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Now that the love has gone, lets get back to business like EPMD. I know Marcus A, got something sick he’s cooking up for release sometime this week or next. The crew, 3H’s followed by a T,(thats us for those who dont know…High Heels and High Tops. HHHT) got Taichung on alert for Saturday February 21st. Its going down again at Light Lounge. Taipei City dont worry, although we’re still recovering from the Tittsworth X HHHT collab that went down during CNY. Evidence is located here and here. We are getting ready to hit you up once again with that good ish. Stay Tuned

Here’s a little something for you to enjoy on your Monday. I know there are a few sneakerheads out here, here’s a little something CBS Sunday Morning did on SneakerHeads. Listen out for the Taipei shoutout at around 6 minutes.

Apparently CBS Sunday Morning has someone cool working there, here’s a little something they did on street artist KAWS.

HHHT6:Light Lounge:Taichung:February 21st




Because its Monday and your alive and kicking, living on an island in the Pacific Ocean or a cold city in a burgeoning metropolis, either way, just smile. I miss Dilla, like how you miss a good friend that can always make you smile, like how you miss your moms home cooking, like how you miss being a kid and the freedom that came with that time in your life. If you dont know about J-Dilla, he’s your favorite rappers, favorite producer. Anyways, Dilla dawg RIP. I’ll be holding a personal tribute in my ipod all week.

On to the things that make Mondays Manic.

McNasty Filth – Jaylib feat Frank N Dank
I had the pleasure of kicking it with Frank in Taiwan. He came out here shortly after Dilla died with DJ Dopey to play Spring Scream and a couple dates in Taipei. Frank grew up with Dilla and shared some great Dilla moments with us on the 6 hour bus ride down to Kenting. That ride never went by so fast. Wow. Shouts to Frank N Dank.

I remember reading an article with Just Blaze where he was talking about how Dilla did things in the studio that amazed him. When you can make a producer as ill as Just Blaze go ‘how did you make THAT sound??!!’ I think your doing something right.Blaze was talking about this song, its like Radiohead meets Rap.

Nothing Like This

This one I just like, im a bit of a headphone nerd. For all my ipod kids. Turn this one up, it will rattle your brain a little bit and sounds good loud.

MED feat Dilla – Push

This one came out just after he died. His brother Illa J is spitting Jay’s raps in this video. Brotherly love. Its a pretty beat too.

Wont Do

We do it all for the love.

HHHT 6 February 21st Taichung.



…and because my landlady woke me up with a smile to allow some men into my bathroom with a jackhammer….im smiling to keep myself from committing some vicious crimes.


Taichung was off the freakin hook. I mean, glass were breaking, bodies were shakin, no one obeyed the new smoking laws, and general mayhem ensued. As UnAwesome NYE was, 2009 is going to be awesome. Big up to the Swank fellas for dinner, Sway and her birthday crew for coming, my two favorite lesbians, Afrolistics, Rob with the funky hat, and everyone else who came out and turned it out. Light Lounge might just be that spot. If you liked what was happening, then call em. Tell them you want more High Heels. You want Hi-tops. Tell em that you’ve only met Marcus and Sofa Kangs. You want to know what’s good with the rest of the crew. Ask and ye shall recieve Taichung.

Do you enjoy Donnie Hathaway? How about Mos Def? Tanya Stevens? MOP? Santogold? Ron Brownz? Obama? Wu-Tang? Gangstarr? Tribe? Crazy Electro House? Sexy ladies in high heels? Fellas in fresh to death hi-tops? Then get out to see a HHHT show.

Coming soon to a city near you. Taipei (This Friday!!!!!)


This Saturday in Khh



And a little surprise for Chinese New Year…TITTSWORTH with the HHHT CREW!!!!! It might be good enough to come back from vacation early for.



And a MPFree blog just wouldn’t be an MPFree blog without some MPFrees? The party that absolutely killed the joint last night in Taichung.

Pitbull–Calle Ocho

Enjoy your Sunday and check the other website for pics coming soon.

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