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HHHTis the Season,

I don’t know what’s gotten into the internet this past week, whether it be holiday cheer, a little too much Captain Morgan‘s in its Nog, or if it’s just plain ol’ coincidence (even though long time Indy Pop Champion Spookey Ruben once said, “It’s no coincidence fun rhymes with sun.” and that makes all the sense in the world to me.) but damn! Good lookin’ homie.

Today I bring you treats from people who’ve all been frequenting this blog quite a bit this year, and as such, I don’t really have all that much more to ramble on about other than givin’ you the straight up goods.  So, without further ado…


One of my Top 6 all-time musical heroes (if you read this blog enough you can at least pick out 3 others)

Pretty Flaco gets his collab on with mr. Luchini himself, Ski-Beatz (who was featured in the first ‘Give the Drummer Some‘) as well as another Camp Lo alumni,  one half of Freebass808, Apple Juice Kid in a track that makes my face nothing but teeth.  Check the homage Mos pays at the end, priceless.



MOS DEF + SEMTEX – Part 3.


This guy’s as necessary to X-Mas as he is to Hip-Hop.

Ever since 1996’s ‘Santa Claus goes straight to the Ghetto’ it just doesn’t feel right to not have some new Snoop during the holiday season.  Well, thankfully, with his new album still doing the rounds, OS was kind of enough to throw this up for us lowly scavenger blogs.  An iTunes exclusive, I give you some brand new Snoop bump.



And last but not least, after a disappointing showing and way too much Akon involvement on his last record, home town hero Kardinal Offishall is back with a banger givin his holiday thanks to all those before him.

Apparently he’s still riding with ‘Kon but hopefully his involvement will be strictly business from here on in.  Hey, I can wish can’t I?


Bundle up folk.  It’s gettin low.


HHHThree and up,

In today’s edition of Pair Up I bring you a special ‘Crew + 1’ motif as we check out some already dope duos and crews who felt the need to take their ish one step further and enlist some extra firepower.


First off what else would you name a song that featured Masta Ace, Edo. G and the blastmaster KRS-One?

Although as of late, I’ve come to find KRS’s rhetoric to be abrasive and overtly preachy (not to mention homie contradicts himself every 3 interviews), I still got love for the man.  And well, when you get 3 vets of this caliber in a studio together, you can’t help but smile and remember why it is you got into hip-hop in the first place (although, if you got into hip-hop cause of a Diddy video from back in the day, this blog might come as a shock to you).

Anyway, sit back, enjoy and rock the eff out.



I love Camp Lo.  No one styles like them.  No one flows like them.  And no one knows what the eff they’re saying.  Now match that with a man whose crew is also known for having some of NY’s heaviest bars and you get some good ol’ lyrical rap.  In fact, today’s post shoulda been named ‘Good Ol’ Lyrical Rap’.

Anyway, here we go with a brand new video from the Lo’s most recent release featuring the Ghost, Styles P.


When you get one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time to link with one of the most influential producers of all time, the assumption is you get greatness.  Right?  Great+Great=Greatness.  Right?  But at the end of the day, people also thought the same when Wayne Gretzky joined Brett Hull and the St. Louis Blues but we all know how that turned out (or maybe you don’t, I’m Canadian, deal with it).  Point being, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Thankfully, thus far, everything I’ve heard from the Souls of Mischief + Prince Paul union has been ill.  I gave you the MPfree last week and now I give you the video.


This has nothing to do with anything aside from the fact it’s crazy ill.

The Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody?  Yep.

It’s a good day to win.

Get it.


HHHTap your feet and clap your hands,

**Before I begin this blog, please note that the ‘Drummer’ I’m referring to in the title of this blog will hereby be known as the ‘Producer’ and that the man known as the ‘Producer’, definitely deserves ‘some’ as the title suggests.**

Back in the day (let’s say early-mid ’80’s and before), to know a producer’s name either meant you: a) were in the industry, or b) were a huge music geek.  To get that coveted information you’d actually have to spend time sitting down with the album liner notes and research the music you liked. “F’REALS?” Yep, f’reals.  And even then, there was no method of looking up homie’s discography to see what else he/she had done cause well, the interweb was still some ways away and libraries just didn’t generally carry that info.

