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This video is whatever.  The jam is dope though.

FreewizzyJake Uno. Get that Stimulus Package already….hater.

Like I said before, I wasn’t really checking for this record when it was originally announced, however, slowly but surely, the tracks started to leak and I quickly regained my Freeway enthusiasm.  Now with the record out and gettin its much deserved love, here go the 2 iTunes bonus tracks.

Get stimulated!



HHHTake it to the track,

After an incredible week of reminiscing, honoring and supporting, I thought it’d be nice to take a breather from the emotional onslaught and just, sit back and listen to good rappers rapping.  You’re cool with that right?


Ahmad Jones definitely doesn’t get his props.

The Fourth Avenue Jones frontman is seriously, seriously ill.  Cadences, content, a live show that’s known world round as being absolutely captivating and on top of all that, apparently he’s one of the nicest guys in the biz.  However with all these positives going for him, after 5 consecutive years of dropping records with 4th Avenue Jones, in 2005 he disappeared from the scene and with the exception of a handful of collaborations, seemed to stop making music.  Well, it’s 2010 and it’s looking like Ahmad’s finally releasing a follow up to his 1993 solo debut, Ahmad, and we couldn’t be happier.

Here with a tribute to his home state of California, I give you some new Ahmad!



So the last time I posted some of that new Freeway & Jake One ish, I had implied that I was off Freeway and it was just that song that caught my attention.

Well…I lied and this album sounds like FIRE!  Jake One is pumping out bangers left, right and center, and as for Freewizzy, let’s just say I’ma start checkin for ol’ boy again.  Off the upcoming Stimulus Package:



Not much to say other than I’m liking this dude more and more.

Some new new from the Okayplayer:


Enjoy it folk.

Be well.


HHHThere you are!

Today’s post touches on the phenomena that Harlem rep and Dipset General,  Cam’ron just went through over the past year called, ‘WHERETHEFUCKYOUBEEN-itis” It’s a phenomena that has plagued the music industry for almost as long as there’s been an industry and ever year, more and more incredible talent succumb to its fatal clutches.

Well, just recently a few artists have seemed to fight their way through ‘WHERETHEFUCKYOUBEEN-itis” and are here to tell their stories.


Teacher.  Firefighter.  Basketball coach.  Convicted Felon?!

Ok, so if you’ve really had your ear to the pavement, you’d know that this Brand Nubian General hasn’t actually disappeared but he definitely hasn’t made it easy to find him either.  Having released 3 albums in the past 4 years (my personal favorite being 2006’s Black October pictured above) despite being rung up on weapons charges, he’s stayed the course that he started back in ’96 and released his 6th solo album just this past May titled, Brand New Bein’.  And sure, although he continues to release his music to very little fanfare, Sadat‘s voice remains fierce, his cadences abstract, and his lyrics poignant.  Now coupled with another New York legend, I’m proud to bring you some of that new new.



Bone bone bon-booooone…bone BONE bone BONE!

From Flesh ‘n Bone being incarcerated to Bizzy Bone dealing with Schizophrenia to Wish Bone becoming a Realtor, this groundbreaking Cleveland quintet have seen their share of problems.  And although they continued to push even as a trio (remember ‘Home’ where they sampled Phil Collins?  I won’t hate but go listen for yourself) they never got back to that sound that we all came to love.  Well, with Flesh’s release and Bizzy’s attempt to return to sobriety, Bone heads collectively let out a sigh of relief as the team has reformed and been grinding in the lab.   And well, there’ve already been 2 or 3 songs that I passed on posting cause well, they just weren’t that good.  This one I can definitely dig on.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:



Remember Nappy Roots?

Awnaw? Po Folks? Those were dope ass jams.  And while their sophomore release Wooden Leather barely got a spin, and there next record, Humdinger, did a bit better due to some savvy internet marketing, they haven’t been able to recapture the glory they had on 2002‘s Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz.  That being said, despite not always having the best production, I’ve always appreciated these cats for spitting some proper lyrics and this one is no exception.

Some new Nappy Roots for ya, whatcha think?




No people, I know Freeway hasn’t been missing so stop your hating.  In fact, he’s been quite the opposite and been demolishing the blogs for the past year with what seems like a never ending barrage of tunes.  However, I used to be a huge Freeway fan but somewhere down the line I just kinda got bored of it.  Well, I finally found a new tune of his that made me do a Track 2 from Low End Theory and well, I thought that warranted a mention in today’s post.  Featuring the Chef himself and production from Seattle heavyweight Jake One, I give you:


It’s Monday folk….soak it up.

