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HHHTaipei Bound,

I’m on my way back to the land of Stinky Tofu and Beetlenut!

Yes, the past 8 months here in Toronto have been phenomenal both personally and professionally (’09 has been the SHEEEEEIIIIT!)  but, it’s starting to get cold and I’ve quickly realized that I’m not built like that anymore.  Plus, I miss the shit outta my Taiwanese counterparts.  So, I’m gettin my hibernation on and goin to the island to throw parties with the best of the best and enjoy life.

However, as those of you who’ve flown overseas before know, I’m gonna be on a plane for like 2 months rendering this blog inactive for a little bit.  So today’s post is gonna be completely loaded with goodies to tide you over until I get back to some land.

So without further ado…


If there was ever someone you called a ‘professional emcee’, Black Thought should be the first person you think of.  At very least second.

Well, this unreleased goodie aptly titled ‘The Professional’ has just surfaced and it proves my point 300 times over.



If you read this blog regularly, then you know I love Slum Village.

I don’t know what it is, but there are few, if any, albums that ever beat out Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 2 on my playlist.  I still listen to that ish like it dropped last Tuesday, and I don’t foresee any slowing up.  Sure my favorite reincarnation of them is still the original trio, but Elzhi‘s contribution to the group should never be downplayed.  He’s an absolute monster.    Anyway, since today’s blog is LONG, I’ma keep this short (as possible). With one of Baatin’s last recordings before he passed, off the upcoming Villa Manifesto, I give you…




R.I.P. Dilla & Baatin.


New Clipse!

I’m starting to get amped up…


So I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not but HHHT faves Mos Def, Jay Electronica and current Hip-Hop blog darling, Curren$y (pictured below) have formed a new group called Center Edge Territory and have apparently already finished 6 songs?

Yeah.  Didn’t see that one coming, especially since Curren$y used to roll with Lil Weezy and that match up just seems odd to me.  However, homie can rap, so as long as there’s that, I’m cool.  Anyway, although nothing has leaked yet, here goes a little something from each member of this new underground powerhouse.

Jay Electronica, along with Ta’raach jump on this intergalactic dopeness from another HHHT favorite Sa-Ra Creative Partners.


And Curren$y does his thing over a Mos Def original.

CURREN$Y – BREAKFAST IN & OUT (Produced by Mos Def)


Scarub, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Eligh, Bicasso, Aesop, Murs & The Grouch, or better known as West Coast’s current underground torchbearers, The Living Legends are the definition of paid dues.  Having completely built themselves up independently from scratch, there are few hip-hop artists who can rival what they’ve done in the underground and truthfully, there are few hip-hop artists, underground or mainstream that can generate the revenue they do because of the work they’ve put in and the independent route they’ve taken.  Now, at approximately a gazillion total releases, one of the Legends standouts, the Grouch returns with his latest effort ‘Eyes off the time’ and so far it sounds extra ill. Check the promo vid and DL below:



And finally, I give you all the newest updates from the BlakRoc project.  Out in 6 DAYS!





That’s it for now folk.

Enjoy life…I’ll see you in a few.


HHHThis is it,

Back in 2003, I had the privilege of seeing the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff spin in London for my very first time.  Probably one of the finest and most cohesive hip-hop sets that has ever been put together, he somehow linked Run DMC to Paul Wall and everything in between all in a matter of 30 minutes without a single wasted beat.  Following this chaotic half hour, he then went to another floor and rocked 2 and a half hours of the best soulful house I’d ever heard.  To sum it up, Jazz is a beast.

Well, he’s back with a mixtape dedicated to Late King of Pop, and I assure you, this is on some serious hardcore repeat shit.  Album art and link below.

DJ JAZZY JEFF presents HE’S THE KING, I’M THE DJ (mixtape)

And as promised, we continue with the 48 hours episodes as well as the Blakroc recording sessions.  Get live.

48 HOURS — JADAKISS (part 2 & 3)


More Blakroc and 48 hrs next blog.  Stay tuned.

Be well World.


HHHTop of your game,

As a blogger and critic it’s far too easy for me to sit here and criticize or attempt to pick apart a piece of work I’m not into.  Being part of the online community, I’ve been unfairly granted the license to completely dump on another mans art just because I don’t fall in line with his plight (all bloggers, reviewers and columnists should have to take a test and earn a license to write).

In my day to day rants, I do my best to stay within a positive realm and shit on only those I’ve completely deemed worthy.  However, that being said, even though I’m just a small time dude reaching a few hundred people a day, if I might effect the way even 1 person perceives another mans means of breadwinning and allow that artist to suffer the loss of that 1 sale (which, to underground artists means quite a lot!) , then you can only imagine the damage those blowhard, self aggrandizing anal warts at Pitchfork do on a daily basis.

