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HHHTake it to the track,

After an incredible week of reminiscing, honoring and supporting, I thought it’d be nice to take a breather from the emotional onslaught and just, sit back and listen to good rappers rapping.  You’re cool with that right?


Ahmad Jones definitely doesn’t get his props.

The Fourth Avenue Jones frontman is seriously, seriously ill.  Cadences, content, a live show that’s known world round as being absolutely captivating and on top of all that, apparently he’s one of the nicest guys in the biz.  However with all these positives going for him, after 5 consecutive years of dropping records with 4th Avenue Jones, in 2005 he disappeared from the scene and with the exception of a handful of collaborations, seemed to stop making music.  Well, it’s 2010 and it’s looking like Ahmad’s finally releasing a follow up to his 1993 solo debut, Ahmad, and we couldn’t be happier.

Here with a tribute to his home state of California, I give you some new Ahmad!



So the last time I posted some of that new Freeway & Jake One ish, I had implied that I was off Freeway and it was just that song that caught my attention.

Well…I lied and this album sounds like FIRE!  Jake One is pumping out bangers left, right and center, and as for Freewizzy, let’s just say I’ma start checkin for ol’ boy again.  Off the upcoming Stimulus Package:



Not much to say other than I’m liking this dude more and more.

Some new new from the Okayplayer:


Enjoy it folk.

Be well.



As of late I’ve mostly been offering you goodies from established artists and people you’re generally familiar with.  Cats who’ve already put in their work and now have the luxury of having fans who actually pay attention whenever their name pops up.

Well, with ’09 on its death bed and the genesis of a new year upon us, I figured, let’s hang with some newer cats today.   And even though these guys aren’t technically the newest, most unheard of bunch, they’re still working hard to have their cult followings blow up to the masses.


No, the above title heading isn’t my prediction but in fact the name of the new record from Detroit’s torchbearer of production since the late great Dilla‘s passing, Black Milk.

As this is his 4th official drop (and like nth if you count mixtapes and what not) it’s odd for me to call Milk a new schooler just because he’s still relatively unknown to the masses.  Everyone in the scene knows him and is quite familiar with his hard edged boom bap and pocket cadences, and homie’s been doing his thing for quite some time now.  However, because of where he’s at and what he’s accomplished, general media still consider him part of this class and well, I guess it’s better than going the route of has-been.  Anyway, from what I’m told, Milk’s swinging for the fences this year and I’ll be the first to admit I have a personal stake in seeing Detroit cats win.  So, here’s my nudge for Milk to get his this year.



It seems like if you throw Jay (or J-)in your name, success is inevitable.

Jay Dee (Dilla not Dupri), Jay-Z, J-Rocc, J.J. Fad, J-Kwon…okay, so maybe not everyone who throws it in there, but there seem to be enough.  Now to add to the list, the South’s first internationally known true-blue lyricist since ’93’s inauguration of a young Antwan Patton and Andre Benjamin, Jay Electronica.

Nas approved, Mos Def affiliated and Erykah Badu loved, in his short time in the business, the new Jay on the block has accomplished an incredible amount and shows absolutely no signs of slowing for the new year.  If you’ve never heard him, just imagine Mos Def and DOOM‘s lovechild.  Or better yet, why don’t you just take a listen for yourself.   Courtesy of Jay and another blockbuster of a close affiliate in Just Blaze, I give you that new new.



Truck North.

This Roots affiliate, like many of the others (Malik B., Dice Raw, etc.), gets under appreciated for his work.  I’m not trying to claim that he’s the hottest thing out, but he’s quite good at what he does and if you’re ever searchin for  some good ol’ fashioned gettin it in type raps, he’s always worth checking.

Cut from the Roots ‘Sandwiches EP’, Truck brings you a minute of that raw ish.  I like it beaucoup.


And that’s the news.

Tomorrow’s NYE!  Get it in.


HHHTaichung Bound,

Tomorrow night is SOUL SURVIVOR.  And you should be there.  You really should.

The CAPtain will be there full force and destroying minds with some Hip-Hop 101 meanwhile, HHHT alum, Bobby Bonestorm promises something……….I don’t even wanna provide an adjective to it.  Just go.  As far as prep for what’s about to go down, I give you some up jump, head nod, feel good type ish.

Summer Love

C’mon man.  These guys are just too smooth.

Camp Lo continues their onslaught this year of good ass hip-hop.  This one’s for the sun.

