If you said no to any of these questions, leave now.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to post this ish yesterday exactly one minute after it was posted!  Unfortunately my code-illiterate ass just couldn’t get it to embed.  Thankfully, as expected, someone Youtube‘d it and we’re back in business.


Yesterday the annual shamefest known as the BET hip-hop awards took place and well, as expected, it was a useless piece of goonery crap that only helped to ensure that those who don’t like hip-hop stay hating.  That being said, this award show has provided us with 1 good thing every year and it’s those damn (Rap nerd wet dreams –  ‘What if…’) CyphersLast years dopest cypher featured Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Ace Hood (Who surprisingly rocked it even though he can’t write a song worth his life) and Jadakiss running a mean anchor.   Well, I’m happy to say that this years top cypher nearly made me wet myself.  And if it doesn’t make you at least kegal a couple dozen times, then you lied about one of the above questions.

No more talkin.  RAP!  This one’s gonna have people arguin for a while….

The other 2 cyphers (that were decent, but nowhere near the one above) can be found below:

Cypher #2 ft. Wale, Nipsy Hussle, Gsan & KRS-One

Cypher #3 ft. Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal & Joe Budden (Budden’s a problem!)

A & E

It seems like the thing to do these days for rappers in their mid-30’s is to find another rapper in their mid-30’s who roughly holds the same stature and combine to make a group.  Canibus and Keith MurrayDel the Funky Homosapien and Tame One. DJ Quik and Kurupt. And even though it would seem like all of these would be dope, or at very least entertaining, only the Quik and Kurupt really popped for me (and I’m a Del fan to the core).  Well we have another pairing for you and this time, it might just work out.  2 people that have influenced a LOT of your favorite rappers but rarely ever get their mention, ladies and gents, I give you A & E (a.k.a. Masta Ace and Edo G.)

**sidenote — for all you Eminem fans, if you didn’t realize that Em started as a Masta Ace clone you better go do your research.  Em’s even copped to it himself.**



We proceed with part 2.  Mos hits the studio and the world implodes.


An interview 24/7 Hip Hop did with the Teflon Don breaking down the significance of the number 7 in his life, his falling out with Eric B., and a wild story involving Kool G. Rap getting snuffed and Eric B. riding a sheep skin.


No MPFrees?  Now how could I do that to you.  This one’s for the CAPtain to get his blood pumpin.

NEW MADVILLAIN B*TCHES! Courtesy the legendary J-Rocc from the World Famous Beat Junkies.

Click the Metal Face and get your tease.




Throughout the history of music there’ve been an abundance of amazing duos.  From Eric B. & Rakim to Simon & Garfunkel to Rick James & Eddie Murphy (CLAAASSIC!) it seems that the nature of pairing 2 equally skilled artists together can have an incredibly positive and progressive effect on the quality of the end product.  Whether it be because of some intangible chemistry or simply because both artists are doing their best not to be outshone by the other, at very least, duos always give us something to talk about.  Well, to continue and contribute to this pattern, here’s a post about a few more new and old classic pairings.


What do you get when you take 2 of Hip-Hop’s most beloved and influential lyricists, both of whom were at one time themselves part of other classic pairings (Black Star & KMD respectively) and you put’em together?

Well…I don’t actually know.  But I assume it’d be madness.

Just recently leaked was this youtube footage of Mos Def and what sounds like DOOM behind the camera spitting some potentially new co-written material.  As of now, these 2 have never officially released any songs together, but after seeing this, it might be okay to start getting your hopes up.

And if you didn’t see the initial video, this is Mos speaking on the dopeness of DOOM and touching on the genius of De La.



Ghostface has been part of his share of classic pairings.  Whether it be himself and the aforementioned DOOM, or with long time Clan member, Raekwon (who he’ll be releasing an album with alongside the rejuvenated Method Manif you didn’t cop Blackout!2, you need to.), Ghost rarely, if ever, falters on a verse and any rap fan who breathes oxygen knows this.

Well although this isn’t actually a pairing, here’s a clip of Ghost talking about the late-O.D.B. and just what he meant when he said ‘Oooh Baby I like it RAAAW!’