With that said, the artists featured in today’s blog have all worked through the bad reviews and bad publicity, have all put out bad music, and yet, have found a way to milk their accolades for everything their worth, stay relevant and maintain their Superstar Status.


Who else would I start with other than the man who went through arguably the worst publicity shit storm of any artist in history and still manage to have every one of his albums go Multi-Platinum.   Even before his passing, when the storm was at it’s peak, he managed to set a record for selling out his final 50 date-tour faster than anyone in history.

This cut is the title track off his first post-humous album entitled ‘This is It’. I’ll let you guys be the critics on this one.

R.I.P. M.J.



C’mon folks, let’s be F’REAL f’real.  Snoop can’t lose.

He’s put out at least a half-dozen phone-in albums.  Put on a countless number of no talent, two-bit tards (obviously excluding beasts like Kurupt, Suga Free, Battlecat, etc.). Whored himself out to any product that would be willing to endorse him, and yet, the majority of us still champion him like he’s never done us wrong.  I couldn’t even begin to explain it to you, and nor will I even attempt it, just know that when people talk about that ‘IT’ in celebrities, he might as well be a Stephen King creation.

Here’s that new ish from the Doggfather.


And if your favorite Snoop is still from ’93.  Here’s an unreleased track from the Death Row vaults.

SNOOP DOGG ft. NATE DOGG – O.G. (Original)


Okay, so the Teflon Don hasn’t stayed the test of time like our previous 2 contestants.  However, when you talk about legacies in Hip-Hop, there are few if any that compare to his.

Arguably the godfather of modern day rap and cadences, you will rarely, if ever, here Rakim miss someone’s top 5.  And truthfully, that might not even be because they like him that much, but simply because they feel obligated to say his name in fear that someone listening will punch out your canine’s for forgetting him.  And if your legacy can do that, you’re a superstar.

Now, back after a decade long hiatus, here goes the first tune off Ra’s 3rd official solo studio album, Seventh Seal.  Is it good?  You tell me.




This doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s thread but I really like this song.  I haven’t heard too many tunes from Theophilus, but the ones I have I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.  And now as a part of what I’m assuming is a push for an upcoming record, he’s released a video to arguably my favorite tune of his.


Enjoy the day folk.

Happy Turkey Face Canada.



We baaaack.

As I had assumed (first mistake), with the departure of El CAPitan to the West West Y’ALL and with M.A. Waakaoing island life, it seemed that the HHHT dynasty was ready to settle into bed and retire into seclusion.  But like the Clan you know NEVER to Fuck Wit’, we’re back on our B.S. and from the West, to the East to the FAR East, we got you covered.

So to continue with CAP’s lead…we stay heavy.

Never Can Say Goodbye.

You received the leaks MONTHS ago.  And yes, you were blown away.  And yes, like yourself, I wondered, ‘When the EFF is this ISH comin out?!” Well dammit, it’s arrived and it’s oh so sweet.  Featuring remixes of MJ, Marvin and Stevie, Beatnick & K-Salaam have without a shadow of a doubt proved that they are, in fact a problem.  For REALS for real.

Click cover for DL.


Couldn’t tell you what’s goin on here, but I can tell you I’m thoroughly intrigued.  These 2 working together should definitely generate goodies.

Pharrell & Mr. Oizo are Eric Williams?


Finally, on September 19th, the world lost a true innovator, inspiration and phenom to the art of turntablism. Anthony Williams a.k.a. Grandmaster Roc Raida passed away last week due to complications from a surgery he had to undergo after a mixed-martial arts accident.

Without question, not only one of the most influential people in the Turntablist community, but also one of the main reasons I began to pursue music in the first place.  I literally wore out my X-Pressions CD in Grade 10 to the point where out of the 20 some cuts, I could only eventually play 5 or 6 cause the rest of the disc was burnt out.   In Saskatoon, where I grew up, we had a Skate/Hip-Hop shop called 9Times that used to get bootleg copies of underground Hip-Hop VHS tapes.  That’s where I got Tableturns 2. That’s when I first saw the Push It/Goin Back to Cali routines and that’s when I realized that Roc Raida ain’t no joke.  And well, that’s also where I got ‘the Adventures of Grandmaster Roc Raida’ and was really shown just how much of an impact he had on the Hip-Hop world.

Below I’ve included clips of the Tableturns 2 routine, one of my favorite clips from ‘the Adventures of…’ where Raida has a friendly battle with D.I.T.C. legend, Lord Finesse, and ‘Raida’s Theme’ from X-Pressions.

One of the best to ever do it.

R.I.P. Roc Raida.

Be well world. Let your peoples know you love’em.



Undoubtedly you’ve been bombarded by a touch too much M.J. news for the past week and I know for some of you, it’s become far too overwhelming.

I can sympathize.  I really can.

So, because of that, I kindly ask you to please bare with me as I get this last little bit of M.J. off my chest before I return to being the self-righteous blowhard of a blogger I’ve slowly come to be.

