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HHHTake it Easy,

It’s Sunday again and it’s time for us to get into some head nod ish.


Nooooot bad.

Off the upcoming Pursuit of Nappyness record, Nappy Roots are back with another one and I must say, I like this one quite a bit more than the last one I threw up.  Featuring a lovely verse from young upstart Sugar Tongue Slim (who sounds a touch like a young Bootie Brown from Pharcyde) this is a nice one for the car stereo.



Who’s City Haze?

I have no idea.  Just heard of this guy but he’s already got a big co-sign behind him.  Apparently part of NY’s new school of lyricists, City Haze makes his debut on HHHT with this RZA produced track that sounds like some good ol’ Wu-Tang ish.  I’m not 100% about this yet, but maybe it’ll grow on me.  Whaddyou think?



Janelle‘s baaaaack!

I saved this one for last just in case you were plannin on stepping out tonight or doin some cleanin around the house after you get off this blog.  Janelle Monae, the futuristic throwback — if you don’t know what I mean, you will once you hear her songs — is finally coming back to follow-up on her extra dope debut, Metropolis with ArchAndroid and I couldn’t be happier.  That being said, this first tune, although fly, doesn’t seem like a huge departure from what we got on the debut and I hope it isn’t all in the same box.  Either way, if you haven’t made yourself familiar yet, you should.  It’s rare that Bad Boy takes the time to put their stamp on something that isn’t supposed to sell their soul so support that shit.  With a little help from the Outkast general, Big Boi

Go get it folk.

Be well


HHHThat’s my homie,

No matter what anyone tells you, we live in a world based almost entirely on co-signs.

Whether you’re looking for a job at a grocery store, shopping for a record deal, or getting into the mob, someone needs to vouch for you.  Someone always needs to be there co-signing you as you try and claw your way up the elevator shaft to the Penthouse.  And although it’s unfortunate, it’s life as we know it and it’s something we have to learn to work like any other tool or utensil.

So today, I’d like to demonstrate the power of the co-sign.


Toronto-based vocalist Ayah has come up quick in her time.   At the eager age of 22, she has already started to create waves through Canada with a string of mixtapes and guestspots that have garnered her a budding and loyal following.  However, despite her smooth voice and well intentioned collaborations, nothing has been more important to her growth in Canada than her success in the Southern half of North America.

Having caught the ear of Touch of Jazz founder, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, her brand new album, 4:15 is now not only completely executive produced by the Hip-Hop Icon, but also the launching pad from which she is poised to do some serious damage for the home team.

Here’s the first single entitled ‘In my Lifetime’.



Okay, so truthfully, neither of these dudes need co-signs.  Both are supremely talented, have cred and co-signs coming out the A, and are arguably in the all-time TOP 5.  That being said, it’s always cool to get your hip-hop nerd on and see a genuine co-signing moment.

Brought to you by the same people who gave you the Def & DOOM footage, I give you the Mighty Mos Def and the incomparable Black Thought.


This last example of co-signage is one I hold close to my heart.

As some of you may or may not know, I’m the head of the Music Division over at PPF House as well as an artist on the Toronto-based independent label.  We’ve technically been around for 10 years but I didn’t really start contributing until about the Winter of 2004 and our Music Division was only recently launched this past February.  Before then, it was held together by the work of two brothers, Tim and Howie Shia. Both established artists in their own fields (Audio and Visual respectively), if one were to compile a list of (what would be considered MAJOR) accolades from these two, they would have something comparable to one of those new compact phone books they’ve been sending out.

Well now, to add to that phonebook (you can check out more from that list by clicking the image above) Howie, who just recently finished doing a video for Mush Recording Artist, Deru (of Avatar fame — the cartoon not the James Cameron film) recently caught the eye of none other than the Louis Vutton Don himself, Kanye West. And although it was just a blog, I appreciate the love cause based off recent events, it would seem that Mr. West is quite passionate about his videos.

Anyway, here’s the flick:


I’m losing my mind.  This is gonna be RIDICULOUS!

Be well world.


HHHTime Travelers,

With the 4th quarter upon us and several projects from tons of amazing people still awaiting release, HHHT gets into a few in particular that we’re eye-spyin’ for.


Oh Clipse, this one better be good.

I’ve said this before on this blog, but I’ll reiterate one more time.  I’m a huge Clipse fan.  Really and truly I am.  Like, I’ve gone on record as saying that as far as Street lyricists are concerned, they’re the closest thing we’ve had to Wu-Tang in a long long time.  HOWEVER, that last Re-Up gang record was not only unfocused in terms of production and direction, but lyrically they were barely punching their way out of that proverbial wet paper bag (see ‘Fast Life’ produced by Scott Storch).  And to that end…I’m scared.  Nonetheless, I’ve heard 3 cuts off the album thus far and have been relatively content.  Perhaps because they’ve all been Neptunes beats and that’s, at the end of the day, what I think the Clipse should sound like.  Also, Mr. ‘Bison in his studio’, the legendary Rick Rubin is overseeing this album so I can only hope that means any loose ends the Star Trak boys miss, Rick’s holdin down.  Anyway, here’s a new cut featuring Pharrell and the former Dipset General, Cam’ron, whaddya think?



