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Quick question, what’s worse?  Video game anger? or Computer anger? Are they the same?

Like, by worse I mean the most infuriating because you can’t actually argue with either and yet, when they’re uncooperative, they manage to stir up more malice and animosity within you than any sibling ever has. Or maybe that’s just me.

All I know is, if I was rich, I’d probably be on my 34th computer right now as the rest lay in a computer graveyard out my top floor window.  But I digress, after having some issues with my internet yesterday, I’m back in full effect with plenty of goodies for this Free-For-All Friday.

You like Wu-Tang?  I like Wu-Tang.  You like GZA?  I also like GZA.  Here’s some GZA.

GZA – Seven Pounds (remix) (click flick)

How bout Jay-Z?  Here’s all his new stuff since American Gangster in one neat little package.

Jay-Z – Prelude to Blueprint 3 (click flick)

And how ’bout Shepard Fairey? The man once known for being behind the Obey campaign is now synonymous with Mr. 44 and change due to his instantly iconic Obama pic — that’s poised to be the next Photobooth default setting next to the Warhol one….(incidentally, I went to the Andy Warhol exhibit here in Taipei yesterday and well….I think I hate him. (click for more)

Anyways…here’s Shepard Fairey talkin bout his Obama flick with Boing Boing.


Stay tuned for a very special Dilla Birthday post tomorrow.

Whaddup whaddup!

Manic Mondays presents:

Dope Kicks that are coming out, maybe coming out, or that are just Dope.

Hi-Tops. I like’em. Maybe you do too.

Carlone put you guys on the Air Yeezy’s last week. And well, chances of you getting a pair are about equal to MC Hot Dog kickin some knowledge. F’REAL f’real.

So in other words, it ain’t happenin (at least not without you forfeiting half your unborn child’s college fund).

And as you sulk about the Kanye’s here’s some more fodder for your woes. Foot Fantasies designed/inspired by dope peoples.

Eminem Discussing his upcoming Jordan’s
They look doooooooooope.

If you never hit up the De La Dunks that came out ’05/’06 (see LEO37’s feet at the next 2 HHHT events) here’s your chance to cop the next De La Dunk.

With the release of their new disc this year entitled ‘You’re Welcome’ which also includes a 20th anniversary remake of ‘3 Feet High & Rising’ De La have said that they will be releasing a new shoe to go along with the album.

The images of the kicks below (inspired by their 6th album, A.O.I. Bionix) are rumored to be the next kicks but many message boards are claiming these are decoys.

Either way…here they is.

Next up…

Dope Obama Kicks.

One of’em might be real, the other, homemade.  Either way…very dope.
(I really really wish there were more pics of the one on the left. Damn!)

Click to Enlarge.

And this is a few months old, but in case you missed it, ?uestlove of the Legendary Roots crew speaking on his Nike Air ?uesto Line




I love the superrich. Hell, they even voted for Mr. O and he promised to raise their taxes. But Kanye…He’s super super retarded rich. I mean, he beat 50 Cents last year. Badly. I mean, I’m not sure if 50’s album is coming out before the end of the year, but have you heard a single from it? Kanyeezy got it. Even if you don’t like the depressed vodocoder, you’ve got to give him a bit of credit for doing what the funk he wants to do. If you haven’t heard it all, then go here.  New music Tuesdays bieeeeeooootch.

Need something to read while you judge the 808s? Get off the computer and get a book. For real. But if you’re too lazy to leave the crib, here is some words that will 

The Irony that Chinese Democracy is not allowed in China

Malcolm Gladwell’s New Theory Outlier

Overused Samples in Hip-Hop

Don’t like reading? Need something interesting to watch? Dark Days. Trust me.

Don’t forget. We are going to have a new High Heels and Hi-Tops Jam on Dec 5th (Friday night)at Deep Passion. We’ve got tickets that get everyone in $100 off the normal fee. ($600 men $300 ladies) All you can drank. Back room edition. If you like the poppy hip-hop, then the big room is for you. If you want some real shiiiiiieeeeet, the Backroom is your spot. It’s a win-win situation.

-ma ka si

First things first, High Heels and Hi-Tops is taking the show on the road. PingTung County is the place and Beaver Dam is the space. DJ Dan aka Two Hands aka Low-Top Fade will be rockin’ the E’s and R’s with me. Did you know that the parties get wilder exponentially with each degree of latitude lost? It’s gonna be a total chaotic throw-the-chair-down and boogie affair. If you know anyone down in PingTung/KHH/Tainan, tell ’em they should come and rip the curtains down with us.

And watch out for the next Taipei version of High Heels and High Tops on Friday Dec 5th at a place to be confirmed (well, it’s confirmed, but we can’t tell you yet. All I can say is hell to the yeahhh.)

Weekend Update: The Rocktagon show was very Plush-ish. We’ve got to make a deal with these people when they come in from out of town to let them play a big room somewhere for the cash and then throw it down at a smaller place so they can play how they really like. Roc was very technically proficient and I may even steal a trick or two from his style, but it still Plush.

What else? Did you know that they have monster truck limos?

Did you know that the greatest group of all time was on the stage in London recently for a freestyle session? (Let’s hope Vimo works now? It does but wow is it a pain to embed.)

oh yeah…an amazing jam from Terry Lynn Kingstonlogic

-Moistious I Really Is

Just by being elected the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama has already done more for the US’ foreign policy than W. Bush has done in eight years. An amazing day. An amazing night. And an amazing future to look forward to.

