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I’m sorry, but this past week has just been too good for me to not keep posting.


Sandwiches.  Mirriam-Webster defines a Sandwich as: 1 a : two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between b : one slice of bread covered with food.

However, RapRadar defines a sandwich as: When The Roots enter and leave a commercial break on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, they perform small sets called “sandwiches”. And since joining the show in March, the crew have composed 1,000 of ‘em. This past weekend, drummer ?uestlove compiled 22 of them into a free EP. Can’t beat that.

Similar to a live band take on Dilla’s Donuts, I give you, Sandwiches.


And as an added bonus, another track that’s surfaced from Black Thought‘s unreleased Masterpiece Theatre album, I give you:

BLACK THOUGHT – MONA LISA – Shout out to Slick Rick!


No not the astronaut, the DJ.  Founding member of the legendary turntablist crew the 5th Platoon (which also includes highly decorated vets likes Vinroc, Roli Rho, I. Emerg and others)  has been tearin shows and pumpin out mixtapes for years now.  And although well known amongst DJ’s and Turntablists, Armstrong’s maintained a relatively low profile (whether intentionally or unintentionally, I’m not sure) outside the walls of his genre.  Well, this past year, he was given the opportunity to be Mr. Shawn Carter‘s touring DJ for the Blueprint 3 and well, that’s just something you don’t pass up.

Anyway, he’s just released this short little clip detailing a day in the life of DJ Neil Armstrong. If you don’t know…..


Part 2 of the Mos Def interview with DJ Semtex.  Click Clack.

That’s Wednesday folk.

Get it.



As we crawl ever closer to that fateful Friday night with forecasts predicting smashed faces and torn calf muscles (I know I know, sounds amazing right?), I give you ladies some goodies from some well known ladies men (is that supposed to be one word?).

First the father of 5, the Newest of Dangers and the Tru3st of Magic, the Mighty Mos Def.

I know since 2000’s Black On Both Sides, many people have hoped for Mos to return to his glory days and once again pair up with the Premiers, Hi-Teks and Ron Carters of the world in hopes of producing another classic soul/hip-hop record.  However, since 2000, he’s decided instead to go progressively left with every release (yes he had a Rock album beFORE Lil Wayne, and yes it was wicked.  And yes, he got some of the best to ever do it on the record – including Doug Wimbish who’s not only a member of the legendary Living Color, but probably best known for his bass work on Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’), and although some may not like where he’s headed, you gotta respect a man for stickin to his guns.

Anyways, this is apparently his 2nd single off the (yet to receive a release date) Ecstatic – and me likes…lots. – courtesy of the good people at IllRoots.

Mos Def – Quiet Dog

Next you have another man who’s also known for going left (but not only for his music).

Michael Eugene Archer, a.k.a. D’Angelo has had a rough few years.  From his much publicized arrests to his sudden ‘change’ in appearance, it seemed as though he was well on his way to Axl Rose’dom and that there would be no more of this Yoda (a term used by the Soulquarians for the ‘Chosen Ones’).  However, recent reports from the Roots’ ?uestlove says that D’Angelo has not only pulled himself back off the ground, but is back in shape, in good spirits and has been recording with Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, Pino Palladino, Roy Hargrove, James Poyser and pretty much everyone else that helped to make the Musical Bible we know as Voodoo. Anyways…there’s always a chance that D’ will fall back into his Sly Stone routine again, but with the release of a new single (available on iTunes), new websites and a new deal with Clive Davis on J Records, I feel optimistic.

So to tide you over until then…a goodie ?uestlove leaked awhile ago.  You may have heard it, but just in case….here it is.

D’Angelo – Really Love

The show’s in 2 days people.

Capone 10.
King Charles.
And myself (Triple).
It WILL be brought.

HHHT4 – see ya there.

Whaddup whaddup!

Manic Mondays presents:

Dope Kicks that are coming out, maybe coming out, or that are just Dope.

Hi-Tops. I like’em. Maybe you do too.

Carlone put you guys on the Air Yeezy’s last week. And well, chances of you getting a pair are about equal to MC Hot Dog kickin some knowledge. F’REAL f’real.

So in other words, it ain’t happenin (at least not without you forfeiting half your unborn child’s college fund).

And as you sulk about the Kanye’s here’s some more fodder for your woes. Foot Fantasies designed/inspired by dope peoples.

Eminem Discussing his upcoming Jordan’s
They look doooooooooope.

If you never hit up the De La Dunks that came out ’05/’06 (see LEO37’s feet at the next 2 HHHT events) here’s your chance to cop the next De La Dunk.

With the release of their new disc this year entitled ‘You’re Welcome’ which also includes a 20th anniversary remake of ‘3 Feet High & Rising’ De La have said that they will be releasing a new shoe to go along with the album.

The images of the kicks below (inspired by their 6th album, A.O.I. Bionix) are rumored to be the next kicks but many message boards are claiming these are decoys.

Either way…here they is.

Next up…

Dope Obama Kicks.

One of’em might be real, the other, homemade.  Either way…very dope.
(I really really wish there were more pics of the one on the left. Damn!)

Click to Enlarge.

And this is a few months old, but in case you missed it, ?uestlove of the Legendary Roots crew speaking on his Nike Air ?uesto Line


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