And last but definitely not least, the HHHT World Premiere of Toronto-based duo MAGNOLIUS‘ brand new video – Utter the Sun.

These guys are a problem.  Stay tuned.


That’s the jam.

House wins.


‘They say they ride for the underground, die for the underground but still makin no moneeeeeeey…..stupid’. – Dave/Dove/Trugoy


Today I give you a post that counteracts the above statement by the great Plug Two.  Cats who maintain the ‘underground’ label and have established or are slowly building their pensions with verbs, nouns, hooks and cadences.

Tanya Morgan

These cats are dope.  From Brooklyn and Cincinnati respectfully, these cats do fun rap without having to talk about ‘Bringin’ it back’.  Making their first big splash on Foreign Exchange‘s incredible debut ‘Connected’, Von Pea, Donwill and Illyas have quietly worked their way into the circuit and share a similar lane with Little Brother (circa the Listening).  However, like Little Brother minus 9th…they also have issues consistantly picking dope beats.  This one however is a gooder.

Tanya Morgan – So Damn Down


Sure he’s had major label support, and sure he’s been on commercially successful singles, but dammit if Kurupt doesn’t embody ‘RAW’ through and through.  A rapper’s rapper, he’s been doing this for roughly 16 years and has never wavered from his position to sell records.  With an amazing knack for creative and unorthodox cadences, what he lacks in content he always makes up with in flow.

Some chilled the eff out Kurupt ish.

Kurupt – Build you up to Tear you down (Feat. Terrace Martin, Snoop Dogg & Soopafly)


Zev Love X. Don’t think I really need to write too much about this guy.  He does his thing and people follow.  Unfortunately he occasionally abuses this (google: Doomposter) but that doesn’t stop the fact that he’s plenty entertaining.

Doom’s ode to Homosexuals.  Need I say more?!

DOOM – Batty Boyz

It’s Friday Folk.  Make a baby.



Today I’m a man of few words.

Instead, I give you that chillout headnod ish and let the music talk.

MF Doom – Ballskin (click flick for dl)

Jay Electronica Feat. Che Grand – Hagler (click flick for dl)

RH Factor feat. D’Angelo – B******T (click flick for dl)

AMAZING flicks from the Tittsworth show are on their way, so stay tuned.

Also…it’s here:

See ya tomorrow folks.


Often lies the man. Its a holiday Monday, which means, a whole lot of sleeping in. Nah mean. On to some manic Monday bizniz. Gonna take a look at a few masked men who have put out some good music. Check it. 

First up, everyone’s favorite super villain, MF DOOM. Interesting story about Doom. He was once a super happy, positive uplifting rapper named Zev Love X. He and his brother Subroc made up the crew KMD. Long story short, Subroc died in a car accident. Zev drowned his sorrows in the bottle and morphed himself into MF DOOM. On early 12 releases you can hear him slurring words. I like this video because he’s drunk and playing with a machete. Awesome.
MF DOOM – Questions feat. Kurious

Next up everyone’s favorite Wu Tang member, Ghostface Killah. The man who is on some now you see me, now you dont shit. Apparently Ghost was really on the run when the Wu was just catching some wreck in NYC. Which is why he was wearing the mask back then. Since revealing the face, Ghost has become one of the most consistent, outspoken, comedic and prolific artists from the Wu-Tang camp. The man used to rock a golden eagle on his forearm. Jeeez.

Wu Tang Clan – Da mystery of Chessboxin

RZA the man behind the success of the Wu-tang donned his own mask as his id-indulging alter ego Bobby Digital. Bobby was the womanizing, futuristic street thug, ying, to RZA’s disciplined manual writing, enterprise building, yang.

Holocaust – Bobby Digital

Then one day the masked men met. DangerDoom feat Ghostface – The Mask

I like this one for the old school wrestling masks. Remember how ill it was when they would unmask someone on wrestling??? Im hoping these guys do a video like that. It would be so dope. These guys have provided some of your favorite songs to sing along to in the last couple years. It would only be proper to include the mysterious french duo known as Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Happy Monday
Raging Bull

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