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Someone once came up to me after a show and said “We’re lucky, to have Scarface music in our lives.”

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a die hard Scarface fan and I didn’t grow up on the Geto Boys, but for everything Uncle Face has contributed, for always making sure his lyrics were correct  and for always just, for a lack of a better term, being a real ass dude, we are lucky and we need to stop takin the man for granted.

With some new hotness off his first EVER official mixtape, HHHT is proud to give you some of that good good.


HHHTime for mines,

For a lot of artists, their first venture into recording is with a crew.  Whether it be because they’re insecure of their skills, they’re not all that serious about it and just get roped in, or they just like vibing with homies, many of today’s best solo artists started in a clique.  Well, today features 4 cats who started in (and some who are still part of) some dope collectives, but have also found a way to establish themselves away from their peers and make their own moves.


No the title doesn’t pertain to my thoughts of this man’s skills (although I’ve heard he’s the nicest guy in hip-hop).

Bun B. The UGK representative, Texan general and Trill originator is solo again, but this time not by choice.  Since Pimp C‘s tragic passing in ’07 Bun’s continued what he had originally started after Pimp C’s ’03 incarceration: keeping substance in the South and keeping UGK alive at all costs.  Perhaps second to only Scarface in Southern Hip-Hop lineage, Bun has managed to earn the respect of damn near all his peers and UGK detractors rarely come up for air in fear of a good ol’ stompin.

Personally, I’ve never been the hugest Bun B fan but I’ve always had respect for what he does and what he stood for and this jam right here might be one of the best things he’s done in years. Produced by Statik Selektah, enjoy this.



Holiday Styles is one of the most underrated rappers on the planet.

Starting his career back in ’96 with fellow Yonkers natives Jadakiss and Sheek Louch as the Lox, Styles has since grown from his shiny suit debut to one of the most no-nonsensee emcees out.  Known for his tremendous wordplay and straight up demeanor, he’s managed to carve out a nice place in Hip-Hop for himself despite potential overshadowing by Jadakiss’ own solo success.  I guess that’s just a testament to how dope he is.  One of the few pseudo-mainstream cats left pushing hardcore lyricism, I give you a couple bangers off his new Green Ghost project with DJ Green Lantern.




Not many people are effin with Joell Ortiz these days.

Although he didn’t start in a crew, since joining the all-star ensemble of Slaughterhouse, Joell has seemingly upped the anti with every verse and continues to improve every time he drops.  This guy is disgusting!  Truly an heir to Big Pun‘s throne, I hope he’s given the proper support to break out into the mainstream and make up for Fat Joe‘s recent disgrace of the Latino Hip-Hop community.

Off that new ish with Novel:



I rant about Von Pea lots.

He’s definitely one of the illest of the new school rappers and although he hasn’t clearly defined himself as a solo artist yet, when given the opportunity I can definitely see him blowing up bigger than Tanya Morgan ever did.


I’m caught up!

Get into it folk.


~Marcus A.

I’ve been slacking on the blog no doubt. But I haven’t been slacking in real life. I’ve been working on big tings man, big tings. My apologies. But I have a little free time right now. So I’d love to give you some of the stuff I’ve been digging lately. 

First off, Scarface. I know I know. You are like Scarface again? Nah, not the old shiiiii. The new shieeeee. Working an office job gives a person time to listing to albums. His Emeritus is pretty damn good. At least the first half. But this song. Wowowowowowwowowowow.

High Powered-Scarface (Guaranteed to make the leaners lean and the get lowers get lower and lower)

What else? I’m still jocking Keys and Krates like a mother. In my dreams, this is what music ends up being as we get older. The DJ as the lead singer. This is kinda new:

And an oldie but watch JR FLO get down


While you’re watching:

Inspire yourself in 2009. I mean when are we going to have these block parties in TAIPAID?

one more treat Kanye and Wayne-Magical


First off….I apologize for the cussing.   As it is New Release Tuesday, I’m making a resolution to try and limit my blog entries to 5 cuss words total (including Subject). I’m at 2.

