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Taipei City, they said we didn’t know how to party like rockstars, but on Saturday we showed them…


They said the rain would keep us away and try to dampen our spirits, but again we showed them…


They said the people wont wear high heels and high tops, but ladies and gentlemen we showed them all once again with a resounding bass thump, that….




First off. Thank You. Thank you all for checking back with the blog daily, for spreading the word to all your friends and for helping us kick off the first High Heels and Hi Tops with a bang. There nothing I like more than a packed party with a good vibe of everybody enjoying themselves. And on Saturday we definitely had that. The ladies definitely represented in some fine footwear, and the fellas came out and repped too.

Big fat shouts to our homey Joe Russo, who was taking pics all night.

Shout out to the HHHT squad, we held it down lovely on the music and microphone tip.

We will be doing the next one at a bigger venue so that we can get everybody in next. Apologies if you didn’t get in.  We got you next time.

Here’s some kick love to start off the pics.

And just for your enjoyment….Soulja Boy tries to get the mid-shin deep foot out of his mouth…

This is why stars need PR people.


After shouting out slave masters during an interview with BET journalist Touré, Soulja Boy tries to explain his statement, sayin the comment was “blown out of proportion.”

He cited the mock interview the journalist did with Bow Wow and Omarion for the response given.

“Man basically what happened that day, I was at BET filming the last episode of Rap City and then the Touré dude asked me if I wanted to do an interview with him and I said no. I had seen the interview with Bow Wow and Omarion and he was like roasting them or whatever and it turned out to be bad. I was like, I’m straight, I don’t want to do an interview with you. Then, my management was like if he’s good we can do an interview with him…for promotion or whatever…I was just joking. Most of the questions he was asking me wasn’t making no sense. Like, he was asking me how I wanted to die and asking me all these questions so I thought he was joking with me. I didn’t really take it seriously. Basically it was sarcasm that got blown out of proportion.”

The controversial comment came when Touré asked Soulja Boy which historical figure he hated most. The rapper was informed that other artists named Hitler and Osama bin Laden, he chimed in, saying, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa. We wouldn’t be here to get this ice and tattoos.”


I’m sad to say I just came across some of the most ignorant shit stuff, I have ever read in my life.

Now, I’m really not sure who’s to blame for this, whether it be parents, school systems, media, etc. Quite frankly, there’s no way there’s one cause for this and it would be unjust to the issue if we did just blanket it as such. Anyways, as much as I hope it’s isolated, I’m pretty sure this issue is broader then I(we) realize and needs changing now!

The statement was taken from Touré’s Blog after he interviewed Soulja Boy at the BET “Black Carpet” event. Here it is (click on Toure’s Blog to read it in its entirety —
Toure’s an American novelist, music journalist, cultural critic and television personality based in New York City.

Last week in Atlanta, I got to interview Soulja Boy Tell Em. I found out just how young he really is. He was one of about ten rappers I interviewed in one day for my BET show, The Black Carpet. I decided it’d be fun to give all the rappers part of the Proust questionnaire. I thought it’d be a way to get beyond image and into who they really are. Most of the guys gave good, thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive answers. I asked Juelz Santana, “How would you like to die?” He said, “Loved.”

Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, “What historical figure do you most hate?” He was stumped. I said, “Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters…” He said, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa.”

My jaw, at this point, was on the ground.”We wouldn’t be here,” he continued, having no idea how far in it he’d stepped, “to get this ice and tattoos.”

Wow. Never mind that diamonds come from Africa. Never mind that there were many generations of pain in between leaving Africa and getting diamonds. Never mind that the long-term cataclysmic effects of subtracting about tens of millions of young, strong people from Africa over the course of a couple of centuries is a large part of the reason why Africa now appears so distasteful to you. Never mind all that, Soulja Boy. You put country first.

Damn. What happened Kris?

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