In commemoration of M.J., I’ve compiled the best remixes, tributes and covers that have surfaced this past week, all into one convenient post.  These all helped me to smile, appreciate and move on and I hope they provide you these same sentiments.

In no particular order:

Michael Jackson – HIStory (J Dilla Remix)

Erykah Badu & The Roots – I Wanna Be Where You Are

Erykah Badu & The Roots (Feat. ?uestlove on Vocals) – Billie Jean

Peanut Butter Wolf – Michael Jackson VJ Tribute – Part 1

Stevie Wonder – Michael Jackson Tribute

DJ Premier – Michael Jackson Tribute Mix

We’ll be back to the regular next post.  But for now, bask one more time in the glory known as Michael Jackson.

Be well world.


Originally when I had first posted about M.J.’s passing, I was at a loss for words….so I just put up some videos.

With the amount of coverage that this is receiving (and will undoubtedly receive for the next few months) there’s not much I can say that won’t come off as redundant.  However, that being said, I feel as though I owe him something.  Being a performer and musician myself, the impact he had on my upbringing and growth as an artist was obviously great.  Anyone who is, was or has attempted to enter the popular music realm, regardless of vehicle (rock, hip-hop, r&b, etc) has, whether they recognize it or not, been influenced by this man either in their dance and performance or songwriting and content, the way they present their persona and style or create Music Movies as opposed to videos.  And for all of that, we are forever indebted.

Despite his obvious problems and eccentric behaviour, at a moment like this, we need not remember Michael Jackson for the rumour and speculation that surrounded him in the final years before his passing, but for his fact.

The fact of talent.

The fact that he inexplicably and effortlessly was able to reach and communicate with the world several times over, passing through barriers of race, gender, culture, language and age with next to no resistance.

All I remember is in my house, Michael was a big thing.  My parents being landed immigrants from Taiwan obviously had broken English when moving to Canada from Taiwan, however, they understood Michael.  They bought us Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad on Vinyl.  They bought my brothers Michael Jackson wallets.  They took me on the Smooth Criminal ride at Universal Studio’s.  And more importantly, any time he was on TV, they never failed to yell out to us to come see another milestone performance.

This may come off a touch like my parents were Michael Jackson freaks but they really weren’t.  He wasn’t a common topic at the dinner table.  And we didn’t play his music non-stop.  But if you account for the enormity and range of momentous events and milestones that Michael Jackson was responsible for in popular culture, whether you wore the rhinestone glove or not, you might be surprised to find just how big a Michael Jackson fan you really are.

Thanks Michael.  You’ll truly be missed.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Johnson.

For more click HERE.

…is one of my favorite songs. A good friend of mine gave me a Best of Otis Redding double LP for my birthday one year. It happened to be the same year that I left Canada for a teaching job in South Korea. ‘Change is gonna come’ was a very inspirational song for me back then, I was looking for a big change to occur and I got one of the biggest changes in my life.

Anyways I keep hoping for some change to occur in the club scene out here in Taipei. Im about to editorialize a little bit. Where doe’s a person who actually loves music go to hear something outside of the usual playlist in Taipei clubs???

I’m a little bit spoiled because I’m from Toronto, we get good international DJ’s on the regular and the local DJ’s are awesome and really competitive. Not competitive in terms of cutting and scratching competitive, but more in terms of ‘I got some shit that’s gonna blow your mind musically’ competitive.

I feel like i’ve been to every club in this city and i’ve yet to see a local DJ blow my mind in terms of his selection. One local has come close, DJ Chicano, but he doesnt play out regularly and he only plays vinyl, so I’m waiting for him to make the changeover to serato.

Some of the craziest parties I’ve witnessed have been watching ?uestlove(from the Roots) DJ in Toronto and seeing the whole crowd go crazy to every song he was playing, from soul to r&b to hiphop to funk and beyond. I remember he played ‘seven nation army’ that night. That song had just come out, and that moment was probably the highlight of the night for me, watching a room full of people getting wild to this rock song. Then seeing Jay Dilla absolutely murder a club in TO, bottles broke, it was crazy. Watching Keb Darge murdering Soul 45’s in a dancehall style was awesome, and the crowd reaction to each song was amazing. Pete Rock, rocking out a concert venue, I know some people got hit in the head that night from arms flying into the air at every song. Listening to Masters at Work (Louis Vega and Kenny Dope) at a waterside venue, playing some ‘quality’ house. Watching Richie Hawtin play a rave in TO was ridiculous.

My point being, people out here equate a crazy party with just getting drunk and spending a lot of money. Popping 3 bottles = crazy party for most. Breaking 3 bottles = crazy party for me. My definition of a crazy party is a little different. It definitely involves good music and a good crowd and I’m no prude, so of course it needs a touch of alcohol. I know Taipei or Asia more specifically (save for Japan) has a young scene, I get that part. But everything grows old and everything must change.

