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They’re angry and I love it.

Is Ghost gettin at T.I.?  That’d be a fun one.


HHHTiny and Large,

Goodies?  And I ain’t talkin Ciara.

Let’s start with the Large.

Kinda Like a Big Deal

Lemme pre-cursor this with, I’m a big Clipse fan.  Or at least I was.

From Lord Willin’ to the We Got It For Cheap mixtapes to Hell Hath No Fury, I was an avid Clipse supporter.  When I heard that Rick Rubin’s first order of business after joining the Columbia staff was signing the Clipse, god believes me that I was Ecstatic like Mos Def and anticipating more great things from the Virginia duo.

Following HHFN they decided to switch out of their comfortable position with Pharrell and Star Trak and start collaborating with new producers.  Cool. I’m always down for experimentation, especially after you’ve presumably done all you can in a certain lane.  Well, they got a bunch of new cats on deck and released a Re-Up Gang album (which was lead by the doo-doo Scott Storch produced Fast Life) followed by another mixtape with all new production.

They were underwhelming to say the least.

Not only did their pocket and groove fall short of what it had been, but it felt like (especially in Pusha T’s case) that they just got, for lack of a better term, dumber.  Simple words, with unclever metaphores and similes and generally uninspired rap.  Well, since then I’ve heard a couple tunes that got me goin and have shown glimmers of the group I once coveted as the leaders of the new school.

A few months back I posted up one of these tunes featuring Mr. West by the name of ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’. And well, looks like the feedback was strong cause luckily, someone on the team had the good sense to make this the lead single and avoid another catastrophe like Fast Life.

Anyway, here’s the video.  I’m still hopin for a miracle.

Make You Sweat

So I know Clifford Harris is in prison, but dammit you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell by the blogs.  Every week there seems to be new T.I. songs and videos popping up, and I’m starting to think that he’s on an island somewhere and this is some marketing ploy to up his rep.  Anyway, regardless, homie is or was getting his 2Pac on and living in  the studio cause there seems to be no stop in sight for this cat.

Here’s a brand newbie.  One of the few mainstream cats who can really rap when he feels like it.

T.I. – Make You Sweat


And finally, a dope track from 2 people I’ve never heard of, Embee and Nina Ramsby.

From what I can gather, they’re both from Sweden, Embee’s a prominent hip-hop DJ and Producer (according to Wikipedia) and Nina’s an electronica vocalist with Jazz sensibilities (according to her myspace).  There’s a video and album art for this song, but I won’t be posting either because unfortunately they’re horrendous and I really wouldn’t want those to take away from the dopeness of the track.

So just listen and enjoy.

Embee – Desire to be Free Feat. Nina Ramsby

It’s Wednesday folk.



HHHTiny Dancers….

During my tenure as a Boy/Man, I’ve had the privilege (not always) of spending time with several different types of Ladies.  You have your slim, thick, short, tall, feisty, diva, cool, reserved, crackhead, etc.

But I’ve also found that within each category, they break into similar sub-categories.  So…being Ladies Night ‘n all, I figured I’d post some tunes for all the ladies in the club.

For that regular Club female who doesn’t like to over do it, but likes it bouncy…

T.I. – Get That Money click flick

For the Female who likes to get slammed but still manages to get home safely…

Cam’ron – I used to get in Ohio click flick

For the female who doesn’t give a FUDGE about life!

Raekwon feat. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda – Stick Up Muzik click flick

And for the female who just wants to go home…

Amanda Diva – Heart Strings

Finally, a bonus for the females who love Biggie.

Busta Rhymes feat. Maino, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Lil Cease & M.O.P. – March 9th (Biggie Tribute) click flick

Enjoy folks.

HHHT 7&8 in all immediacy.  Scrub’em up cause it’s about to go down.

Be well world


Hello famalam.
We just got confirmation that the dirty south is about to catch some wreck in a few weeks. HHHT 7&8 will be returning to the dirty south to do the damn thing. More details coming soon.

