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HHHTwice Again,

We continue the Pair Up legacy today with heavy hitters from East to South, West to Midwest.


Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes have been at it for a loooong time.

And while still relevant to the culture, Doggystyle and the Coming would definitely be considered Old School to today’s youth.  That being said, it really is a testament to the grind and pedigree of these two that they’ve been able to stay atop the food chain without completely losing that character we’ve all come to know and love.

Coming together once again for a remix of Snoop’s new badass banger, I Wanna Rock, Busta comes and shows some East Coast love to the West Coast Don.


And check the new vid too…


Royce and Cee-Lo.

Not a collab I would’ve ever thought of, but a dope one nonetheless.  Royce is obviously heavy with his pen game and Cee-Lo, well, I’d go so far as to say he’s one of hip-hop’s most under appreciated lyricists and spitters ever.  Not to mention versatile.  I do love his singing voice plenty, but much like Andre 3000, I think their singing stuff is dope, but I really want them to get back to some good ol’ spitting, if only for just one album.

Luckily for us, Goodie Mob seems to be reunited and working together again, meanwhile we’re still waiting on that Slaughterhouse/Aftermath deal to be confirmed.

Anyway, on with the show…


And a special Pair Up bonus, that RAW ish:



Nope I ain’t talkin Noel and Liam.

Making their 2nd appearance on Pair Up, off the upcoming The Oasis, I give you some more of that grown man ish.


******SUPER BONUS*******

I don’t need to say ish bout this.

All salute the fathers of that ‘Do your own ish’ mentality.

20 years and rising…


It’s Saturday folk.  Get it in.


WaaKao ladies and gentleman. It’s been a little long, but busy-ness behinds the scenes is a real good thing. Sometime it’s takes a while to get the campfire going but once it does, the whole forest goes up in flames. Waakao for real.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having a few moments of free time. Chill time. Relax time. It was nice, especially after two rowdy nights (big up b.monk, bloofrog poker tourney in hsin chu, and the rock and roll circus), playing football and almost being unable to move. I got to catch up on some Internet-related activities and came across an old friend, John Forte. You might remember him from some Fugee-related material from way back. Well, I was a Fugee-head and I loved whatever they did for a while there. Forte released an album that I dug, Poly Sci, and it had a pretty dope 99 loft Balloons sampling single, Flash the Message.

In 2000, John Forte was arrested with 31 pounds of liquid cocaine at an airport. That’s gangster. He got sent away for 14 years and then, for what may be the only good thing of his presidency, George W. Bush pardoned him on his last day in office. F U Scooter Libby. Anyway, the man is out and running. He’s got a blog up at Daily Beast (Huff Post is better Tina Brown), and he’s telling people what happened in his life. It’s a great read and you feel that he decided to pay his debt to society and then jump back into life head first. Go, John, Go!

John Forte “Runnin Up That Hill” from The ICU on Vimeo.

And just a remindeer of how dope the Native tounges thing was at one point, Rumble in the Jungle from When We Were Kings.

And if you are in Australia, consider yourself very lucky. De La is touring on their 20th anniversary of their group with a 13-piece band. Does it get better than that?

New posts each day for the week heading up to the High Heels Dirty South Mini tour. Friday in Tainan and Saturday in KHH. Get down

M to the A

Well sirs and madams,

As you digest your turkey, sleep off your egg nog and relax from that mistletoe, I have a few more goodies for your virtual stocking.

Courtesy of the boys over at illRoots, I have a very cool mixtape download by DJ Osk that combines West Coast funk with East Coast spit.

I give you….(click pic to Download)

As many of you know, the Lox are dope lyricists. This has been a constant for many years and with the recent barrage of Jadakiss mixtapes and Holiday Styles (P.) guest features (SEE HUMDRUM by The Roots feat. Mos & Styles) this statement has never been more accurate. However, the fact of the matter is, their ear for beats have left many of their lyrical gems inaudible because dammit….they pick some stinkers.

So although I’m not the biggest perpetuator of Dr. Andre Young M.D., I’m a strong supporter of this concept and hope they can aim for this same quality on their official releases (I really hope Jadakiss’ new album is good. I really really do.).


Once you’ve processed your way through that….some dope.

As my colleagues and loyal readers have come to know, I’m a Native Tongues, Soulquarian and Ummah head (as many North American Asians are for some reason…go figure…I guess we identify with the plight????!! **shrugs shoulders** ). And as I’ve been on my De La rampage for the last few months I thought I might ease up for a second and start giving you another side of my O.C.D. mental.

D’Angelo. Namely…Voodoo. (Yes, the album with the video with the nakedness) But more importantly, the album heralded by musicians worldwide (Specifically session cats and jazzers) as being one of the last great examples of a strong, brave, patient, soulful, highly musical, heavy, etc. etc. etc. record that Popular American Culture has allowed through it’s filter to the Masses blah blah blah (I’ll get off my milk crate now…)

Anyways….point is that it’s good, whether you want to approach it from an academic angle or not…and since 2000, I’ve dedicated (a minimum of) 3 months of every year to this record. And well, it’s begun…again. So stay tuned for the next few weeks for some little D’Nuggets for all my D’Heads. In the meantime…like I said…some dope.

D’Angelo channeling his inner James Brown/Prince.

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Happy Punching Day.


It’s FRIDAY! And what better way to start the weekend then with some new-old music!

It seems the crew and I have been on a bit of a Native Tongues tear lately and well, personally, I’m rarely NOT on a Native Tongues tear (this also includes all Native Tongue branches: Okayplayers, Soulquarians, Spitkickers, the Ummah, Dave Chappelle, Michael Rappaport, etc.)

Sooo…as promised, I bring you the first of many unreleased Q-Tip joints that hopefully, according to him, will see the light of day within the next few years, but with the way labels make promises these days……

These first tracks were off, what was supposed to be, Tip’s sophomore LP entitled ‘Kamaal the Abstract’.  What many aren’t aware of is that, aside from being the main producer in A Tribe Called Quest (No, it WASN’T Ali Shaheed), Q-Tip is actually a trained musician and an established Jazz producer producing for some of the scene’s heaviest hitters including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Garrett and more (the Former he actually went to school with alongside De La Soul and Afrika Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers — Damn…good school).  Unfortunately, outside of a few pieces of promo wax, this never saw the light of day.

Anyways…nuff yackin, onto the goodies.

Q-Tip – Barely In Love

Q-Tip – Blue Girl

And since Digit gave you the track yesterday….today, I present the Vid.

A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way (Prod. by J Dilla)

And this one just because….

I always keep my promises.


…and on this day I choose….

Dres (Black Sheep) – The Choice is Yours (Tasters Choice Remix)

and from ‘Fudge Pudge’ to ‘Simon Says’…’Push’ to ‘When the Gun Draws’, Mr. “Pharoahe F!#@in’ Monch Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed” has FINALLY released a video for his remake of a Public Enemy classic with his very own twist (and if you’ve been to a Sofa Kings show you know we rock this on a REGULAR!!!).
Pharoahe Monch –
Welcome To The Terrordome (sorry…had issues embedding it)

If you didn’t get Monch’s latest (‘Desire’)…I suggest you do. One of the few major label artists left who are ‘fighting the good fight’….but then again, that’s just my opinion.

The Party is just 6 days away. Get your names on the list NOW!

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