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I used to work the 2nd floor of a 3 floor Record shop in Toronto. At the time, this shop (not the whole chain), was well known for the fact that its selection was next to none and all of us prided ourselves on that (Peace to J$Money). We prided ourselves on the fact that this was somewhere that literally ANYONE could come in, find what they were looking for, and also find someone they could talk TO about it. This is where much of my musical knowledge as an adult was acquired. And although wages low and hours relatively demanding, I (for the most part) got to listen to good music all day and get my learn on. So, as you can imagine, Tuesdays used to be like Christmas for me. And like Christmas, I wanted to be up EARLY!

I would always make sure I got the opening shift on Tuesday mornings. 8:30am start. New music. New music the general public had never heard. New Music that did everything it could to not be the last kid picked for the team. New Music appointed me the messiah, passing on the good and holding back the bad. (God complex much?) It was…for lack of a better term…DOPE!

These days, Tuesday’s generally tend to pass by quietly for me. Almost as if it got old and became a home body.

I bought a Janelle Monae CD off iTunes awhile back, and although the Digital Booklet was really gorgeous, I still miss turning pages. I don’t have the money (or space) to keep buying CD’s, and this is the only way I get to put money (even though it’s pennies) back into the artists pocket. I just wish there was a way we could still have some Tangibility with the product.

Anyways….on that note, I’m gettin with the times and bringing you some more MPCRACK.

Today? Akon dropped. I’ll let you find it yourself.

NEXT WEEK!? COMMON SENSE. Universal Mind Control.

I’m WAY more excited about this then that Finding Forever crap. Yes I said it. Was Common dope on it? Yes. Were there some decent songs? of course. But it marked the first time Common had put out back-to-back releases that sounded like they came from the same session and that to me, make it crap. Especially when your catalogue includes so many pioneering albums, none of which sounding like the other (Peace to NO I.D. and DILLA!). You know you would’ve hated Miles Davis if he tried to do ‘Kind of Blue’ twice….and you know it would’ve been good too.

Common – Universal Mind Control

Universal Mind Control Feat. Pharrell
Punch Drunk Love Feat. Kanye West & Pharrell

Ludacris dropped his record last week. It’s not bad, but it’s boring. He’s ALWAYS going to have a few tunes that’ll make you smile, but it’s the same thing as his last record with less vulgarity. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud Luda for trying to get his ‘grown man’ on, but unfortunately, his grown-manness is often countered by his (or Def Jam’s) need for another ‘Stand Up’ or ‘Move Bitch’ leaving his grown-man words worth doo-doo.

Here’s one of the gooders (also featuring Common) – Do The Right Thang Feat. Common & Spike Lee

And as promised…more unreleased Q-Tip. This one’s from the album that was supposed to be ‘The Renaissance’ called ‘Relive the Moment’. They share tracks, but here’s one that never made it out – That’s Sexy (Feat. Andre 3000).

Sorry bout the essay.
And another one….

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