Well since then, things’ve changed.  We have the internet, which has spawned numerous cult followings (and a million other things).  We have filmmakers dedicating their time to exposing the underbelly of the music creation process and allowing us to really see who’s in charge, but most importantly we have overblown ego’s and insecure men in Hip-hop who generally take their name, turn it into some obnoxious sample and run it at the beginning and end of all their tracks so we know exactly who they are and so they don’t feel inadequate at the end of the day (that being said, I’m a fan of some of those obnoxious samples…JUST BLAAAAZE!)

So, in honor of the Producers of today who’re still secure enough to not throw their name over every ounce of their beat and let their work speak for themselves, I present to you a new HHHT SERIES entitled (you guessed it) Give the Drummer some.


That’s right!  That’s who I’m starting with.  The one, the only, Ski-Beatz.  If you know who he is, we might be friends.  If you don’t know who he is, that’s exactly why I’m writing this.

Ski is a legend.  Period.  Ever since he started up with the Bizzie Boyz in the ’80’s as Will-Ski (that’s for the SERIOUS heads) he’s been making that real Hip-Hop.  Discovered early on by the equally as legendary DJ Clark Kent (who just ran a train on Taipeezy — Shouts to M.A. and the fam.) Ski was always able to get a quality out of his beats that, whether people realize it or not, helped to shape that mid ’90’s East Coast sound.

Now, the homie has put out a bunch of sub-par material.  There’s no denying that.  But, dammit when he hit, he HIT.  Camp Lo‘s: Luchini (This is it), Swing, Coolie High — Jay-Z‘s: Dead Presidents, 22 Two’s, Politics as Usual and Feelin’ It! Dammit….even if those’re the only 7 songs he’ll ever be known for.  Those are 7 incredible songs.

Well, he’s back.  Still rockin with the Lo.  And we got a couple for you.  Check it.

Camp Lo – Black Connect 3

Camp Lo – Boogie Nights


If you don’t live in Southern Ontario or the American East Coast, you’ve probably never heard of GIGZ.  But that’s not to say you shouldn’t.

Someone who I’ve seen first hand grow from a relatively decent producer to someone who has truly mastered the art of the headnod and fist pump.  GIGZ is a problem.  Winner of countless beat battles all over North America including the coveted Battle of the Beatmakers in New York (Grimy Beat Champion @ BOTB IV) he is slowly but surely expanding outward like his Hulk’ish physique and poised to do big things in the coming years.  Having just released a brand new collaborative album entitled ‘Top Rankin’ with long-time friend and PPF House member, The Abyss, ’09 and ’10 are looking rather prosperous for the new Gang Starr of the Toronto scene.

Check the chunes:


And finally, word leaked about this months ago and it sounded interesting.

Well, it’s interesting and quite dope (plus a little creepy) imo.

We’re bout that GOOD good.

The squad is thick.  Understand that.


HHHTaichung Bound,

Tomorrow night is SOUL SURVIVOR.  And you should be there.  You really should.

The CAPtain will be there full force and destroying minds with some Hip-Hop 101 meanwhile, HHHT alum, Bobby Bonestorm promises something……….I don’t even wanna provide an adjective to it.  Just go.  As far as prep for what’s about to go down, I give you some up jump, head nod, feel good type ish.

Summer Love

C’mon man.  These guys are just too smooth.

Camp Lo continues their onslaught this year of good ass hip-hop.  This one’s for the sun.

Camp Lo – Summer Love

Truck Jewels

As I had anticipated, it’s arrived.