On to new music, seeing as its Tuesday here are the goods

First up, yard man Trevor aka Busta Bus. He got new shit called Anthrax.


We haven’t heard from 50 Cent since he got bodied by Kanye on their release week battle. Well since then in typical Curtis fashion he’s been beefing with Rick Ross and even took Ross’ wife  fur coat shopping. Curtis your relentless and fucking hilarious. Anyways brand new 50 produced by Dr. Dre

Get It In produced by Dr. Dre

This guy is going to jail soon

tiand he’s been ghostwriting for this guy

dr-dre-picture-1Leaked tracks usually mean a release is coming soon. Here are a couple new ones from Dre featuring T.I. spitting his rhymes for him. Production is definitely on point.


Shit Popped Off

And a little bonus video Chelsea Lately interviewing T.I.

Happy Tuesday mofo’s
HHHT 7&8 coming sooner than later

And as promised…after a bout of Food poisoning, a residual migraine and an evening of cold sweats, I proudly present Part 1 of Joey ‘CRACK’ Russo’s: HHHT6!

As you can tell from this first set of photos, the evening was nutty.  A big shout out and thanks to Light Lounge and everyone who came and showed their love for the HHHT Conglomerate.  Even though the numbers are diminished, rest assured, the parties will continue to be demolished and daughters all over the island will be in jeopardy of finding Love in a Club.

And well….since it’s Ladies Night, how bout a couple o’ treats…

Y’know B.O.M.B.’s coming out soon cause Busta’s dropping tracks every week.  Here’s another potential single for the man.  This time he brought his boys T.I.P. and Akon wit’em.

Busta Rhymes  Feat. T.I. & Akon – Number One (click flick)

And one from a potential star in the making…Amanda Diva.  Although she briefly acted as Natalie Stewarts‘ replacement in Floetry, most of you probably first heard her on Q-Tip‘s latest single, Manwomanboogie.   Well, I just snaked this new tune from her in case you were wonderin what her solo stuff sounded like.

Amanda Diva Feat. Johnny Polygon – Neon

I’m goin out singing….


HHHT Massive, tonight is gonna be nasty.

Simple & Plain.

We, the pre-pubescent Kings of the Futon, will be taking a lengthy hiatus (due to my return to the great white North on some Weapon X ish) and well this foursome (along with Jheri Curl Chest and Sir Sweat-A-Lot) will be rocking our last show together until we get our Police on (the band not the po) and rock you for a cool half-a-billion.

Until then….come out tonight, cause it’s gonna be heavy like John Tenta vs. Yokozuna.

And just to guide you through the steps for tonight….(**notice** zShare’s been acting weird lately, so if it doesn’t work, the file’ll still be on the other servers)


Blu – Amnesia
Blu – JB’s Gone


T.I. – Better Than This


K’Naan feat. Mos Def & Chali2na – America

Tomorrow (cause chances are we’ll still be in bed)

Nat King Cole feat. The Roots – Walkin My Baby Back Home

It’s on.


Peoples. Taichung is in for some serious treats tomorrow night. Apparently there are going to be seranades and stripteases along with the usual HHHT madness. Joey Crack will be in the building also so expect it all to be documented. Taipeiers I would advise you to reach!!!


One of the people on that poster is leaving the island for good to go back to Toronto to run a record label with the other guys cousin. You’ll have to come down to Taichung to find out who that is. Its gonna be Sofa King special.

Light Lounge is the place

HHHT is the crew

Your presence is required

No your computer isn’t slow, Kanye is just a creative ass motherfucker!

See y’all tomorrow

**LEo37 BONUS**

Mos Def – Boogie Man (Unreleased track from Tru3 Magic) click flick.

Harmonic 313 (a.k.a. Mark Pritchard) Feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi – Battlestar (click flick.)

This one’s for Marcus.

Dr. Dre – Topless feat. Nas (T.I. spitting Dre’s vocals.) click flick.

This one’s for Cap.

Suite For Ma Dukes: Jam Session.

And this one’s for everyone.

MTV Cribs – Wu-Tang Clan (Circa ’98)

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