I don’t want to turn this into a personal bitching session, I’m just upset that I went out on a Wednesday night, just for the sake of going out, and the playlist in the clubs hasn’t changed. I heard the same songs that I’ve been hearing(many that I can’t stand) and that upset me. It upset me because the crowd was still dancing to it like it was the shit and it upset me that the DJ was still playing it.

Again, I’m spoiled because I’m from a city that will boo and throw shit at the DJ if he or she sucks. Toronto is known as the ScrewFace capital. Its a tough crowd to get moving. Like I said our local guys are good, so if you come in as a headliner and your not playing better than the locals, you will get boo’d and most likely bottled too. But if a DJ can win over a TO crowd, that DJ will be shown love in a big way, all night. We fight hard, but we play hard too.

Maybe that’s my own fatal flaw, that I crave variety in my life. I can’t go to the same club every week to see the same people(in different clothes) and hear the same music in the same order. I have a girl, and I’m not going to hear new music, so why am I still going out to clubs in Taipei?

Maybe I should just stop going out to Taipei clubs unless a headliner is in town? Maybe someone who knows someone, who knows somebody can tell somebody to try and switch it up and grow the scene a little. Maybe I should drink a nice tall glass of ‘shut the f*#k up!’ and call it a day since:
1.its not my city
2.not my scene and
3.locals dont care what a Wai-guo-ren thinks about it anyways.

Soooo, on this Heaven or Hell Sunday, I give you a little piece of my heaven. Like I was saying, ‘A change is gonna come’ is one of my favorite songs. So I’m gonna give you two versions by two of the greatest voices in Soul Music.

First up Sam Cooke’s version(click pic to download)


2nd up, the Otis Redding version (my fav)click pic.


While we’re on the topic of change, I came across this earlier this week. A man whose face has gone through some MAJOR changes over the years. Michael Jackson. This is the demo version of P.Y.T. and its like a completely different song, but still funky as ever.


Sometimes major changes just need a little catalyst, a little something to peak peoples interests. Hopefully Wednesday April 8th when the new Nike 6453 gallery space opens, it will be a catalyst for change on some level. I got some sneak preview pics that I stole off the freshness blog.



If you don’t know about Wednesday night, please get familiar. The Commissioner aka Mick Boogie, will be in Taipei City. He will be at the gallery space opening as well as the after party at Primo. Check out his website, and his blog. He knows good music, and he’s worked with all your favorite artists. Trust it.

‘A change is gonna come…..oh yes it is……’



PS: please feel free to comment

Yeah its a rainy saturday in Taipei City. Im still laughing my ass off about our new flyer. Its gold. Absolutely brilliant. Glimpses of Genius even. Scroll down if you havent seen it yet.

Here is some very random news from Internet Land. Michael Jackson, the king of pop just announced his final concerts in tne UK in July. This guy has been through so much in the press, that its amazing to see how loyal his real fans still are. They are people near tears in the crowd because they got a chance to see their idol. Im willing to bet my next few months salary that he puts on a fucking amazing show.

On to other amazing things. Watch this video. This guy survives, by some form of miracle, getting hit by a truck that was hit by a train. Incredible.

Fucking incredible right?!
I know

And I just came across this new Young Jeezy video, ‘Circulate’. Its directed by Terry Richardson who is one of those hipster photographers that all the hipster kids love. He’s shot for Vice and American Apparel, Staple, etc, etc. The song is produced by Don Cannon and im loving the horn blasts. Its some good morning music.

Here’s a little Saturday rainy day bonus for y’all.
The Dramatics – In the rain

Hit the gym beeches, HHHT weekend is coming up.
Shuffle b-word shuffle

Well folks, the Surveys are in and it’s official: The Sofa Kings and Marcus A. turned the party out!!

In following with our standard M.O., calves were punished, vocal chords were strained and buttocks’ were thrown around in a manner that would have grandma spinning in her pine box. All in all, good times (BIG Thanks to the loyal HHHT supporters who are always down for a jam). However, as much as I love my nights of mayhem, I love my days of rest just as much. So on this Heaven or Hell Sunday…I give you….

….a little bit o’ heaven….
Dre Day
A new tune from Mr. Day ‘n Night – Kid Cudi. I’ve only heard 2 songs from this guy, but me like so far.

Kid Cudi – Super Boo
And in case you missed it
Kid Cudi – Day ‘n Nite (Crookers Remix)

And another track from Dilla’s unreleased Pay Jay. This time a collab he did with Soul Brother No.1, Pete Rock.

J Dilla – Remember That

And now…a little bit o’ hell…
This is for my man M.A.

*Disclaimer – Don’t drink ANYTHING while you watch this.

And some more pain.

Be well folk.

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