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HHHThree in the mornin’,

Apologies for the lack of updates.  I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of promo for my upcoming TOUR (15 cities cross Canada! Come see us!!!) and haven’t really had time to keep you up with all the happenings of recent.

Well, in the past little bit, I’ve seen such an incredible slew of videos (good, bad and WTF?!) that I thought I’d just post a few of’em each day for the next little while until I get some time to really pump some ish out.  Those who’re regular on the blog circuit might notice that some of these are a few weeks old but for those who haven’t, enjoy.

The Good

The Roots – How I Got Over (sorry wasn’t able to embed.  Twitvid is being a b.i.  Click pic)

The Bad (as in M.J. Bad)

Jay-Z  – D.O.A.


Hurricane Chris – Halle Berry (Live for the Louisiana House of Representatives)

And as a BONUS MPFREE, some new Sa-Ra featuring the lovely miss Erykah Badu. – click pic.

Be well world.


HHHTerry Benedicts’,

No pussy footin.  Let’s get it in.

Remember what happened to throwbacks after Jay and Pharrell did ‘Change Clothes’?  Let’s hope and pray that Jay still bares the same clout as he once did and allows the few T-Pain’s to ride their lane out and remind everyone else to stay OUT of it.

This tune is retarded….not cause of any particular flow but just for the sake of the message.  And c’mon….NO I.D. ON THE TRACK!!!!  Hands up to Jay and Kanye for keeping a legend working and relevant and acknowledging their roots.  At no point should anyone forget what this man’s done for Hip-Hop.*

*….and if you don’t know….go cop yourself Common’s 1994 joint ‘Ressurection’ for some education.  And after that, grab the NO I.D. & Dug Infinite joint from ’97 – (super rare collector’s item for diggers everywhere).

Anyway, no more nothin!  Song and interview.  Get IT!

Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)


Q-Tip on Auto-Tune (sorry…couldn’t figure out the embed)

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Bobby Ray on Auto-Tune

And a final reminder that it only takes one to start a revolution.  WATCH THE WHOLE THING!

Be well world.

It’s Saturday Folk. Get it in!

Triple. – Day 5 of the PPFilm Festival happening now!

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