Funny thing is, when I was watching the election, all I could think of was this.

By the way, I didn’t bet $500 US on the election cause at the time I was challenged by my friendly neighborhood rethuglicans, I didn’t have the loot. But, I’ve got to toot my own horn a little and say my predictions were super close to the final numbers. In the Electoral College (can we get rid of this idiotic thing yet?), the final total Obama has right now is 364 with Missouri still not counted. If that goes Obama’s way (he’s losing by a couple thousand votes), his total would end up being 375–my prediction. Also, the percentages are 52.3 to 46.2. I guessed 52.5 to 48.2. And the senate races I was right on the money with 57 seats but there are three races still to be determined. Anyway, that’s enough about politics for a while. And big up to everyone but three people who came to the Obama victory celebration. Off the chain.

As you know, this Saturday, there is a mad party at Copa. Ladies, I want to see some Manolo Blaniks (I can’t be f***ed to look up that word) or your best night market imitations. Fellas, I wanna see some ill sneaks. I’m thinking Barkley 94 for me, personally. Anyway, the list is getting big. YOU MAY WANT TO GET THERE EARLY. There are two birthday ladies in the house and they are rolling deep.
We are gonna make sure they do it up right.

And don’t forget. GET ON THE LIST. You don’t want to be left standing outside all night. for you and your friends.


In honor of Obama’s victory, I’d like to take a sec to dedicate a few songs from one of my hiphop heroes to the man. When I got the call from my homegirl Mandy at noon yesterday, tears welled up in my eyes. I had to get off my scooter and take a minute. After we finished talking, the first song I felt compelled to play was Big Daddy Kane’s ‘Young, Gifted and Black’. Now i’m not trying to be on some super black power tip and please dont take it as that. I hope that people will start to notice the talent of all people now, regardless of color. Here’s to hoping that we’ve transcended those barriers.

Here are a few BDK tunes you should get acquainted with:
Another Victory

Young, Gifted and Black

Warm It Up Kane

And this one is a special dedication to all my Americans who stood in lines and took part in their nations history. Here’s to change, and hoping that the sentiment expressed in this song never has to be felt by anyone, anywhere, ever again.

Syl Jonson ‘Is it because I’m black?’


No matter if you are red or blue or green or yellow, you know that today has been a fantastic day. Come out to Copa (YanJi St Lane 137 #2) and celebrate something new in the world. Have a drink to the new president-elect Obama. 

DJs-Please bring anything you want to play. We will have open turntables with serato and CDJs, so anyone can come and play songs for CHANGE.

Let’s do it.

“In the unlikely story of America there’s never been anything false about hope.” B. Obama


It’s that time again. If you hadn’t noticed, there is an election going on and it’s overshadowing just about everything in the world. It’s a fairly obvious choice to most of the people in the universe save a few zillionaires and some hardcore racists (but they are too even voting for Obama). But what I want to talk about today is change. It’s such a simple, fluffy word, but damn if it hasn’t taken new meaning this year. This man, from an unimaginable background, is on the brink of changing the way the world works. If the polls are right and AmeriKKKans don’t funk this up, then anyone…anyone can do anything. A friend the other day told me a simple thing, ‘If you want to do something, find a way.’ So the celebration doesn’t start till McTaint’s concession speech, but here are three uplifting songs about change that you should be listening to all day on Tuesday. They are not new but each is amazing in its own way.

Sam Cooke-A Change Is Gonna Come

The O-Broz started one of their CDs with this song just as I was really getting into Pandora Radio Service (RIP) and that showed me how close people from different places can come. I was never a Sam Cooke man as I thought he was just that “Sitting By the Dock of the Bay” guy that Michael Bolton had raped. But this song changed all that. 1964 to 2008. Sam, the change you are looking for is here.

Lauryn Hill-A Change is Gonna Come (Unreleased)

I don’t know much about this song except it sounds real good. I remember when The Fugees were selling 20 million and a friend of mine told me, ‘They just take everyone’s songs and re-do ’em.’ Oops. About a year later, he told me, ‘Damn, Wyclef is DOOOOPE.” This is a nice version and a hope that L-Boogie can take some of those demons that she has inside of her for the past 10 years and get into a recording studio and just blow it out. There has never been a female with the skill to rap and sing like this woman and she’s about due for a second coming.

Wyclef-Obama For President

You might have known that I have a thing for The Fugees, and it’s true. They were ill. Wyclef takes his ‘If I Were President’ and goes for it on the Green Lantern mixtape. (trying sharebee for this download…see if it works any better)


How could any playlist be complete without a track from 2Pac (RIP, young soldier)? I swear that I play this track a lot and every time, someone comes up to me and wants to talk about Bruce Hornsby while I’m trying to mix to the next song. But for real, after today (tomorrow Taiwan time) THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

And for the gamblers out there, I’ll lay my ass on the line and give you my prediction–Obama 375 Electoral College Votes and 52.5% of the popular vote to Old Sad GrandPa’s 45.8% with Dems getting 57 seats in the Senate and +25 in the House. But I only really care about one number…270 270 270 (like A Millie A Millie A Millie)

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