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Since I received my promo copy of ‘In Search of…’ in early 2002, I’ve been an  enormous fan of N*E*R*D*.  Their decision to take what was already a good grouping of beats (unlike their ‘Clones’ showing) and replay them with live instruments only proved to strengthen their musical ideas and ultimately, gave them the freedom to genre jump with ease.

Being a DJ myself, with each album I’ve found that there’s always at least one song that you can play anytime, anywhere, no matter the circumstance because it’s just that good and I know there are a ton of haters out there who’d wanna contest that Pharrell and Chad aren’t really the most technically gifted musicians, and for that you’d be absolutely correct.  Yes, many of their chord progressions are the same, and sure many of their songs end up fitting the same formula, but dammit if it isn’t just lovely to listen to regardless.  Candy for the ears.

Now, after 3 albums of what I consider to be a clear demonstration of growth, work and imagination, N*E*R*D* will be re-entering the public eye with their 4th album Nothing, and we’ve got a couple chunes right here for you to absorb.

Are you a N*E*R*D*?  Hit me up.




Cap 10 = Lamar
Sofa Kings = Lewis and Gilbert
Digit = Poindexter
2 Hands = Wormser
M. Aurelius = Boogar
How can you talk about nerds without the illest nerd video of all time?

and I’ve been trying to find the dirty version of NERD’s lapdance just because it never really gets old but I think the wars on YouTube (haters) have made it disappear and I’m at work, so Googling lapdance isn’t the best thing I can do.

But it is Bubble Bath Wednesdays here at High Heels and Hi-Tops blog and here is a little treat for the ladies:
All the presidents with their shirts off (Just don’t look at the Regan one). Don’t ask me how I found that either. It was emailed to me. Yeah.

It’s Christmas Eve and what better way to celebrate than take the high-speed rail down to Khh and DJ? Anyone in the dirty dirty around to say what’s up, come on by.

Here are a few XXX-Mas presents. People recording themselves dancing, singing or whatever to Christmas songs. First up is Cheech’s long lost cousin’s version of Backdoor Santa

Had to throw the real one in here cause damn if Nate Dogg ain’t good on it

I’m not sure if I love or hate this one

This is what I imagine Christmas to be like at my house five to ten years from now

And finally, this is pretty nice. If anyone has the mpfree, hook it up before I get on that train at 6pm.

Merry Christmas folks. Thanks for all the love and support


You may not be able to tell by my cool, calm demeanour and rugged good looks, but yes ladies and gentlemen, I was once a black nerd. Now I could start and write a whole other blog about this. But I digress, this isn’t the time or the place. But I am a fan of N•E•R•D. They recently released a new album called ‘Seeing Sounds’. One of the songs I really liked from the beginning was ‘Sooner or Later’

The theme of this video reflects the disparaging economic times, but of course adds a rock n roll twist at the end. This one is not embeddable but you can see the video by clicking here.

As I said I’m a pretty big fan of these guys, here’s one of the bangers off their last album ‘Fly or Die’. This one features ?uestlove with the fro-hawk on the drums, and Lenny Kravitz, who’s not featured in the video. Maybe

Now I would argue to say that Kanye West is a Nerd. According to the definition, I would say that he’s a match in all categories. Foolish, contemptable, he lacks social skills and seems pretty boringly studious. Nerd is the new black. Black is the new grey. I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, but i know its a pretty popular show. If the show is featuring one of Kanye’s songs, that must be pretty big.

I dont need to see Sandra Oh, kiss, on or off screen ever again. She’s an effing NERD!

Fans who make videos for their favorite songs are nerds. Here’s one for Kanye’s track Amazing!

This isn’t the ‘Official’ video but a good effort none the less.

And i figured i’d be a NERD and let you know about proper bathroom etiquette.


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