Secondly, the biggest release today and undoubtedly the one that’ll get the most ‘I LOVE IT’S’ or ‘I HATE IT’S’ …’Ye West’s 4th official Solo Offering, ‘808’s & Heartbreaks’ .

All the DL links I had to the album tracks are n/a because someone from Mr. West’s camp is being VERY thorough and doing their best Chuck D. impersonation a.k.a. Shut’em Down!!!! (which I fully support — I’m gonna go ahead and get my Metallica on and say…‘Buy that shit if you like it’ because if you don’t, we lose guys like the legendary Brad Jordan — who was featured last Thursday on this blog). *3 Cusses.

However, for those who still want a taste, my colleagues and I will give you some snacks as they pop up….in the meantime, process this youtube sample and tell me….”Good??!”

Kanye West – Robocop

Other than that, the new Beyonce’s out today, and well…I haven’t heard anything I’d like to post from it, so I’m gonna go ahead and move on to a preview from one of next week’s most anticipated joints:  Ludacris’ 6th solo effort, Theater of the Mind mixed by 9th Wonder of Little Brother fame.  From what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be another Ludacris album (a.k.a.  half the joints with strong writing and cadence sensibilities to decent beats, and half the joints with poo poo beats and Plies caliber writing.  Mind you…I’ve only heard about 8 cuts so it could still go either way.) *Poo poo is not a cuss word.

Anyways…here’s a tune he did with, former rivals, Nasir ‘Escobar’ Jones and Shawn ‘Jiggaman’ Carter.  Exciting?!?

Ludacris – I Do This For Hip Hop

Finally….I’m still mashing up my eardrums to Q-Tip’s new album which, although technically his 2nd album, to all hardcore Native Tongue download nerds, is actually his fourth (2 were shelved by Universal head honchoes for not being ‘Marketable Enough’).  So for those that missed out, stay tuned cause I’ll be posting some of those tracks in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, GO GET THAT ‘RENAISSANCE’!!!

Here’s Q’s 2nd single from the album produced by the life changer himself, J DILLA a.k.a. Jay Dee a.k.a. Pay Jay a.k.a. Dilla Dawg a.k.a. Dill Withers a.k.a. James Yancey.  Turn It Up!

Q-Tip – Move

It’s Tuesday…make a new friend.

Triple. B@!!$. C@#%. *That makes 5.



My boy Shane went to New York city in 90 or 91 with the acapella choir and came back with a Geto Boys tape and my life has never been the same. As you can see from the pic, I tried to replace DJ Ready Red, but it was at the time the Geto Boys were going through their own trouble, so they didn’t keep me. I was such a huge fan, I saw the Geto Boys when they had their own spin-off group called (drum roll please) The Baby Geto Boys with a white midget (who for some reason ran around stage with an albino snake around his neck.) About five years ago I saw Scarface on tour with Eric Sermon at some run down spot in Cleveland, Ohio around Christmas time. It’s rowdy in the 330. 

Anyway, Scarface has always been one of the most criminally underrated storytellers in this thing we all love called hip-hop. Going through some of his greatest hits on YouTube has made me waste about half my day and you know what? I feel better for and you should too. 

A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die

The Marvin Gaye sample starts it off quite nicely and the second verse is as brutal of a story as I’ve ever heard. Reminds me a lot of Biggie’s “Somebody Gotta Die.”

Never Seen a Man Cry

Scarface proved that you could be a sensitive gangster here. I love that ehh eww ehhh sound all the way through. If anyone knows what that is called, please comment and let me know.

Mary Jane

I only posted this because I love neon and this was right before this on his CD


The death of 2Pac was bigger to me than Kurt Cobain. I had that Rolling Stone cover on my wall for a good part of college and this song became a hit and 2Pac wasn’t even around to enjoy it. RIP. And the ending of this song is so good. And now, a moment of silence…

But don’t let me trick you into thinking that Scarface couldn’t make a party jam. Oh no

Let Me Roll

It’s official, I’m adding this into my sets for the rest of the year.

My Block

I’m making this wayyyy to long now, but if you like Scarface, other notable tracks: Street Life, Six Feet Under and Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster

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