Be well world.



Generally I don’t post a lot of videos up because a) Nothing really caught my eye or b) The CAPtain got it.  But for some reason, the past few days there’ve been a lot of new videos dropping with dope tracks and I figured, let’s break’em all out in one special ting ting.

Wherever you are…whether at home, at work or on vacation…here’s some visual content to ease the passing of time.

Truck North – Never Ending Flip

I posted this track earlier this week, and whaddya know, Video!  Allow him to re-introduce himself….

Jake One – Home Feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish

From Jake One’s ‘White Van Music’.  Easily one of my favorite songs off the record featuring 4 Seattle cats that you probably’ve never heard of.  This is posse cut goodness.

Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle

I’ve never really been a Mobb Deep fan.  Call me a skeptic, but I generally don’t believe homocidal tales from cats who stand 4 foot nothing and are constantly getting robbed and clowned.  However, despite all that, they always seem to have a minimum of 1 song an album that makes you forget all that and just embodies the definition of ‘Gully’.  Well CAPtain…some more ‘Gully’esque vibes for your soul.

and finally…

Beastie Boys & The Roots – So Whatcha Want

Are they old?  Yes.  Is this visually exciting?  Not so much.  Does it sound dope?  Yessir.

The Roots helping the Beastie Beastie Boys get live on the spot.   Classic song by classic people.

It’s hot people.  Get your sweat on.

Be well world.


As album sales increasingly decline, it seems that official CD releases are following the trend as the next few weeks look barren at best.  All the while, online mixtape downloads seem to be doubling and tripling.  So, as not to combat the grain of the market, I give you a bunch of new DL’s for your listening pleasure.

First up, Jim Jones.

The Dipset Capo definitely knows how to market himself.  Every time he drops a ‘Ballin‘ or a ‘Pop Champagne’, he has the good sense to jump on a Ghostface or Kid Cudi joint and actually hold his own (yes…I said it).  And well, I still can’t tell you why I like him, or why anyone does….perhaps it’s one of those ‘Je ne sais quoi’s (or what Jim lovingly refers to as his[the most overused word in the world right now] swagger) or maybe it’s just time for Pigpen to succeed.  Anyways…here he is once more, this time with Hip-Hop’s Zach Morris, Asher Roth doing a remix of ‘I Love College’.

Asher Roth ft. Jim Jones – I Love College (Harlem Mix)

…Taipei’s Newest Imports

Haha…I still have NO idea how or why DJ Paul and Juicy J were in Taipei on NYE, but I heard they scared the bejeezus out of the crowd and rocked them pretty senseless.  So, hopefully that means more Three6Mafia in the clubs and less Flo Rida. YAAAAY!!!!

Here’re are a couple new tunes from the brains behind Crunk Music….

Three 6 Mafia – DAMN Feat. Project Pat
Three 6 Mafia – They Don’t Like That (Club)

New mixtape ish from Blacksmith Music.

This time Blacksmith CEO, Talib Kweli, long time collaborator, Res, and Toronto indie darling, Graph Nobel have combined to create Idle Worship. No word as to whether there will be an album or if this is just for fun, but here they are debuting over Busta’s ‘How we do it over here’ beat by Dr. Dre.

Idle Worship – Try It On (howwedoitoverhere)

Finally, if you’re like me, you were bombarded by on your myspace and facebook a few months back talking about a competition to be the next Loud signee.

Well, aside from my general reservations of online contests, I also figured there’d be no way I could be among the finalists strictly based on my lack of gangsterific content.  Well, I was wrong….they picked dope lyricists….only problem is that you had to be a semi-celebrity FIRST, to even be considered a finalist (or so it would seem).

Loud has released their contest mixtape featuring the likes of:

  • Jake One : Underground uber producer.  Has worked with everyone from Posdnuous to 50 Cent and had one of the best hip-hop albums of ’08.
  • Brother Ali : Atmosphere labelmate and underground champion
  • Eyedea : Another underground darling, although I think his DJ, DJ Abilities, outshines him like a sun to a candle.
  • Royce Da 5’9″:  You already know about him.

So yeah….check it out…it’s still a good collection of artists, just lacking in the contest department.


That’s it from me.

The crew will be centralized back in Taipei very soon, so expect more posts from the fellas in the next few weeks.


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