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Your Soul. My Soul. He Soul. She Soul. We Soul.

Soul Food Fridays is still going down at PS Underground. I’ve gotten some press in some the English Newspapers. Shouts to Big Shorty and Ann, thanks for the help and support. If you like soul music, or dont know what it is but want to find out, then come down to PS Underground tonight, or any other Friday before they move.


Click that pic to read the vinyl word article. It has all the reasons you should be coming down to hear some good soul music. Click that shit thun.

Here are some soulful joints for ya on this lovely Friday.

California Soul – The Fifth Dimension

Sam and Dave – Soul Man

Al Green – Lets Stay Together. (his hair is absolutely AMAZING! in the video)

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Aint no Mountain High Enough

Aretha Franklin – Respect (live)

Every Friday at PS Underground. Im playing some good soul music. Click the pic for a link to the Taiwan News Article.


Directions to PS Underground from Zhongxiao/Dunhua MRT from Exit 2 go up the alley between California Fitness and Watsons.
Walk past the 7-11 to the 2nd lane and turn left.
PS Underground is half a block in on your right side.
Go downstairs walk through the record store into the restaurant in the back.

Happy Friday

ps. this Friday (May1st) Im going from 730 til 930. Come through

As in 2 days left!! Im gonna take a bite out of Triple’s steez here for the ladies. Seeing as how we have 2 days left ’til HHHT Vol.2 Backroom madness @ Deep Passion this Friday, just in case you don’t know. Its only fitting that you get blessed with a couple (times 2) great duets.

First off we’re going back to the classics, Marvin Gaye featuring Tammi Terrell. With ‘Your all I need to get by’

Now if your digging the song, I got it for your ipod or iphone right here

As a bonus, Im sure most of you are more familiar with the Method Man & Mary J version of this song. When this came out a bunch of dudes starting calling their girls ‘Shorty’ and ‘Boo’. Meth’s swag is pretty mean in this video too. I’m sure it inspired some thug ambitions in many a young rider at the time.

Need it for the ipod. Here ya go

On to other inspirational things. When D’angelo (pronounced Dee-Angelo, for those who don’t know) first dropped. His album definitely inspired the R&B thug in most of us. A dude with corn rows singing all pretty and shit?!! Yeah word. His first album Brown Sugar is great and his 2nd LP ‘Voodoo’ produced by the Soulquarians has glimpses of genius on it. It was also the last album he released before getting fat and going a little crazy.

Anyways D’ang tapped DJ Premier for a remix for his ode to the fairer sex. Here’s the vid featuring AZ on the mic and a few beautiful ladies for eye candy. Joi (Big Gipp from Goodie Mob’s wife), Faith Evans (Biggie’s ex) and Erykah Badu when she had just jumped on the scene and was with Andre 3000, before moving on to Common and now she’s with Jay Electronica. She definitely got some magic between her thighs!!!

Track here

Its hard to only post 2 duets, but while on the topic of D’angelo duets, here is one that he did on the classic Lauryn Hill album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’


Nothing Even Matters

2 days left til the party. Tell a friend!!



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