Straight from the Okayplayer msg boards.  This little sample of the ?uestlove endorsed emcee seems promising.  I’ve only heard a few tunes thus far, and as of yet, it hasn’t let me down.  With guestspots from Black Thought, Wale, Dice Raw, Reef the Lost Cauze and the highly underrated Roscoe P. Coldchain, I’m assuming there’re plenty more goodies on here.

Lemme know what you think.

Truck North – Truck Jewels Mixtape

And finally….some visual entertainment.  The Mighty Mos Def a.k.a. Flaco Bey clearing some things up with Angie Martinez, and proposing one of the most exciting events in Hip-Hop history (IF it were to go down.  Which I doubt.)

Watch and enjoy.

It’s Friday folk.  1 more sleep.

Get ta vibin.



Generally on Sundays, the crew and I give you the option of Heaven or Hell (or neither, depending on the preceding night).  And well, normally I’m cool with those guidelines…however, where I’m at, we’re gettin Monday off so Sunday will continue BANGIN (more on that in a minute) so I’m leanin towards the hellish side of this post.  Nonetheless, I can’t be insensitive to my overseas counterparts who are currently dealing with a serious dose of Adventure from the Grandmaster himself.

So, here we go….somethin for column A and somethin for column B.

Heaven: For those that need to just chill the eff out with some cool ish.

As many of you know, Pete Rock and Ma Dukes have gotten together to release Dilla‘s first official (I don’t count the Illa J ish) Posthumous record.  With enough in his vault to battle 2Pac, I really hope that this isn’t the beginning of a long watering down process.  Already on the record, titled JAY STAY PAID, there are features that I’m just not comfortable with (Havoc of Mobb Deep?!?  I say NO DICE good sir.), but that being said, there are some features on here that just look amazing (Blu, Lil Fame, Black Thought).  So with that, I give you a preview of the record courtesy the World Famous Beat Junkies & Okayplayer.

Beat Junkies & J Dilla – Jay Stay Paid Album Sampler

And as a little bonus, here’s some newer ish from J Dilla’s fam and Aftermath’s newest songstress.

Slum Village – Cloud 9 (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

HELL: For those who feel like using Red matter tonight.

As we’ve been reporting for awhile, Freebass 808 is the ridiculous union of producer Apple Juice kid and Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede.  They’re dope.  Now, with what they’re calling an ‘Interactive Player’, these boys along with Tishaun Dawson of Battalion Armour are here to take things one step further.   5 New Freebass 808 tunes accompanied by full conceptual visuals…this is the future and I’m excited.


And as an added bonus, like I said in the last post, Kurupt‘s a beast.  And if you know me, you know I love myself some DJ Quik.  So to put the 2 together…..well, gosh darn if it isn’t just OBSCENE!

The first single off the upcoming BLAKQOUT album.  Some of the most inventive song structuring ever…not to mention the cadences….oh LORD!

For the homies in T.O. — It’s tonight.  Invite only.  PPF gettin their VIP on.   Let’s get it.


Be well world. Check Waakao for your daily dose of Waa’s Hap’nin.



I’ve been away.

Well actually…I still am.

And unfortunately, because of this, I haven’t been able to offer the crew the support they so readily deserve with their hectic schedules (see: Waakao,  Soul Food Fridays @ PS Underground, Shuffle Wednesdays @ Copa and anything that has HHHT on it).

So, as of today, after a 2 month hiatus, I’m back like Demond Wilson and ready to get it in.

First up how bout Jigga doin Diddy (ayo/no homo/pause/whatever they’re sayin nowadays).

As you all know, Diddy has a thing for wanting to make hit records.  And him being the intelligent business man that he is, knows that he can’t write a rap for shit.  Soooo….why not just spend that business man money and get a business….maaan!  A Jay-Z & Diddy tune that apparently is ghostwritten for Diddy, but the scratch vocals have Jay referencing Jay, so I’m confused.  Anyway, check it…

JAY-Z (or Diddy?) – MAYBE (snippet)

Next up, Camp Lo.

