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Since I received my promo copy of ‘In Search of…’ in early 2002, I’ve been an  enormous fan of N*E*R*D*.  Their decision to take what was already a good grouping of beats (unlike their ‘Clones’ showing) and replay them with live instruments only proved to strengthen their musical ideas and ultimately, gave them the freedom to genre jump with ease.

Being a DJ myself, with each album I’ve found that there’s always at least one song that you can play anytime, anywhere, no matter the circumstance because it’s just that good and I know there are a ton of haters out there who’d wanna contest that Pharrell and Chad aren’t really the most technically gifted musicians, and for that you’d be absolutely correct.  Yes, many of their chord progressions are the same, and sure many of their songs end up fitting the same formula, but dammit if it isn’t just lovely to listen to regardless.  Candy for the ears.

Now, after 3 albums of what I consider to be a clear demonstration of growth, work and imagination, N*E*R*D* will be re-entering the public eye with their 4th album Nothing, and we’ve got a couple chunes right here for you to absorb.

Are you a N*E*R*D*?  Hit me up.



We posted something about this 6 months ago, and now finally, we actually have somethin to show you.

Mr. Oizo‘s Flat Eric and Pharrell in ‘Where’s the Money George?’ (Pt. 1)

HHHTime Travelers,

With the 4th quarter upon us and several projects from tons of amazing people still awaiting release, HHHT gets into a few in particular that we’re eye-spyin’ for.


Oh Clipse, this one better be good.

I’ve said this before on this blog, but I’ll reiterate one more time.  I’m a huge Clipse fan.  Really and truly I am.  Like, I’ve gone on record as saying that as far as Street lyricists are concerned, they’re the closest thing we’ve had to Wu-Tang in a long long time.  HOWEVER, that last Re-Up gang record was not only unfocused in terms of production and direction, but lyrically they were barely punching their way out of that proverbial wet paper bag (see ‘Fast Life’ produced by Scott Storch).  And to that end…I’m scared.  Nonetheless, I’ve heard 3 cuts off the album thus far and have been relatively content.  Perhaps because they’ve all been Neptunes beats and that’s, at the end of the day, what I think the Clipse should sound like.  Also, Mr. ‘Bison in his studio’, the legendary Rick Rubin is overseeing this album so I can only hope that means any loose ends the Star Trak boys miss, Rick’s holdin down.  Anyway, here’s a new cut featuring Pharrell and the former Dipset General, Cam’ron, whaddya think?



Jack Davey & Brook D’Leau, better known as J*Davey have been a favorite group of mine ever since I saw them perform at this little spot in Toronto some years back.

A clash of about a half dozen genres in one, they were just starting to get their buzz in the scene when the Roots, who obviously felt they were of a particular quality decided to bring them on the Beginner’s Guide… tour.  Unfortunately for them, when they reached Toronto, the type of music they did matched with the venue they were performing at and the audience that was in attendance made for a vinegar/oil type of situation as these 2 were completely drowned out with Boo’s for damn near the entirety of their set.  However, unlike most acts that would’ve packed it up mid-way through the shit storm, they persevered through and finished the set graciously.  Score 1 for J*Davey.  Then, a smart move on their part, they booked a show the next night here in a much smaller club and they absolutely demolished.  They then went on to feature on the Roots next record Game Theory (which is in IMO their best record to date), the late great J Dilla’s Dilla Loves Japan EP, and release 2 EP’s to critical acclaim.  Now, after being picked up by Warner, their preparing to drop their first full length (apparently) soon.  In the meantime, here’s some new ish.



I’m not gonna say ANYTHING  about this.  Just watch the video below and digest it yourself cause I’m still convulsing.

I’ll be posting webisodes from the recording sessions on a regular from now on in.  GET FAMILIAR!


This is kinda old news but for those who don’t know… and Jumpoff.TV have been doing a series called ’48 Hours’ where they follow major artists on the first 2 days of releasing a brand new album.  Thus far, the people they’ve picked have been interesting and the series has been relatively entertaining.  For your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d start posting these up and give you a behind the scenes look at some serious players hard at work.

We start with a Kiss…

We tha ish folk.  There’s no denyin it.

