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…is one of my favorite songs. A good friend of mine gave me a Best of Otis Redding double LP for my birthday one year. It happened to be the same year that I left Canada for a teaching job in South Korea. ‘Change is gonna come’ was a very inspirational song for me back then, I was looking for a big change to occur and I got one of the biggest changes in my life.

Anyways I keep hoping for some change to occur in the club scene out here in Taipei. Im about to editorialize a little bit. Where doe’s a person who actually loves music go to hear something outside of the usual playlist in Taipei clubs???

I’m a little bit spoiled because I’m from Toronto, we get good international DJ’s on the regular and the local DJ’s are awesome and really competitive. Not competitive in terms of cutting and scratching competitive, but more in terms of ‘I got some shit that’s gonna blow your mind musically’ competitive.

I feel like i’ve been to every club in this city and i’ve yet to see a local DJ blow my mind in terms of his selection. One local has come close, DJ Chicano, but he doesnt play out regularly and he only plays vinyl, so I’m waiting for him to make the changeover to serato.

Some of the craziest parties I’ve witnessed have been watching ?uestlove(from the Roots) DJ in Toronto and seeing the whole crowd go crazy to every song he was playing, from soul to r&b to hiphop to funk and beyond. I remember he played ‘seven nation army’ that night. That song had just come out, and that moment was probably the highlight of the night for me, watching a room full of people getting wild to this rock song. Then seeing Jay Dilla absolutely murder a club in TO, bottles broke, it was crazy. Watching Keb Darge murdering Soul 45’s in a dancehall style was awesome, and the crowd reaction to each song was amazing. Pete Rock, rocking out a concert venue, I know some people got hit in the head that night from arms flying into the air at every song. Listening to Masters at Work (Louis Vega and Kenny Dope) at a waterside venue, playing some ‘quality’ house. Watching Richie Hawtin play a rave in TO was ridiculous.

My point being, people out here equate a crazy party with just getting drunk and spending a lot of money. Popping 3 bottles = crazy party for most. Breaking 3 bottles = crazy party for me. My definition of a crazy party is a little different. It definitely involves good music and a good crowd and I’m no prude, so of course it needs a touch of alcohol. I know Taipei or Asia more specifically (save for Japan) has a young scene, I get that part. But everything grows old and everything must change.

I don’t want to turn this into a personal bitching session, I’m just upset that I went out on a Wednesday night, just for the sake of going out, and the playlist in the clubs hasn’t changed. I heard the same songs that I’ve been hearing(many that I can’t stand) and that upset me. It upset me because the crowd was still dancing to it like it was the shit and it upset me that the DJ was still playing it.

Again, I’m spoiled because I’m from a city that will boo and throw shit at the DJ if he or she sucks. Toronto is known as the ScrewFace capital. Its a tough crowd to get moving. Like I said our local guys are good, so if you come in as a headliner and your not playing better than the locals, you will get boo’d and most likely bottled too. But if a DJ can win over a TO crowd, that DJ will be shown love in a big way, all night. We fight hard, but we play hard too.

Maybe that’s my own fatal flaw, that I crave variety in my life. I can’t go to the same club every week to see the same people(in different clothes) and hear the same music in the same order. I have a girl, and I’m not going to hear new music, so why am I still going out to clubs in Taipei?

Maybe I should just stop going out to Taipei clubs unless a headliner is in town? Maybe someone who knows someone, who knows somebody can tell somebody to try and switch it up and grow the scene a little. Maybe I should drink a nice tall glass of ‘shut the f*#k up!’ and call it a day since:
1.its not my city
2.not my scene and
3.locals dont care what a Wai-guo-ren thinks about it anyways.

Soooo, on this Heaven or Hell Sunday, I give you a little piece of my heaven. Like I was saying, ‘A change is gonna come’ is one of my favorite songs. So I’m gonna give you two versions by two of the greatest voices in Soul Music.

First up Sam Cooke’s version(click pic to download)


2nd up, the Otis Redding version (my fav)click pic.


While we’re on the topic of change, I came across this earlier this week. A man whose face has gone through some MAJOR changes over the years. Michael Jackson. This is the demo version of P.Y.T. and its like a completely different song, but still funky as ever.


Sometimes major changes just need a little catalyst, a little something to peak peoples interests. Hopefully Wednesday April 8th when the new Nike 6453 gallery space opens, it will be a catalyst for change on some level. I got some sneak preview pics that I stole off the freshness blog.



If you don’t know about Wednesday night, please get familiar. The Commissioner aka Mick Boogie, will be in Taipei City. He will be at the gallery space opening as well as the after party at Primo. Check out his website, and his blog. He knows good music, and he’s worked with all your favorite artists. Trust it.

‘A change is gonna come…..oh yes it is……’



PS: please feel free to comment


It’s that time again. If you hadn’t noticed, there is an election going on and it’s overshadowing just about everything in the world. It’s a fairly obvious choice to most of the people in the universe save a few zillionaires and some hardcore racists (but they are too even voting for Obama). But what I want to talk about today is change. It’s such a simple, fluffy word, but damn if it hasn’t taken new meaning this year. This man, from an unimaginable background, is on the brink of changing the way the world works. If the polls are right and AmeriKKKans don’t funk this up, then anyone…anyone can do anything. A friend the other day told me a simple thing, ‘If you want to do something, find a way.’ So the celebration doesn’t start till McTaint’s concession speech, but here are three uplifting songs about change that you should be listening to all day on Tuesday. They are not new but each is amazing in its own way.

Sam Cooke-A Change Is Gonna Come

The O-Broz started one of their CDs with this song just as I was really getting into Pandora Radio Service (RIP) and that showed me how close people from different places can come. I was never a Sam Cooke man as I thought he was just that “Sitting By the Dock of the Bay” guy that Michael Bolton had raped. But this song changed all that. 1964 to 2008. Sam, the change you are looking for is here.

Lauryn Hill-A Change is Gonna Come (Unreleased)

I don’t know much about this song except it sounds real good. I remember when The Fugees were selling 20 million and a friend of mine told me, ‘They just take everyone’s songs and re-do ’em.’ Oops. About a year later, he told me, ‘Damn, Wyclef is DOOOOPE.” This is a nice version and a hope that L-Boogie can take some of those demons that she has inside of her for the past 10 years and get into a recording studio and just blow it out. There has never been a female with the skill to rap and sing like this woman and she’s about due for a second coming.

Wyclef-Obama For President

You might have known that I have a thing for The Fugees, and it’s true. They were ill. Wyclef takes his ‘If I Were President’ and goes for it on the Green Lantern mixtape. (trying sharebee for this download…see if it works any better)


How could any playlist be complete without a track from 2Pac (RIP, young soldier)? I swear that I play this track a lot and every time, someone comes up to me and wants to talk about Bruce Hornsby while I’m trying to mix to the next song. But for real, after today (tomorrow Taiwan time) THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

And for the gamblers out there, I’ll lay my ass on the line and give you my prediction–Obama 375 Electoral College Votes and 52.5% of the popular vote to Old Sad GrandPa’s 45.8% with Dems getting 57 seats in the Senate and +25 in the House. But I only really care about one number…270 270 270 (like A Millie A Millie A Millie)

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