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Some content from the most dominant coast of the past decade.


The unmastered version of this tune by the Southern Girl leaked a few weeks ago and well, I wasn’t really feelin it so I didn’t put it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Erykah and Bilal and generally, I’m also into Wayne‘s features more than his actual tracks.  But with that said, this is easily one of the most phoned in, useless verses he’s ever pressed record on and for that I passed on it.  However, now with the release of the mastered version and giving it more time, the track itself is pretty good.  Wayne still sounds like ass to me though – and don’t give me that ‘he’s trying something different’ shit,  there’s a thin line between exploring genius and creating doo doo garbage and on this one, he’s chosen the latter.  Either way, take a listen and lemme know what you think.




This might be the first time Devin’s ever made an appearance on HHHT.  Welcome.

The Snoop Dogg of the south, singlehandedly responsible for a genre in hip-hop that is completely his own, has a new record coming out called (surprise surprise) the 4:20 Suite and well, the blogosphere has been blessed with a new joint.  If you’re a Devin fan, it ain’t nuttin new.  But if you aren’t, get some Dude in your life.



You missed Luda?  Me too.

Don’t get me wrong, his last album had some joints.  And trust me, I appreciate when artists expand and grow.  In fact, if he hadn’t done some of the more thoughtful, mature records he did on the last two albums I would’ve written him off as a one trick pony and left it at that.  However, there’s one thing Luda has always excelled at and that’s stripper/fight music.  And with his upcoming record, Battle of the Sexes set to drop ASAP, everything I’ve heard off it is definitely club worthy and for that I’m grateful.  Not cause I wanted him to revert back to sell records, but cause dammit, the mainstream’s missing some serious spitters and Luda’s presence would be a welcome one.

With a little help from an NY vet and a DTP rep:


Those’re my Southern goodies for the day.

Go get it folk.



Let’s Go!


Couple new jams from Slaughterhouse’s East Coast contingent.

This jam from Jumpoff Joe Beezy is off an upcoming mixtape with producer J. Cardim, who although isn’t a household name yet, has already produced for the likes of Kweli, Wayne, Luda, Akon and Jean Grae, just to name a few and he seems to be picking up steam.  Budden does his thing as usual.  Sideways shots and all.


Meanwhile, this jam from Joell is off his upcoming ‘Best of Both Worlds’esque mixtape with singer Novel. So far I’ve heard 2 tracks and they’ve both been pretty dope.  The first one, if you remember references the Al Green tune ‘Call Me’ and I’m always cool with Al Green references.  Anyway, this jam right here is just as funky as the last and Joell is just someone you don’t wanna play with.  Get it:



I love Tanya Morgan, I really do.

I just wish they picked/made better beats.  They suffer from the same problem that beasts like Kurupt and Eminem do which is essentially having no filter for beats.  And maybe that’s how they wanna be portrayed, but hey if that’s the case all the power to’em.  I just love it though when they decide to jump on something nice.  Von Pea murders this.



From the makers of those hella entertaining soundboards that CAP put up awhile back.  I give you 7 PAGES of Jay-Z subliminal disses.  Pure entertainment.  Click Pic.

I’m out folks.

Be gravy.



I haven’t posted 2 back to back blogs in awhile but with the bombardment of what’s happened today and the fear that these’ll be taken down QUICK, I’m on it.


Weezy F‘s been beggin King Marshall to tandem with him for a few years now and up until a couple months ago, I thought Forever was gonna be the only time we heard either of them working together on any legitimate level.

Fast forward to today, and all the rumors have now been confirmed.  Em’s on Wayne’s upcoming ‘Rebirth’ and well….I’ll let you decide.  Let’s just say, I could’ve already put up 3 other tracks from Rebirth but decided that I’d rather go listen to traffic instead.  But this….click before the take down.



For the first time since J-88, Dilla’s boys link up with his Jaylib counterpart to create something reminiscent of those Fantastic days.

Baatin tears this.  I’m all smiles.  R.I.P.



Some of you might not be familiar with Exile.

Easily one of the leaders of the new class of dope producers, Exile, the one responsible for the now cult classic, Below the Heavens that he did  with fellow westcoaster, and also a leader in his own right, Blu, has been pumping out dope track after dope track for quite some time now.  I was first put on his ish when my homie J$Money pointed me towards his Dirty Science LP that he dropped in ’06.  Featuring guest spots from Slum Village, Blu, Ghostface, Aloe Blacc and more, his first solo effort was truly something to behold.  Now, 3 years and 4 collaborative records later, his skills are sharper, his clout is heavier and his tunes are just as diverse as ever.  Off his sophomore Radio from earlier this year, I give you a chill track for anyone who needs a little sun during these winter months.


Get’em before it’s too late!



Today is all about clapping.  Whether it be AK’s or appendages is up to you, just make sure it’s out of joy.