I love’em.  Absolutely.

I hate the word Swagger.  I really do.

Sure there are a few dope tunes fashioned around this word, but as an overall, its been misappropriated and as a result…teabag.   HOWEVER, if anyone completely and wholeheartedly embodies the word swagger, it’s the Geechie Gracious and Sonny Cheeba. No question.

New ish.


And finally (for MPFrees), the official return of Reflection Eternal. (YAAAAAAY!!!) I know this vid was released last month but I just got my hands on the CDQ MPFree so for you, I give you a double sided goodie like Motown 45’s.

Reflection Eternal – Back Again

Quick question.  Like Wax?  Got an iPod touch? (this is ridiculous…hit up the video — sorry don’t know how to embed Vimeo yet.  Cap? Marcus?)

Soul Food Friday’s tonight folk.  Get’em Cappy.

Word up Taiwan.
Be well world.
See you soon.



I’m cold.

Ice cold.

Going from the +25c that we were experiencing in Taipei last week when I left, to the -15c (w/o windchill…) here in Toronto, let’s just say, a 40 degree turnaround is not kind to the body.  But alas, it’s nice to be back, and even nicer to be busy.

Myself and some of the boys from the House (Magnolius backed by the WPBE), have the privilege of opening for blog darlings N.A.S.A. tomorrow at the El Mocambo here in Toronto and if you don’t know who they are, here’s the second single off their highly anticipated debut featuring a virtual who’s who of the international industry both past and present.  For more details on the show, click here.

N.A.S.A. feat. RZA, Barbie Hatch & John Frusciante – Way Down

And the first single they released a few months back with another jumble of artists from the history of the business.

N.A.S.A. feat. David Byrne, Chuck D., Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip

Finally, as you know, HHHT 7&8 are on the horizon, and based solely on the flyer (scroll down), the proverbial ish is bout to hit the fan.  So get your tights on, lace up your luchador masks and get ta’ droppin’em ‘bows!

Some rideout music from the ever flamboyant, Camp Lo.

Camp Lo – Regulate (feat. Yahzarah) click flick.

LEO37 is my name.

And bein gangsterific is my game.

Be easy world.


After the buckets of views yesterday,  I can only presume that Joe Russo is what y’all want.

So as promised….part deux.

And Dammit if it ain’t new Release Tuesday.

I got them yum yums for your EARea.

First up, Mr. Rhymes on his ol’ skool hip-hop ISH!  A KRS sample?!  Word up.  Haven’t heard someone rock one of those in awhile (which I don’t completely understand cause his samples are FREE and he’s oh so quote worthy).  If I didn’t know better, B.O.M.B.‘s on the waaaaay.

Busta Rhymes – Wack (click flick for dl)


Now generally hearing that statement, I’d be underwhelmed to say the least.  I’m a fan of like 6 songs and a handful of guest verses in his 11 year existance and most of those songs occurred in the first half of his run.  That being said, I like this new tune a LOT!  Cam goes left on this one and does a ‘Working Class’ song?!? No Poppin Champagne for this Dipset General…no sir.

Cam’ron – I Hate My Job (click flick for dl)

And finally, as a special treat FREEBASS808.  At first I wasn’t too sure who they were but they sounded dope and the emcee sounded a lot like the Geechie Gracious (he be sippin armaretto)….well turns out…it IS!  A new solo project between Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede (a.k.a. Suede Heron) and producer Apple Juice Kid (a.k.a. Apple Crack)…the clip is short but promising (Cap I think you’ll likey).

FREEBASS808 – Morphing (click flick for dl)

*Bonus – Raekwon feat. Ghostface & Method Man – Wu Ohh (High Quality)* – the Untitled song from yesterday.

Sofakinglater is in 3 days people!
Next HHHT event to be announced in a matter of days…stay tuned.

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