HHHT all day e’yday.

Be well world.



We baaaack.

As I had assumed (first mistake), with the departure of El CAPitan to the West West Y’ALL and with M.A. Waakaoing island life, it seemed that the HHHT dynasty was ready to settle into bed and retire into seclusion.  But like the Clan you know NEVER to Fuck Wit’, we’re back on our B.S. and from the West, to the East to the FAR East, we got you covered.

So to continue with CAP’s lead…we stay heavy.

Never Can Say Goodbye.

You received the leaks MONTHS ago.  And yes, you were blown away.  And yes, like yourself, I wondered, ‘When the EFF is this ISH comin out?!” Well dammit, it’s arrived and it’s oh so sweet.  Featuring remixes of MJ, Marvin and Stevie, Beatnick & K-Salaam have without a shadow of a doubt proved that they are, in fact a problem.  For REALS for real.

Click cover for DL.


Couldn’t tell you what’s goin on here, but I can tell you I’m thoroughly intrigued.  These 2 working together should definitely generate goodies.

Pharrell & Mr. Oizo are Eric Williams?


Finally, on September 19th, the world lost a true innovator, inspiration and phenom to the art of turntablism. Anthony Williams a.k.a. Grandmaster Roc Raida passed away last week due to complications from a surgery he had to undergo after a mixed-martial arts accident.

Without question, not only one of the most influential people in the Turntablist community, but also one of the main reasons I began to pursue music in the first place.  I literally wore out my X-Pressions CD in Grade 10 to the point where out of the 20 some cuts, I could only eventually play 5 or 6 cause the rest of the disc was burnt out.   In Saskatoon, where I grew up, we had a Skate/Hip-Hop shop called 9Times that used to get bootleg copies of underground Hip-Hop VHS tapes.  That’s where I got Tableturns 2. That’s when I first saw the Push It/Goin Back to Cali routines and that’s when I realized that Roc Raida ain’t no joke.  And well, that’s also where I got ‘the Adventures of Grandmaster Roc Raida’ and was really shown just how much of an impact he had on the Hip-Hop world.

Below I’ve included clips of the Tableturns 2 routine, one of my favorite clips from ‘the Adventures of…’ where Raida has a friendly battle with D.I.T.C. legend, Lord Finesse, and ‘Raida’s Theme’ from X-Pressions.

One of the best to ever do it.

R.I.P. Roc Raida.

Be well world. Let your peoples know you love’em.


Well HHHTitans,

As we reminisce over Taichung, and look ahead to Taipei (4 MORE DAYS!), I give you some goodness to start your week off right.

Uno. For all those Kanye fans who can’t quite figure out what happened with his last album or are desperately hoping for a return from Kanye of ol’,  I give you some New Old stuff. DJ Benzi and Plain Pat bring you a mixtape of dope remixes featuring your favorite Kanye tracks (with only a handful of’em ivolving Auto-tune) and some dope new verses from Kid Cudi, Mos Def, Big Sean and more.

Click flick for DL

  • 001. Sky High Feat. Kid Cudi
    002. Good Morning (The Kickdrums Remix) Feat. Big Sean
    003. Champion (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
    004. Barry Bonds (Eli Escobar Remix) Feat. Lil Wayne
    005. We Major (The Kickdrums Remix) feat. Nas
    006. Crack Musik (Cookin Soul Remix) Feat. The Game
    007. Good Night (Plain Pat Remix) Feat. Mos Def
    008. Get Em High (A-Trak Remix) Feat. Common
    009. Throw Some (Cousin Cole Remix)
    010. Electric Touch (Steve1der & Mighty Mi remix) feat. Lupe Fiasco
    011. Love Lockdown (Tom Wrecks Remix)
    012. Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix)
    013. Addiction (Kenny Dope Remix)
    014. Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
    015 Workout Plan (Chaise Marcel Remix)
    016. American Boy (Benzi Refix) Feat. Will.I.Am
    017. Homecoming (Discotech Remix) Feat Chris Martin
    018. I Wonder (Scottie B Remix)
    019. Good Life (Stretch Armstrong Remix) feat T-Pain
    020. Cant Tell Me Nothing (DJ Godfather Remix)
    021. Outroduction feat Big Sean

Dos. A brand new tune from the ESPN bloggin, Codeine sippin, Dreadlock swingin, Air Guitar Champion,  Mr. Martian Goblin himself, Weezy F. Baby.

