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In case you’ve been living in Liberia for the past two days, the news reported the Disgraced Warlord/Failed Cowboy/Emperor Wanna-Be-in-Chief, George ‘G-Dub’ Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq to sign some fake documents and take pictures with the troops he sent for a senseless war. Calling this his Victory Tour is almost the same as when the Jacksons had their own Victory Tour, but without the really cool Pepsi cans that I know I have in some box somewhere. This is all blah blah blah news except for the fact that when giving a press conference with the Iraqi Prime Minister, a reporter sitting down, ripped his shoe off, screamed something about a good-bye kiss from the Iraqi people and then proceeded to throw one shoe after at Bush. To give credit where credit is due, your boy Dubya was pretty fast with it and ducked the shoe with the quickness. Afterwards Bush made some jokes about the dude loving Bobby Bland-I-know-you-got-sole type of things. It’s looking like some of Bush’s Secret Service guys are in trouble because they kind of got caught (*cough*) flatfooted.

I normally wouldn’t post this political BS on here, but it does have to do with shoes. There have been protests all over Iraq demanding they release their hero for doing what they couldn’t do. (In Iraq, throwing a shoe or showing someone the bottom of your foot is considered the ultimate insult.) Now, there is even a campaign trying to get one million people to protest Bush by mailing an old pair of shoes to the White House. I have to say, I love it. People are quick and creative.

And of course, the Innanet is going nuts. Check out all the gifs that have been poppin’ up in the last day.

I never knew Bush liked volleyball:


and saddam’s head:saddamthrowand of course since you are doing Bush, you’ve got to add the Stooges:


(Update) This just in, the shoes had writing on the bottom.

In Taiwan news, he didn’t throw a shoe, but a legislator, Chou Yi, who has been investigating the former president got his wig peeled back. For real. Hip-hop motherfunker. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if he didn’t go on TV last week and curse at a guy for accusing him of wearing a wig.

Imagine if world leaders decided to use hip-hop as their way to settle beef. Hell, with RUN DC soon in office, this may soon happen. Obama vs Raul Castro live televised freestyle cypher discussing the Cuban embargo. Winner gets to end it. The Israelis and the Palestinians will settle their land disputes with a free for all B-Boy Battle of the Year. Hell, you know I had to do it. Give Kim Jong-il and Hu Jing-Tao a month with Serato and see who can rock the party the best.


Isn’t it new music Tuesday?

How about some Dre and Kardi over the Set if Off beat that 50 is going nowhere with?

Number One–Jamie Foxx w/ Wayne (and a Beastie sample)-when this drops I’m like dammmmnnnnnnn

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