After finally releasing the super duper illness known as Kamaal the Abstract.  The man Kamaal Fareed, better known as Q-Tip, has just released a new single (and arguably my favorite tune off his previous album this year the Renaissance) entitled Life is Better.  Although on paper the content may seem a bit ‘been there, done that’ish, Q-Tip, accompanied by one of the most soothing vocal qualities of the past quarter-century, Norah Jones, somehow still manage to make it feel fresh.  Or maybe that’s just my opinion.

Either way, this tune is bomb.


Following along  the same content lines are 2 underground legends: Del the Funky Homosapien and Tame One (who are also Ice Cube’s and Redman’s cousins respectively) who are gearing up for their upcoming duo album, Parallel Uni-Verses .  The song isn’t near as compelling as it could be, but Del is still a monster.

Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One – Flashback


First you heard it.  Now you get to see it.

The ‘Swagga Like Us‘ of 2009.  I give you Drizzy Drake, Lil Weezy Wee, Kanyeezy and Em.  Fresh off the More Than A Game Soundtrack, Forever.


For those paying close attention to the last verse,  aside from Eminem sounding like he might be back to his old form, you may’ve also noticed 4 characters that’ve been frequenting the HHHT blog for the past little while standing behind him.  Yes, that was Slaughterhouse and yes, rumor has it they’re slated to be the next artists on Shady Records.  Now I have no idea whether or not this is actually going to go through, but with a machine like Shady/Aftermath behind these four extremely talented spitters, it may mark the beginning of a new era in the mainstream game.  A ‘return to form’ so to speak.  Anyway, here’s a brand new tune from former Aftermath signee, and the best Latino role model since Big Pun

Joell Ortiz feat. Novel – Call Me


Toronto-based artists LEO37 + Sunclef have been busy boys.  First separately touring Canada and the States as a part of the WPBE and Zaki Ibrahim‘s crew respectively, then uniting to conquer a 15-date Canadian tour with fellow PPF Housemates, MAGNOLIUS.   All self-booked and self-produced, their inaugural run has been so great that, to show their appreciation for the love they’ve received, PPF House has decided to officially release their new single for FREE.

Click below to see the promo vid and click under that for preview and DL.

That’s the word people.

Get it poppin.


…will get you no where. Whoever said that wasn’t a rapper. Apparently, when you’re a rapper, you can say things like ‘I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world’ and girls will sing along. I’m amazed.

I often talk about Weezy and Drake on this blog. They’re a pretty lethal one-two punch right now. Young Money is the crew that Weezy put together and this is their ode to the fairer sex.

The 4 day weekend starts tomorrow. Fellas watch the video and be inspired. Ladies….its the thought that counts…right?

Young Money – Every Girl
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Every Girl“, posted with vodpod

Happy Ladies Night.
’cause we like her, and we like her too…’
We gets it in!

ps. this is dedicated to D2H. Hate on thun.

Its like your happy about one thing, but then another element is out of your control. Like its great to stay busy and be able to do and accomplish all the things that you want to do, but the flip side to that is that other things that used to get your time have to compete for your time now. Im gonna take a couple examples here.

Lets look at Lil Wayne. He’s the busiest man in hiphop. Broke record sales this year in a his first week. In a market where people are more prone to download than buy, he managed to move over a million units in one week, marking his place in history. The curse to that as he reveals in this new Rolling Stone interview is that he’s no longer interested by rap. In a sense he’s become bored by the very thing that he worked so hard to become. The gift and the curse. You can read more about it, by clicking the cover.


I came across this article while trolling around the web. It can definitely be looked at as another example of the gift and the curse. It’s an article about offensive album covers. Some of the covers are albums you know and love, some are offensive. Others not so much.Click on the picture to chcek out the article.


Mmmmmmm, boobies. Totally not offensive to me.

Like I said the crew has been busy. I definitely miss triple who would hold us down when we caught up. But imma try and stay on my grizzly and make sure y’all keep coming back for that new new and all that good good. Nah mean.

Its Spring break weekend, which means Spring Scream for all those heading to Kenting for some fun and the sun and 72 hours of straight beaches and partying. I was in Kenting last weekend and its always a good time down there. Gotta love it.

For those staying in the city this weekend, I can only offer you my little oasis of listening pleasure.


Every Friday from 8-1030, I play soul music at PS Underground. Its a cool little spot in the alleys behind Luxy. They serve some really good pasta, and its a nice chill space. Kinda what you want after a hectic week of sticky ball and lesson plans. Something to soothe your ears and put a smile on your face.

If your in the city come on down to check it out. Click the flyer for the facebook event page.

Location of PS Pasta is

B1, #37, Lane 187, Dunhua South road (Donchu area) 敦化南路187巷37號B1(東區)

I’ll have some music for y’all tomorrow. Promise.