Now, I’ve generally tried to refrain from posting on ‘The Next in Line’ for our blog, not out of hate or censorship, but quite frankly, he’s on everything, everywhere, everyday.  So I figured, one less outlet really wouldn’t be an issue.  But booooy….do I like what Pharrell gave him this time.

Whaddya think?  Good? Not so much? Lemme know.

Click flick for DL

Lil Wayne – Yes Feat. Pharrell

Tres. This was gettin a lot of internet love last week, but in case you missed it…

Visual artist Joe Buck, best known for his ‘De La Soul is Dead’ cover, took it upon himself to reinterpret some other classic (and not-so classic) album covers. In his own words:

“Free revised cover art. This is not to say that the original art isn’t great. This is just my vision”.

They’re all very dope.  Covering Q-Tip, Dilla, T-Pain, Kanye, Ludacris & even an Obama mixtape, you need to CHECK THESE HERE.

Cuatro . Triple.

I used to work the 2nd floor of a 3 floor Record shop in Toronto. At the time, this shop (not the whole chain), was well known for the fact that its selection was next to none and all of us prided ourselves on that (Peace to J$Money). We prided ourselves on the fact that this was somewhere that literally ANYONE could come in, find what they were looking for, and also find someone they could talk TO about it. This is where much of my musical knowledge as an adult was acquired. And although wages low and hours relatively demanding, I (for the most part) got to listen to good music all day and get my learn on. So, as you can imagine, Tuesdays used to be like Christmas for me. And like Christmas, I wanted to be up EARLY!

I would always make sure I got the opening shift on Tuesday mornings. 8:30am start. New music. New music the general public had never heard. New Music that did everything it could to not be the last kid picked for the team. New Music appointed me the messiah, passing on the good and holding back the bad. (God complex much?) It was…for lack of a better term…DOPE!

These days, Tuesday’s generally tend to pass by quietly for me. Almost as if it got old and became a home body.

I bought a Janelle Monae CD off iTunes awhile back, and although the Digital Booklet was really gorgeous, I still miss turning pages. I don’t have the money (or space) to keep buying CD’s, and this is the only way I get to put money (even though it’s pennies) back into the artists pocket. I just wish there was a way we could still have some Tangibility with the product.

Anyways….on that note, I’m gettin with the times and bringing you some more MPCRACK.

Today? Akon dropped. I’ll let you find it yourself.

NEXT WEEK!? COMMON SENSE. Universal Mind Control.

I’m WAY more excited about this then that Finding Forever crap. Yes I said it. Was Common dope on it? Yes. Were there some decent songs? of course. But it marked the first time Common had put out back-to-back releases that sounded like they came from the same session and that to me, make it crap. Especially when your catalogue includes so many pioneering albums, none of which sounding like the other (Peace to NO I.D. and DILLA!). You know you would’ve hated Miles Davis if he tried to do ‘Kind of Blue’ twice….and you know it would’ve been good too.

Common – Universal Mind Control

Universal Mind Control Feat. Pharrell
Punch Drunk Love Feat. Kanye West & Pharrell

Ludacris dropped his record last week. It’s not bad, but it’s boring. He’s ALWAYS going to have a few tunes that’ll make you smile, but it’s the same thing as his last record with less vulgarity. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud Luda for trying to get his ‘grown man’ on, but unfortunately, his grown-manness is often countered by his (or Def Jam’s) need for another ‘Stand Up’ or ‘Move Bitch’ leaving his grown-man words worth doo-doo.

Here’s one of the gooders (also featuring Common) – Do The Right Thang Feat. Common & Spike Lee

And as promised…more unreleased Q-Tip. This one’s from the album that was supposed to be ‘The Renaissance’ called ‘Relive the Moment’. They share tracks, but here’s one that never made it out – That’s Sexy (Feat. Andre 3000).

Sorry bout the essay.
And another one….

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