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You’ve got to give props to the scammers on this one. They got over pretty well. I file it with my ’65-year-old man masturbating in my living room to my girlfriend mopping the floor’ story. Only in China, baby. Only in China.

The big news this week out of Shanghai was that Daft Punk, the mostpopular electronic artists not named Norman, were going to be playing a “Secret Show” in China on Friday night. This sounds about right as these two are notoriously camera shy and do a lot of this stuff in Paris.

Word starts spreading that people can in by going to an office and paying 500rmb (NT$2000) for a ticket and then on Friday, they will get a phone call to tell them where the show will be held (alarm bells anyone?).  Supposedly the French gentleman who started the whole things is now gone and Daft Punk have done a press release saying they are not touring in 2009. It’s been rumored that he sold 2,000 tickets so if you add that all up it’s a little more than 10 Gs US. Nice job buddy. And they guy has disappeared.

Not so quick buddy! The Internet is a crazy place and now there are photos of him

daft-scammerBut he is supposedly no where to be found. There is a lot of hating going on in Shanghai at the moment cause many people lost money. But fear not…the good folks at Bananas, one of the best DJs crews in China are taking the piss out of the incident and (since they were having a party the same night) decided that anyone who shows up with a fake ticket, gets in free. Big up to the Bananas Crew and the Shelter for doing this. Here’s my favorite fake ticket, the ever so slightly creep, Trix


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