Camp Lo – Summer Love

Truck Jewels

As I had anticipated, it’s arrived.

Straight from the Okayplayer msg boards.  This little sample of the ?uestlove endorsed emcee seems promising.  I’ve only heard a few tunes thus far, and as of yet, it hasn’t let me down.  With guestspots from Black Thought, Wale, Dice Raw, Reef the Lost Cauze and the highly underrated Roscoe P. Coldchain, I’m assuming there’re plenty more goodies on here.

Lemme know what you think.

Truck North – Truck Jewels Mixtape

And finally….some visual entertainment.  The Mighty Mos Def a.k.a. Flaco Bey clearing some things up with Angie Martinez, and proposing one of the most exciting events in Hip-Hop history (IF it were to go down.  Which I doubt.)

Watch and enjoy.

It’s Friday folk.  1 more sleep.

Get ta vibin.



Generally I don’t post a lot of videos up because a) Nothing really caught my eye or b) The CAPtain got it.  But for some reason, the past few days there’ve been a lot of new videos dropping with dope tracks and I figured, let’s break’em all out in one special ting ting.

Wherever you are…whether at home, at work or on vacation…here’s some visual content to ease the passing of time.

Truck North – Never Ending Flip

I posted this track earlier this week, and whaddya know, Video!  Allow him to re-introduce himself….

Jake One – Home Feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish

From Jake One’s ‘White Van Music’.  Easily one of my favorite songs off the record featuring 4 Seattle cats that you probably’ve never heard of.  This is posse cut goodness.

Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle

I’ve never really been a Mobb Deep fan.  Call me a skeptic, but I generally don’t believe homocidal tales from cats who stand 4 foot nothing and are constantly getting robbed and clowned.  However, despite all that, they always seem to have a minimum of 1 song an album that makes you forget all that and just embodies the definition of ‘Gully’.  Well CAPtain…some more ‘Gully’esque vibes for your soul.

and finally…

Beastie Boys & The Roots – So Whatcha Want

Are they old?  Yes.  Is this visually exciting?  Not so much.  Does it sound dope?  Yessir.

The Roots helping the Beastie Beastie Boys get live on the spot.   Classic song by classic people.

It’s hot people.  Get your sweat on.

Be well world.



Like the CAPtain had previously reported, inspiration has been a rarity these past few months.  And well, it’s tough to keep the string of goodies comin when the pickings’ve been so slim. Y’know, sure there’ve been good tunes here and there, but nothing that made me lose my poop like that Kurupt/Quik tune.  That was definitely poop worthy.

Some of my favorite groups of the past few years have either disappeared or dropped sub-par efforts **cough cough** Foreign Exchange **cough cough** and people who I generally would be excited to hear have taken the whole ‘mixtape – let’s jump on every feature known to man like Weezy’ concept and oversaturated themselves to the point where I don’t really feel to support them financially the way I once would (I’m lookin at you Busta and Raekwon).  With that being said, had it not been for the oversaturation of some of these guys, I probably would’ve posted only a half of what I have.  So I guess I owe them a….thanks??

Anyway….I found some things that are cool and perhaps you will too.

Miike Snow.

3 guys, not 1.  That’s pretty much all I know about them.  They’ve done their Daft Punk best to stay anonymous and have done a pretty decent job thus far.  All I’ve been able to gather is they  produce some pretty sophisticated pop and the lead singer sounds a touch like Peter Gabriel (listen to how he bends his words) and that automatically earns them awesome points in my book.

Cool tune with a pretty badass remix.  Check it.

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Truck North

I first heard of this dude when he showed up on the first (and only) Okayplayer compilation: True Notes some years back and thought, this guys alright.  Since then, he’s shown up on pretty much every Roots album and has consistently improved and grown as an emcee and a writer.   Well, I guess Truck’s now prepping for a big ol’ solo cause his name’s startin to make the blog rounds.

Get your hustle on homie.  I’m definitely a fan of this tune.

Truck North – Never Ending Flip

Finally, as a response to the homie’s post yesterday, this goes out to CAP, 2Hands and the entire PPF fam….a tune that was off the NBA 2K6 soundtrack (which was an incredible soundtrack btw but barely got any love).

Some of the Best from the West.  More Hiero ish.

Dan the Automator Feat. Casual, Del the Funky Homosapien and A-Plus – Don’t Hate the Player.

That’s that new ish folk.  The 1-2 punch is back.

Keep your guard up.


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