I love my city. That’s the realest thing I ever wrote. Im from Toronto motherfuckers. Not Mississauga and not Scarborough, I mean Toronto proper. I love that city for so many reasons. The food, the people, the clubs, the women, the parks, the music festivals, the waterfront, downtown, I could go on and on and on and tell you why my city is better than yours all day, invite me to a sit down one day and i’ll tell you all the reasons why Toronto Rocks!

I’m also proud of the city for giving the world artists like Maestro Fresh Wes, MSTRKRFT, Feist, Estero, K-os, Kardinal Offishall, Jason Hodges, K’naan, Saukrates, Bishop and most recently Drake.

Drake has been killing it on the music circuit lately. This guy was an actor on the hit series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He’s also just recently signed to Interscope records. He’s already worked with Faizan Tariq, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Colin Munroe, Voyce, Lykke Li, and apparently done some ghost writing with Jazz Cartier, Olivier and Dr Dre. He’s currently touring the US with Lil Wayne as support. Shit is on.

Basically the kid is on fire. He’s next up. Toronto stand the fuck up!

Anyways he just released a new mixtape featuring Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Peter Bjorn & John, Lloyd, Lykke Li, Santogold, Bun B, and Omarion. It was released on Friday the 13th and has been downloaded 65,000 times since then.


Download Drake: So Far Gone here

The mixtape is great. After you download it please immediately listen to ‘Say Whats Real’ where Drake goes in hard over the Kanye beat for Say You Will. I’ve been rewinding that one all night.

You can listen to Drake featuring Lil Wayne while your waiting for your download.

Also go search for Comeback Season, if you want to hear where it all started for Drake.


Part6 is coming.

I know we go on about Weezy here sometimes, but this interview is good. Just for that quote alone. Peep your mans Lil Wayne getting intimate with Katie Couric about Katrina, his childhood, music, role models and bowling.
Just re-upped the link, better quality & full interview.

HHHT6 February 21.
Dilla Massive Tomorrow.
More Treats soon come.

I don’t even know where to start.

Joe ‘CRRRRRACK’ Russo is a madman behind the lens.  This is fact.

We here at HHHT headquarters have always been stoked at Crack’s heavy contribution to the team (don’t hold that sentence against me), however, never as appreciative as we were Thursday(see Serious.).  Once again, like Val Kilmer in Heat, he came out smilin, then proceeded to shoot the hell out of everyone….so much so that we’re breaking this goodness into a 2-parter.  So, without further ado….


And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m losing my head over some of the stuff you’re gettin today.

First up, I generally try to avoid posting low-fi radio rips cause I’m a minor sound snob.  However, this couldn’t be denied.

Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Method Man – Untitled (click flick for dl)

Next on deck, new Bus-a-Bus with Red Cafe and Uncle Murda.  I’ve never really been a fan of Red Cafe and truthfully know Uncle Murda better for his comedic interviews than his songs, but the latter definitely surprised me with his contribution and the former comes alright as well.  Busta is Busta.

Busta Rhymes feat. Uncle Murda & Red Cafe – Please Give Me More Ammo (click flick for dl)

And Finally…the Coup De Gras….

Q-Tip feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil’ Wayne – Renaissance Rap (Remix)…nuff said. [click flick for dl]

Stay tuned for Tittsworth/Crack – Part 2 tomorrow.
Have a raw Monday people.

Kanye is a visionary, and I was cool with the Fro-hawk, but im fighting tooth and nail against the mullet.

kanye-mulletAll biz up front, party in the back. Jeez. I mentioned some time ago that Kanye was working on a new shoe for Nike called the Air Yeezy. Well seems like the Air Yeezy’s are about to see the light of day. Im not sure when these are going to be available, but as far as high tops go, I’m pretty sure I could rock the hell out of these with a dope pair of jeans. 


For those who like to ball out and rock something a little pricier than Nike’s. Kanye has just finished work on a shoe line for Louis Vuitton. Yeah, the Louis Vuitton Don has fulfilled his fashion destiny and designed a shoe that is already on the feet of the famous.


And he did a little something for the ladies too.


Its only a week after super Tuesday and I just saw this. The Obama Action Figure. Its available from a toy maker in Japan, comes with interchangeable hands and ties, a mic, flag, stool and a world changing YES WE CAN scowl. Ladies, this makes a perfect Valentines gift for the man in your life.


He also comes with a light saber, good for inter galactic battles.



And finally some new music

weezy1Weezy has just confirmed that he will be releasing a Rock album in April this year. There will be a bunch of tracks leaking to the interweb soon enough. 

Here’s the first one.

Prom Queen

Oh yeah, Thursday its going down. Tittsworth X HHHT @ Plush.


Its shall be brought.

Happy Tuesday

The Bull rages on.


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