Jack Davey & Brook D’Leau, better known as J*Davey have been a favorite group of mine ever since I saw them perform at this little spot in Toronto some years back.

A clash of about a half dozen genres in one, they were just starting to get their buzz in the scene when the Roots, who obviously felt they were of a particular quality decided to bring them on the Beginner’s Guide… tour.  Unfortunately for them, when they reached Toronto, the type of music they did matched with the venue they were performing at and the audience that was in attendance made for a vinegar/oil type of situation as these 2 were completely drowned out with Boo’s for damn near the entirety of their set.  However, unlike most acts that would’ve packed it up mid-way through the shit storm, they persevered through and finished the set graciously.  Score 1 for J*Davey.  Then, a smart move on their part, they booked a show the next night here in a much smaller club and they absolutely demolished.  They then went on to feature on the Roots next record Game Theory (which is in IMO their best record to date), the late great J Dilla’s Dilla Loves Japan EP, and release 2 EP’s to critical acclaim.  Now, after being picked up by Warner, their preparing to drop their first full length (apparently) soon.  In the meantime, here’s some new ish.



I’m not gonna say ANYTHING  about this.  Just watch the video below and digest it yourself cause I’m still convulsing.

I’ll be posting webisodes from the recording sessions on a regular from now on in.  GET FAMILIAR!


This is kinda old news but for those who don’t know… and Jumpoff.TV have been doing a series called ’48 Hours’ where they follow major artists on the first 2 days of releasing a brand new album.  Thus far, the people they’ve picked have been interesting and the series has been relatively entertaining.  For your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d start posting these up and give you a behind the scenes look at some serious players hard at work.

We start with a Kiss…

We tha ish folk.  There’s no denyin it.

HHHT all day e’yday.

Be well world.


Yo, if you missed the last 14 deadly secrets with DJ Premier spilling the beans on some of his classic productions then you a, need to get up on this and b, need to hit the rapnerds more often!

There are two more installments of the 14 Deadly Secrets.

With the RZA And, Eric Sermon the Green Eyed Bandit!


There is some funny shit on there so go get that!

This weekend we do it up in the Dutty South with the big mouth!

Friday Tainan at the Red Wolf and Saturday at the Pig and Whistle in kaoshiung. So, all animals are covered.

Two Hands.


I’m cold.

Ice cold.

Going from the +25c that we were experiencing in Taipei last week when I left, to the -15c (w/o windchill…) here in Toronto, let’s just say, a 40 degree turnaround is not kind to the body.  But alas, it’s nice to be back, and even nicer to be busy.

Myself and some of the boys from the House (Magnolius backed by the WPBE), have the privilege of opening for blog darlings N.A.S.A. tomorrow at the El Mocambo here in Toronto and if you don’t know who they are, here’s the second single off their highly anticipated debut featuring a virtual who’s who of the international industry both past and present.  For more details on the show, click here.

N.A.S.A. feat. RZA, Barbie Hatch & John Frusciante – Way Down

And the first single they released a few months back with another jumble of artists from the history of the business.

N.A.S.A. feat. David Byrne, Chuck D., Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip

Finally, as you know, HHHT 7&8 are on the horizon, and based solely on the flyer (scroll down), the proverbial ish is bout to hit the fan.  So get your tights on, lace up your luchador masks and get ta’ droppin’em ‘bows!

Some rideout music from the ever flamboyant, Camp Lo.

Camp Lo – Regulate (feat. Yahzarah) click flick.

LEO37 is my name.

And bein gangsterific is my game.

Be easy world.


Often lies the man. Its a holiday Monday, which means, a whole lot of sleeping in. Nah mean. On to some manic Monday bizniz. Gonna take a look at a few masked men who have put out some good music. Check it. 

First up, everyone’s favorite super villain, MF DOOM. Interesting story about Doom. He was once a super happy, positive uplifting rapper named Zev Love X. He and his brother Subroc made up the crew KMD. Long story short, Subroc died in a car accident. Zev drowned his sorrows in the bottle and morphed himself into MF DOOM. On early 12 releases you can hear him slurring words. I like this video because he’s drunk and playing with a machete. Awesome.
MF DOOM – Questions feat. Kurious

Next up everyone’s favorite Wu Tang member, Ghostface Killah. The man who is on some now you see me, now you dont shit. Apparently Ghost was really on the run when the Wu was just catching some wreck in NYC. Which is why he was wearing the mask back then. Since revealing the face, Ghost has become one of the most consistent, outspoken, comedic and prolific artists from the Wu-Tang camp. The man used to rock a golden eagle on his forearm. Jeeez.

Wu Tang Clan – Da mystery of Chessboxin

RZA the man behind the success of the Wu-tang donned his own mask as his id-indulging alter ego Bobby Digital. Bobby was the womanizing, futuristic street thug, ying, to RZA’s disciplined manual writing, enterprise building, yang.

Holocaust – Bobby Digital

Then one day the masked men met. DangerDoom feat Ghostface – The Mask

I like this one for the old school wrestling masks. Remember how ill it was when they would unmask someone on wrestling??? Im hoping these guys do a video like that. It would be so dope. These guys have provided some of your favorite songs to sing along to in the last couple years. It would only be proper to include the mysterious french duo known as Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Happy Monday
Raging Bull

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